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3.9 out of 5 stars
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on May 30, 2015
I am a dog trainer and one of the things I recommend to all my clients is to feed their dog in a toy. My own dog has always had her meals in toys, but this is the best one I found so far. I have a very smart little sheltie, and this one is the only one that is difficult enough to give her a good work out. She actually pants by the time she is finished eating! I used the Omega paw treat ball for a long time, wich was good but much easier, but I trhew it away after reading on the possible toxicity of vinyl. Premier Petsafe is one of the only companies that certifies that the materials they use are non-toxic. Love it! Also, the great thing that differenciates this toy from the others is that it is super easy to clean!
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on September 20, 2012
I thought this product was pretty decent. I bought it (received the XS/S) for my 11 lbs, year old Shih Tzu x Pekingese cross. She was hesitant at first but really got into pushing and whacking the kibble nibble around. She's very used to different kibble balls, so it took her no time to really get into it. She was occupied for literally an hour trying to get her dinner out of it. I thought it was a good size for her not too big, but it wasn't exactly "small" so it added to the challenge of trying to get her food out.

The only thing I don't like about the kibble nibble is the "adjustable" prongs. You have to be really careful to not to cut too much off if you want to maintain the difficulty of the product. You would have to start your dog on a separate easier kibble dispenser if you want to reserve the kibble nibble as a high difficulty toy, or buy multiples of the kibble nibble.

This product is a bit noisy, but for the price and the enrichment value for your dog I would recommend this product. Though I would mention one thing, you need to buy this for a persistent dog (or get your dog used to working for its food) if you plan to keep this toy at a hard level. I can see a dog giving up on this toy too easily and would be a waste of money.
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on February 2, 2015
My labs love flipping this over n over to get more treats, keeps them busy for a good 30-45 minutes if I put their entire meal in here. It is also very strong, I can play keep away from my dogs by kicking it like a soccer ball.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon January 15, 2016
Update. Love this so much bought the large for my friend's 70 lb lab puppy... its been a hit with both of our dogs. Durable and still after months their daily favorite. I know when its dinner time as my guy gets it and rolls it around.

Best dog toy ever!

I have a mini dachshund and this is exactly what I have been looking for. My guy is a rescued show/stud and he never learned to play. But he loves food, so this is a win win for us. It gives him mental stimulation and exercise and he had a blast. I laughed so hard as I could see him figuring it out.
It's just big enough that can carry it a little bit to get out of tight corners (by the opening) but not so large that he can bite down and possibly break it or his few remaining teeth... :'( bad breeder!

But he has me now so life is good and I'll be using this for all his meals. Now only if I can find where it got to! Lol

It is easy to clean and no moving bits like the cat treat dispenser balls that get gummed up and nasty. I might have to buy a few more so don't have to search under the bed first thing in the morning ... lol!

It was easy enough to adjust the opening to fit his kibble. I do recommend that you go slow in the trimming here thought. But even if it was too large the ball is egg shaped so nothing comes out if it is just rolled. It isn't until they get it really going and or trying to work it out of a jamb that the holes (one on either end) will let a bit fall out. This will hold a days meals, it is really quite large, but I feed him two divided meals and snacks daily so there is room to spare if you were wondering!
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on December 22, 2015
My 22 lbs dachshund really loves this toy (I bought him size S)!! I wanted to get him a toy that he would enjoy as he is a senior dog and doesn't care much for the plush toys that squeak so I went with a food toy. At first he found it difficult and lost interest after a while but after a couple of hours he figured out how to get his food out of there. Now he looks forward to the ball feeder when I have it in my hands! I did have to cut out 2 prongs (1 on both ends) to let the kibble out otherwise there's no way of it coming out. Really easy to clean, durable plastic hard shell with some sort of silicone for the dark purple bumpers (he can pick up the ball by biting the bumpers). It is a tad noisy having it on hard wood but you don't notice it after a while and knowing he's having fun doing it cancels out the rolling sound.

I would say when determining what size to get your buddy, look at the picture on the ball and compare your dog's head size to that of the model dog.
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on January 13, 2015
I've used this twice to feed my Labrador Retreiver and both times it has popped open! Argh! It kind of defeats the purpose of him working for the food when he pops the darned thing open. The feeder is also very loud when it hits/rolls around on the floor. The only upside to this food dispenser is that it holds two cups of food. Not worth buying.
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on May 3, 2016
Thank goodness for the reviews! My thanks to all the previous reviewers as there are absolutely no instructions. Our dog's kibble is fairly small sized so I was hesitant to trim any of the tabs at either end. I ended up trimming the tabs at the narrower end so it made it a bit easier to fill the feeder ball - nothing came out until I trimmed. I experimented and trimmed gradually to allow just enough out to keep our older dog happy. The "stinky treat" suggestion was a great one - I put a scoop of kibble in with a strong smelling bacon treat that's been cut into tiny pieces. Our dog loves it and it keeps her occupied for about an hour. We work long days and I like to think that it helps her to be mentally stimulated while we are gone. She bats the Kibble Nibble around fairly aggressively but is a gentle dog, so I'm not sure how helpful that is. Very pleased with the product!
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on September 4, 2015
We bought two of these for two puppies, but actually one alone is great for our pups to share as it's more of a fun game for them to play together. It's a great way to feed kibble in a slow manner, while the dog must play with the ball to earn their food. They never quite get all the kibble out, as when it runs low, it's harder to get it out. It's a great, rewarding toy that keeps them busy for a bit. Obviously it can be a bit noisy, so we usually let them have it outside. So far, it seems to be quite sturdy. I do think it's their favorite food dispensing toy.
I would definitely recommend this toy to others.
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on February 15, 2016
This is so great. It used to take my puppy less than 5 minutes to finish his food and now it can take up to 20-30 minutes.

The product is made of a hard plastic, very durable and I didn't have any issues with my puppy being able to open it (he's only 5 lbs). It is a little loud but that could be true of any of his toys. He was able to pick up how to use it quite quickly.

My one recommendation would be to have adjustable prongs on the ends rather than having to cut off the prongs for different sized food.
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on January 5, 2016
Our dog loves this for meals. It took a long while for him to figure it out but he's got it now.The rubber claws that keep the food in the holes are made to be trimmed. We had to trim them quite a bit for the size of kibble that we use, and it works great. We've been using it for two months and it has proved to be a very durable product! It has stood up to some pretty heavy-duty chewing and a couple of nasty hard knocks!
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