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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on June 21, 2004
Alright, I suppose you can't be a legitmate rock album reviewer unless you review this album, Nevermind.
Everyone knows where this band stands in history, so I'll just skip that mumbo jumbo. Nevermind is a punk album w/ an introduction to grunge. Nirvana didn't create this sound, it was just the first album that was successfully commercial, thus they are legends according to the media. Oh well, Time to rate the songs, no questions asked.
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" is obviously about the teen angst syndrome that haunted the society of the early nineties. "Here we are now, entertain us..." is forrunning motto of this generation. It's a good song w/ high emotion. Overplayed, yes, but still good.
Another well known song in the second spot, "In Bloom" which not as depressing as the former, is still a classic. Still grungy, but this is Nirvana. One of the better on the album.
My favorite song, "Come As You Are" is a dark melodic ballad where some of the lyrics are hard to pick up. Ironic in the fact that Kurt shot himself w/ the "I swear, I don't have a gun" part is repeated, but it's a great song to listen to when you need a good song to listen to.
"Breed" is a more punk song than a grunge song. Nothing to great about it in my opinion, but no reason to skip it.
The final single displayed is "Lithium." Combination of subtle guitar riffs w/ stoic vocals and alt. rock head banging w/ a raging Cobain. Excellent.
Some people might say that the rest of the album sucks b/c there are no other singles in it. The people that own it, know otherwise.
"Polly" a 3 minute ditty about a parrott? Hardly. "Polly" is a poetic ride of Kurt's songwriting skill. The music isn't much though.
The song w/ the most punk is "Territorial Pissings." Here, the lyrics aren't really much as the song is pretty much one line over and over. Just a short punk song is all. Fun to play.
The best non-single is "Drain You." I actually like this song better than "Smells.." Something about it that puts you in the mood to do something constructive. I think I did my laundry to this song, oddly enough.
A short Nirvana type song is "Lounge Act." Many people like this song for it's uptempo style play. I, for one, wish it were longer.
More of that punk/grunge feel is "Stay Away." Lyrics are weak though. Sounds almost like "Territorial Pissings" in some parts.
I love "On a Plain" for it's simpistic sound. The pace is constant throughout the whole song w/ the same drum beat most of the way. The lyrics are great and Cobain sarcastically sings the words in his usual depressed manner.
The only song that doesn't have any punk to it is "Something in the Way." Could be fitting for the last song perhaps as they stray further away from punk and rely heavily on the more grunge dark sound that "In Utero" perfects.
Revolutionary? Not to me, just another album in my collection. Could be to some fans who are Nirvana freaks, but the band is gone and we all must move on to other things. As for the king of grunge, my vote goes to Soul Asylum, who transitioned from punk to grunge in the 80's.
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on June 21, 2004
This is probably the best cd made in the 90's and possibly ever.
Kurt Cobain used a lot of meaning to his songs and he should be credited for that, along with his great guitaring. Kurt may have used less guitar on some songs, but on other songs, like In Bloom, he uses a lot of hard sequences (you try to do that song on the guitar and email me!).
Smells Like Teen Spirit: Best song of the cd, opened many floodgates for bands, even some of today's bands.
In Bloom: My favorite, pretty tough to do on the drums and guitar. Not too many lyrics, but a really good song.
Come As You Are: Great song, starts out with a watery sounding bass, the theme for Nevermind.
Breed: Pretty good, though it's not my favorite.
Lithium: Good song, especially the drumming.
Polly: Slow, but still a pretty good song.
Territorial Pissings: Fast-paced, screaming.
Drain You: One of my favorites, love the :59 drum solo.
Lounge Act: Great bass, awesome song.
Stay Away: Decent song, could be better.
On A Plain: More fast-paced than Unplugged, but better, good song.
Something In The Way: Somewhat-depressing song, but great nonetheless.
I didn't get a cd with "Endless, Nameless" in it, but I heard it was okay.
I hope this helped and showed how spectacular this cd really was and still is.
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on June 15, 2004
I found it funny that someone actually tried to sterotype all Nirvana fans by saying that they (and i quote): " enjoy listening to Avril Lavinge and Puddle of Mudd. And if they even know of amazing bands like The Smashing Pumpkins and Blind Melon, they consider them "oldies". They enjoy giving anyone different from them the finger."
this is absolute bull. but rather than get angry or feel the need to somehow prove myself to this peice of dirt, i'll just laugh at their stupidity and feel bad for them. (for the record, the Smashing pumpkins are amoung my favorite bands; i do not like avril or POM in particular, and AND i support diversity...) that's the thing with sterotyping: it just doesn't work!
so...for the review.
i don't care what people say about this album, i love it. those who hate it are either A) pissed off hairmetal fans or B) too arrogent and obsessed with being 'hardcore' and the idea that this album is 'overproduced'. (what am i sterotyping people? oh the hypocrisy of it all).
others still claim that this album is too repetitive, boring...etc. well to those people i say: there is beauty in simplicity and the best way to see that in this album is with Polly. that alone is the most remarkable song on this album (besides the hidden track where krist's bass freaking rules). all that matters in the end, are not the riffs that you can mindlessly bang your head to, but the passion and the brilliance of the lyrics. if you buy this album, but it for those reasons.
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on October 27, 2011
I have been listening to Nirvana since 92, collecting every thing I could, both official on non-official. My mouth was watering over this release since I now only buy vinyl records...but then I listened to it.

My main problem is with LP 1 (Nevermind Remastered) - This is the worst of it (It's all pretty bad though). Compared to my 2009 pressing, the cymbals have been nearly stripped of their presence. The beauty of Dave's crashing has been flattened down. It all sounds more like a badly mixed CD than a high quality vinyl. I thought my ears were playing tricks on me so pulled the remaster off my turntable and threw on my 2009 copy. While the new one made my ears ache, the original drew me right through to the end of a side, like it always does. The new version is devoid of any depth and there are obvious clipping issues. I'm afraid to turn this thing up for fear of that awful overdriven distortion creeping in. Kurt's vocals on parts of Lithium sound especially bad, artificially distorting. I didn't believe it on the first listen, but after comparing to the original there is no mistaking it. I'm am no expert but this does not sound like it is even analog sourced. The 2009 vinyl edition was remastered from the original analog master tapes. Buy this while you still can.

Aside from this, the track listing shows UME has no idea what a person listening to vinyl records wants. Boombox demos are unnecessary on a audiophile medium, but they took it further and split them across 2 records. Logic would tell you they could have been on one separate LP so you could listen to it once and put it aside, but hey, what do I know?

For the other material, I'm willing to settle since it's the only way you are going to get this rare material on vinyl. The highlight is actually the last side of the last record. Early versions of Drain You, Something in the Way (loud as hell, in a good way) and the standard Endless Nameless.

All in all, this could have been so much better.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon February 23, 2014
I think that Nevermind changed the way that some of us thought about music in the 90s. For the first time in years, we had a new type of music to discover. Grunge came and went, but Nirvana will always be popular, I think. There was a good variation in their music, some of it soulful, some noise for the sake of it, all of it interesting. This is my favorite of theirs, the stand out track being Smells Like Teen Spirit. Interestingly enough, Kurt Cobain admitted freely that this was a Pixies rip off. It always makes me feel upbeat when I put this album on.
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on May 31, 2004
Everybody makes such a fuss about this album. Sure, it has some great rockers like "Smells Like Teen Spirit" and "Breed", but other than those, Nevrmind doesn't live up to anything much, including all the hoopla people make about it supposedly being "the best" album the 90's. Many other albums are much better contenders. "Come As You Are" gets stale really quick because it's so repetitive. Once you heard the first verse and chorus, you've practically heard the whole song. I never cared for "In Bloom" when I first heard it over ten years ago, and I still don't like it now. I think it has to do with that obnoxious guitar at the beginning and in the chorus. The bass really carries that song during the verses, and it's a shame the guitar has to intrude and ruin everything. I liked "Lithium" alot; it's not much of a rock song, but it sure is a great pop song. It's amazing how light and tame it sounds these days. It just doesn't have the same hard-edge I remember it having years ago. Kurt's voice sounds a bit airy and breezy, and it definitely gives the song a laid-back feel. "Polly" is very dull and not worth saying much about. You would've figured Kurt could've been a little more explicit and about the details of what exactly happened to this poor girl, but he just drops vague lines devoid of any emotion. It's hard to be moved by the ambiguousness of such a song. It always seemed like he was brushing off the fact that she was captured and tortured. You'd never know the song was about rape unless you found out the meaning of the song from Kurt's interviews. "Territorial Pissings" is just an obnoxious wall of screaming. "Lounge Act" and "Stay Away" have excellent basslines, but, again, Kurt's screaming ruins any build-up of tension or emotion. I liked "On a Plain". It's the most upbeat song on the album and it has a good vibe to it. "Something in the Way" is dull and vague like "Polly"; only this time "Something" is about a fictitious story Kurt made up. In it, he sings about what it would be like living under a bridge. Boring stuff. Too bad he didn't choose a better song to close the album with; "Lithium" would've been a better closer, and would've summed up the album and all the mood swings of the lyrics perfectly: "I love you, I miss you, I like it, I killed you/I'm not gonna crack". Too bad he cracked.
2.5 /5
Instead of listening to Nevermind for the umpteenth time, I suggest anything by Garbage (Butch Vig is the drummer!), and Angelfish.
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on May 29, 2004
I can't begin to describe how Nirvana and Kurdt make me feel inside. When I hear his voice, it makes me and all of my heartbreaking teenage issues melt away into oblivian. I worship him. I know, it's a little weird, with me being male and all, but I just think he's a dreamboat. His grungy persona is so all-consuming that his voice on all of these Nevermind pop songs has saved me from ending it all more times than I could count. That's right, as selfish as Kurdt was, with his embracing his money and alienating his fans, has kept me alive and breathing. Strangely, his ending his life has kept me alive, because it proves he made the ultimate, most soul-searching sacrifice any human being could choose to make for me. Soul-drenched fancypop scream-alongs like Lithium and Endless Nameless really let you get to know to real Kurdt and how his addiction made him a savior to us everywhere. He was so cool. When I feel I am at my darkest hour, about to pull the trig, the voice in my brain remembers how Kurdt did it for me so I don't have to. I just remember the soothing meloncholia of Drain You, and my soul floats on the same clouds Kurdt's did when he was having hangovers. I am now a true poet. Thank You, Kurdt D. Kobane.
R.I.P. (+_+)
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on May 23, 2004
This is truly an awesome album. Out of the greatest albums of all time I think that Nevermind should be in the top 5 or even top 3. There is not one track on this cd that is bad or even ok. They are all great. Everyone already knows the songs but if for some strange reason you don't then here are the tracks:
1. Smells Like Teen Spirit- Everyone should know this song since it was one of the most popular songs when Nevermind came out. It it's a really cool song.
2. In Bloom- This song starts with the coolest guitar part. It's so simple but it sounds great. The chorus sounds really good.
3. Come As You Are- Mostly everyone knows all or most of the songs on the cd. I have nothing else to say but amazing song.
4. Breed- The lyrics are very odd and cool. "We could plant a house, We could build a tree".
5. Lithium- Kurt is a lyrical genious. Nothing left to say.
6. Polly- The first unplugged song on this cd. All Nirvana songs that are played acoustic sound great.
7. Territorial Pissings- They played this song on SNL so people probably know this one also.
8. Drain You- This song, in my opinion, is the greatest song Kurt Cobain wrote. The words are incredible. "Chew your meat for you. Pass it back and forth. In a passionate kiss. From my mouth to yours. I Like You" In a way its like a cool love song with a guitar, bass, and drums in the background.
9. Lounge Act- Maybe Kurt's second or third greatest song, once again, only in my opinion. "Truth covered in security. I can't let you smother me". It is just a phenomenal song.
10. Stay Away- This is most likely the least popular song on the album but it is still a spectacular song. It is definately worth listening to.
11. On A Plain- This is a pretty good song. He played it at the unplugged performance and it sounded just as good as it does with an electric guitar.
12. Something In The Way- This is the slowest song I have ever heard but it is fantastic. It is about the time when he lived under a bridge, although he probably never actually did. This song is a genious.
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on May 21, 2004
(...)I will start by saying that I admired Nirvana and I LOVED the new life that they injected into rock music in the early 90's. The problem is, this record just isn't what everyone makes it out to be.
Kurt Cobain was a lyrical genius, but some of the music on this record is absolutely impossible for anyone with a sense of pitch or timing to listen to. I know, I know, it's essentially a punk record, but a major-label debut album should have better songs on it, especially one that was hyped as much as this.
Kurt Cobain was a media darling from the beginning, initially because of his outspoken attitudes towards the macho-types and support of women and homosexuals, and later because of his train-wreck of a "family life" with Courtney Love, daughter Frances Bean and his first love (heroin). When he took his own life in 1994, he became something of a tragic hero, and as a result, much more importance has been attached to Nirvana's music than it deserves. Period.
"Smells Like Teen Spirit" and "Come As You Are" are the only songs worth having on this CD. If you want to hear some GOOD early-90's "grunge" (God, I STILL hate that word!), pick up Pearl Jam's "Ten," Soundgarden's "Badmotorfinger," or the one-off collaboration between those two bands, "Temple Of The Dog."
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on May 18, 2004
i get sorta frustrated with people who don't get it. sigh, let me try...first off, this is the best album of the 90's bar none. take it from a guy who has 2,000+ albums. most of the negative reviews you read are one of two kinds: guys in makeshift bands who hear the decptively simple song structure and think "hey, i could do this!" yeah? then why HAVEN'T you? the truth is, it's not as easy as it sounds, and talent can't just be willed. your jealousy is so pitifuly transparent.Dear Morons; you are the second group, God love you, and you are the people who really just don't get it. you guys like "swithfoot" and "simple plan" and wouldn't know the Smiths or Pixies or Husker Du if they bit you in the arm. i've read reviews where people state things like "this is grunge and grunge is dead." wow. ok, um, first off, as far as Kurt was concerned, grunge was never ALIVE, it was just a coined phrase. and secondly, this album, and the UNPLUGGED IN NEW YORK album, TRANCEND genres. don't you get it.. this is legenday rock music with meaning. it's not confined to the "90's", it is to us what "classic rock" was to our fathers. his sentiments perfectly captured the disaffected and frustrated "gen-x" youth, and the music was delivered PERFECTLY. people....PLEASE PLEASE stop propping up your new favorite flavor of the month band as better than Nirvana. they're not, i promise. if you ever want to participate in a meaningful discourse with your fellow music lovers there are some things you simply need to accept to stop yourself from appearing stupid. such as...the beatles were the most influential band of all time, Led Zeppelin were the single best "hard rock" band EVER, jimi hendrix WAS one of the top 5 guitarists ever (no the guy from your band, scooter, isn't better)and Nevermind was the era defining album of the last 20 years. i realize you don't agree, that's cool, but you need to know that you're WRONG.
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