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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on July 13, 2004
This DVD is the first of the Child Play series and is by far the best. Chucky, a sadistic, smart and persuasive doll who has been possessed by the ghost of Charles Lee Ray is the star and is actually a pretty freaky looking doll. The young boy Chucky needs to hurt/kill in order to obtain his body is played by a wonderful (young at the time) actor Alex Vincent, a very intelligent first move.
There are a few good scares in this first one, unpredictable since it's the first, a good start and a must see for horror fans. Chucky will sure be a classic of our times.
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on July 5, 2004
When young Andy finally gets the doll of his dreams for his birthday, he doesn't know that his mother bought the doll from a peddler in the alley behind the department store where she worked. His mother didn't realize that the doll came from a burned down toy store where the notorious Lake Shore Stranger Charles Lee Ray was gunned down.
When Andy is left with his mother's friend Maggie, she is mysteriously thrown out of the apartment window to her death. No one believes Andy when he tells them the truth: "Chucky did it" Andy's doll turns out to be Charles Lee Ray, who moments before he died transferred his soul to the doll using voodoo.
When Chucky finds out he has been in the doll too long and is now turning human, he is told the only way to get out of the doll is to transfer his soul to the first person he told his true identity to, who is, you guessed it, Andy.
Now Andy and his mother must stop the notorious killer before he takes Andy's soul forever.
An edge of the seat thriller! This is the best one of the series.
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on June 1, 2004
I was talking to a friend of mine about Lord of the Rings; The Two Towers, and the fantastic new HBO series Deadwood that both have Brad Dourif playing small but very effective, and expertly perfomed supporting roles. My friend mentioned that he also played Charles Lee Ray a.k.a. Chucky, in "Child's Play", and I remembered ditching a day of high school, breaking into the back door of the theater with my friends and watching it. This movie was scary... When I was a teen.
Only to see Brad Doruif, I rented it again and watched it with my fiancée, and warned her that it was scary, but we both ended up cracking up through the whole thing. I felt really stupid telling her how scary it was. It made no sense to me that a plastic doll, the equivalent of a Cabbage Patch Kid, could overpower even a little boy.
The only thing that really saves this movie from being a complete waste of time was Brad Dourif, as Chucky. The little boy was just horrible. The cast, save Dourif, couldn't act their way into or out of a wet paper bag, the mother, the mother's friend, the police man who didn't buy her story about the living killer doll, the doctor who thought the boy was a nut; NONE of them could be considered good actors except for the damn doll! So it was a typical horror movie, minus the horror, but it was damn funny and I can understand all the sequels being made.
But I certainly will never understand how a plastic doll could be such a tough customer to people ten times bigger and stronger. If you see this movie you might notice that Chucky's victims often find excuses to be on their hands and knees, or prostrate on the ground so that Chucky can attack them and not get punted out of the room. This movie is good, but not great and nowhere near scary. You would have to be a teenager or a dummy like Chucky to think it is.
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on April 29, 2004
This is the second worst horror series ever made. The first one is good but after that they get stupid.. I thought the part at the end of Bribe of Chucky when his girl friends gives birth to a baby was stupid.
Basically move is about Charles ray a wanted murder. At the beginign ray runs from a police cop into a toy store. Where he is shoot as his body is dying. Ray not wanting to rest until the cop and his double cross partner Eddy Copbal is dead. Peforms a vodo ritual which trasnfer his soul into a good guy doll named chucky.
He is sold to a little boy name andy. He goes on a kill spring. No body believes the truth that Chucky is reponsible for the killings. Final the mon and the cop
Chucky than sets of to transfer his soul into Andy body before he becomes human and becomes stuck in the doll for ever.
In the end after chuck is bably burned and his head arms and feet are blasted of his body. By then his body is almost human. The cop agains his gun and shoot Chuckey in the heart killing him instantly.
Rays soul descend into hell where it remains untils the doll is remade in the squel. If you like this movie I recommend Child Plays 2, 3 and the Bride of Chuckey also. Andy is in every movie in the Child's Play series except bride of Chucky the worst of the four by my opion.
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on July 14, 2004
This is pretty good. I mean, it sets a good scene, and the suspense when it finally picks up is good. The downside is the pacing. The movie goes along very slowly and of the playing time of around 90 minutes, I'd say 65 or so was dry, boring moments. That aside, the acting is pretty lame -- Catherine Hicks and Alex Vincent are the exceptions. But Maggie's fall out of the window looks particuarly fake.
All that aside, the movie is good. I mean for a late 80's flick, the SFX deliver pretty well. Chucky looks a little less realistic than in the next couple, but he really is spooky. The movie was a good concept.
A good starter to a great series. Yes, you should rent or buy it.
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on December 10, 2009
Allthough I came to know and appreciate the films of Hitchcock and Cameron and Scott well into and beyond my adolescence, I was first a stolid virgin for Carpenter.
I rate 'Child's Play' with four stars only because my bother loves chuckie. He is younger and does not have the same appreciation for I do..but taste you in the eye...of the film goer...
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on April 12, 2004
I'm not kidding. Child's Play is easily one of my favorite movies. Everything about it is perfect. I won't waste time telling you about the plot, since you'll probably find out reading all the other reviews. Anyway, I just love this movie. Although it really freaked me out when I was a little kid, I like it now. Chucky is really cool. The special effects are a little dated, but are still very believeable. Brad Dourif does a great job of voicing the evil doll. The other actors in this movie are great, especially Alex Vincent, who portrays young Andy Barclay. He's a very good actor for his age, and puts on a believeable performance. The music is the second best thing (the first being Chucky). It is very chilling and creepy, and makes the movie scarier. Also, this movie has very little blood. Four people die, and three of them have no blood whatsoever, and the other one only has a little bit of blood. The reason this movie is R is Chucky's mouth, which spurts out some bad language (but not as much as the next three films in the series). This is an awesome movie, but the DVD is meant for this word: disappointing. The DVD only has a theatrical trailer, and the film is presented in full-screen! No widescreen, which is really bad. So, in conclusion: great movie, bad DVD.
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on April 8, 2004
For those that haven't seen Child's Play ever before, don't expect a classic like John Carpenter's "Halloween" or anything close, expect a movie that will keep you entertained from start to finish. Sure, a whole lot of this movie doesn't logically make sense...I mean, the movie is about a serial killer trapped in the body of a doll named Chucky, what do you expect? So, throw your common sense out the window and just ENJOY. Everything about this movie from the effects to the cheesy acting strikes me as classic 80's, and I couldn't ask for more. Sure Child's Play is not technically a "great movie", but quite frankly, who cares? Some movies are just fun to watch over and over again and this is one of them. One of my favorite techniques that the movie uses is that the viewer doesn't ACTUALLY hear Chucky talk until pretty late in the movie which is very effective. As for the DVD itself, it's nothing special; they deffinatly could have added a lot more on here for a cult classic like Child's Play. No matter what, if you're a fan of the movie than this is worth getting; and deffinatly a great movie rental for those who are yet to see Chucky and are interested.
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on March 22, 2004
You must buy this DVD for one reason and one reason alone. Jack Colvin! Jack gives a fantastic performance starring as Dr. Ardmore, little Andy's Psych Doctor. Although Jack Colvin (one of the greatest character actors from the 19670-1980's)is only in the movie for about 5 minutes he makes this movie great rather than good. See Ch. 29 "Electrified Exit" and you'll see what I mean (warning - very graphic scene where Dr. Armore "checks out early" ouch!). Jack Colvin is one of only a handful of actors that could pull that scene off. Great stuff! Should have been nominated for an Academy Award! For more Jack Colvin genius, reference any "Incredible Hulk" episode from the 1980's (starring Bill Bixby and Lou Ferigno)
Overall, the movie is one of the better thrillers from the 1980's and is worth watching at least once. Chucky is cool and Brad Dourif brings a freakish edge to the whole movie. Sound is decend for a dolby 2.0 mix. Unfortunately, there is nothing in terms of extras. Hopefully, the studio will release a "special edition" with deleted scenes (More Dr. Ardmore please!)and possibly a "making of" featurette with interviews from the legendary, Jack Colvin.
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on February 5, 2004
When I was a 9 years old kid, this movie really scared me. Not because of the concept of a killer doll, but because the idea of using black magic to transport a human soul into a cute doll is quite disturbing. I thought this movie was one of the best horror films ever made. Plus, Chucky is a very charismatic dude, so I liked this movie a lot.
13 years later, and many movies later, I realized that even if the concept sounds great on paper, "Child's Play" is a flawed movie.
After seen this movie about 10 times since I was a kid, I discover 6 basic rules you should know about Chucky:
1).- CHUCKY WILL OVERPOWER YOU: Even if you weight 30 times more than him, he is capable of knock you down with his hands, he can throw you from a window, he can beat you with a baseball bat or a hammer, he can choke you to death with his tiny, soft hand, he doesn't even need two hands, with only one hand he will finish your life.
2).- CHUCKY HAS SHARP TEETHES: his rubber teethes are so strong that his bite is worst than the bite of a rabid dog. He will provoke you a deep wound on your arm.
3).- CHUCKY CAN TALK: even if Chucky doesn't have vocal chords, he can talk, he can scream, he can recite voodoo spells, he can pack the sky with dark clouds and frightening lightnings while he transfers his soul into your body.
4).- CHUCKY IS FAST: No matter how fast you can run, he will outrun you with his short, soft legs. Also he can reach the top of a building in less than a minute, and he will sneak into your apartment to kill you.
5).- CHUCKY CAN OPEN DOORS: Chucky is short, but he still is able of reaching high locks, high windows, high elevator controls. Also he can sneak into your car, even if you lock the door.
6).- CHUCKY CAN BLEED: As time goes by, Chucky becomes more and more human, he can feel the pain, he can bleed, but the only way to kill him is if you shoot him exactly in the center of his heart. It doesn't matter if you chop his head, cut his arms and legs, or if you burn his entire body, he will come back until you destroy his human heart.
BONUS: Hide your female dolls, because Chucky could leave your doll pregnant, and his evil, plastic son will attack you with his sharp teethes.
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