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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on July 5, 2004
Alice Cooper's Brutal Planet is his first release of the 00's, and it's fantastic! It's an entirely new direction for the Wicked One, and he used it to create one of his best albums.
Brutal Planet - 100% This is by the far the best song on the album! Who knew Cooper was so angry? "Here's where we starve the hungry, here's where we cheat the poor" etc. Brutal indeed. And it works so well. This track mixes Cooper's anger, with a female-voiced chorus. Killer opening track.
Wicked Young Man - 95% This track carries the momentum (and anger) of the opening track. While Cooper's not a young man anymore, I think we can forgive him for thinking he's still 18, for fear of what he might do to us if we don't! (He's got a pocket full of bullets.)
Sanctuary - 85% Sanctuary isn't nearly as impressive as the one-two punch of the first two tracks. Good lyrics, but musically, it doesn't do enough for me. Although, it's got a pretty good chorus.
Blow Me A Kiss - 90% Nice little opening guitar riff. No frills here. More angry lyrics from Cooper, executed with great results. Another great chorus.
Eat Some More - 95% The title says it all. I love the song just for the title. This song gets off to a nice slow, chugging start, which fits the song well. There are some particularly creative lyrics from Cooper in this song "Do you like the taste?/Stuff it in your face."
Pick the Bones - 100% Probably the best song here after the title track. A nice slow, acoustic, intro, that builds with a second electric guitar over top, and then eventually the song comes crashing into the chorus. Cooper's never been known for having a fantastic voice, but he really puts his emotion through in the song. This song paints a picture of a planet more brutal, then the title track. "There are holes in the wall/bloody hair on the bricks/and the smell of this hell/is makin' me sick."
Pessi-Mystic - 10% If I cut make one change to this album, I'd remove this song. I just don't like it. Sorry folks, I just don't find anything redeeming about this song. I can excuse it though, since the rest of the album is just fantastic.
Gimme - 100% This song was a single, and a has a pretty decent music video. Starts off with a great riff, and really makes up for the clunker that is Pessi-Mystic. Another great chorus. "Gimme this/gimme that/gimme this/gimme that." That's society in a nutshell. Nicely done.
It's The Little Things - 90% This song features Cooper's great sense of humor. "You can burn my house/you can cut my hair/you can make me wrestle naked with a grizzly bear/you can poison my cat/baby I don't care/but if you talk in the movies/I'll kill you right there." It's a little bit weaker than Gimme, but overall, a very welcome song on this album.
Take it Like a Woman - 95% Nobody knows how to write a ballad quite like Cooper. The man's been churnin' 'em out consistently for over 30 years. This is another great addition to his arsenal, although it sounds a bit out of place on the album. Oh well, a good song is a good song.
Cold Machines - 95% What? Last song? Nooo I was enjoying this album so much... the album finishes with Cold Machines, another great chorus from the Coop.
Overall, this album is a strong 9/10, but that's not how Amazon works. But, 9/10 is my real score. After a great follow-up (Dragontown) I was a bit disappointed that Cooper abandoned this direction with 2003's The Eyes of Alice Cooper. At least Brutal Planet will stand out as one of the best albums in Cooper's huge catalogue.
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on March 17, 2004
Alice has had a go at so many diffrent forms of Rock and pop. and I was suprised that this type of DEEP METAL sound appealed to me! USually I cannot stand that thrashing new age heavy metal sound, but i guess it depends on who the man behind the mascara is?
Tho I dont like every song on this album, i still like most of them! It has turned out quite a few suprising gems! This album is a kind of story adventure type of thing, not easy to tell if you hadnt read that before but its there in a way! This album is defnitly mich better then DRAGONTOWN and has a great selection of new age sounding masterpeices of Alice. Tho if your into solo guitar playing, you will sorely miss them on this album!
My favorite would have to be "little things" Alice has a great sense of humor built into this song. it might not be belly laughing funny, but I still think its great!
Some may mistaken the lyrics as beeing fairly depressing death lyrics, but if you listen more carefully, there actually just classic Alice's scare tactics!
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on September 23, 2003
Listen up all you old school metalheads, nu-metal enthusiasts, goth lovers, shock rockers, and rock n rollers...The Master is here to show everyone how it's really supposed to be done. Alice never left the throne, he just stepped outside to take a [restroom break]. While he was gone a slew of wannabes tried to take a seat, but good ol' Uncle Alice has returned to chop of all the heads of the pretenders to the throne. I'm talking to you Marilyn Manson, Rob Zombie, Slipknot. Anyone can SHOCK, but only Alice can do it with razor sharp wit, biting social critique, humor, and the musical chops to back it all up. Nice try boys, but no dice.
ALICE is back with one of his greatest albums ever! This is why he's a LEGEND. 30 years and he's still putting out great material in his own unique, twisted, brilliant style. BRUTAL PLANET'S a concept record, a bonecrusher, a balls out METAL record, a social commentary, a mirror to society. Alice's
music is exactly like the title suggests, BRUTAL. Not brutal in a sludging, overly distorted, noise crammed junk that mostly passes as "metal" today. I'm talking heavy, evil, beautiful music that makes you wanna bang your head! This CD is a classic in waiting. Every song is so powerful and unique you'll be hitting the rewind button after each song to hear it again. This is excellent from start to finish, and only gets better with each new listen.
Don't dismiss ALICE COOPER as some old foggy who's irrelevant to todays flash in the pan, whatever's popular this moment trend. He's the REAL DEAL. Like OZZY, ALICE trancends time, genere's, age, and trends. Every generation should revere him and worship at his metal feet for all the great music and innovation he has, and continues to bring to music. This album is another in a long line of classic albums.
Buy this CD, and step onto the world of BRUTAL PLANET. once you're here, you'll wanna stay, grab a bone of the ground, and use it as a weapon to fight your way to DRAGONTOWN.
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on August 1, 2003
There is no doubt in my mind that 2000's "Brutal Planet" is the heaviest metal album Cooper released in his 30-year career. I can best characterize this CD as being a nightmare for the new millenium: from start to finish, the tracks on here roar with stomping, grinding bass guitars, slamming drum rhythms and explosive lyrics of unadulterated rage. The lyrics are quite
shocking too, for Cooper snarls out references to grisly murder, prostitution, Christ's crucifiction and even anti-semitism (Mein Kampf!)."Brutal Planet's" concept appears to be set in the latter half of the 21'st century, when human lives are merely barcode numbers and advanced technology automatically determines mankind's destiny. In the midst of all these cold machines, the streets are rampant with poverty, famine, gun violence and other forms of endless suffering. All 10 songs are situated within a doomed society where self-control is no longer an option. I personally have chosen a few favorite tunes which I'd like to pinpoint: "Wicked Young Man" is a song in which Alice accepts the evil role of a murdering skinhead; interestingly, it speaks out against media censorship, stating that exposure to violent video games, loud music or R-rated films DOES NOT encourage anti-social behavior among American youths (this undoubtedly became an issue after Marilyn Manson was unfairly blamed for causing the 1999 Columbine tragedy). In "Blow Me a Kiss" (a gory track about guns, homicide & suicide), hints of a techno remix are intermingled with the rock guitars; I strongly believe that the general sound pulsating throughout "Brutal Planet" was heavily drawn from Rob Zombie, who in 1999 collaborated with Cooper on "Hands of Death (Spookshow Remix)." "Eat Some More" explains how starvation in the U.S. has increased at an alarming rate while plentiful amounts of food are left to rot; this song MAY cause listeners to get nauseous, since Cooper graphically describes the disgusting decay of moldy bread, spoiling meat, etc. Such a foul stench becomes even more potent in "Pick Up the Bones," when Cooper gathers a pile of festering remains left over from his family, who were savagely ambushed and massacred by heavily armed demons. Every inch of the neglected grave is told by the Godfather of Shock Rock in VERY explicit detail. And of course, there is "Gimmie," the album's first single; here Mr. Cooper once again dons the Devil's guise, manipulating an unnamed loner into his tangled web of damnation
with promises of unending wealth and fame. Such a deliciously henious performance was previously done by the singer on 1994's "The Last Temptation," and would continue on 2001's "Dragontown."
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on April 22, 2003
Alice Cooper's "Brutal Planet" is filled with good music. It's new music that Alice had to experiment with. The experiment didn't turn out too badly, and the album wasn't horrible. Brutal Planet features good, hard shock rock, and has a few soft songs too. The only thing that brought this album down from 4 or 5 stars was the lyrics. The lyrics stand out as being different from the second you open the insert. They are written in paragraph form, and for a very simple reason. If they were written normally (i.e.: verse, followed by chorus, then verse, etc.), the resemblence between songs would be remarkable. EVERY SINGLE SONG is written the exact same way. There is one good verse in the beginning of the song, then there is a chorus. After the chorus, there is one more verse (usually a sentence long). Then the chorus begins. Alice sings the chorus about five or six times in each song, and then the song ends. (To sum it up, there is 1 full verse, enveloped by about 6 repetitions of the chorus.) If you've got the album, check for yourself. Even though the songs have the rhythm and the melody, they lack the lyrics. If you're a person who doesn't care for the lyrics of a song, this is a 5 star album for you, and a must by, but if you feel, like me, that the lyrics are just as important as the melody, this album is good, but definately not Alice's greatest.
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on March 17, 2003
The King of Shock Rock is BACK! Alice Cooper has done it again. In 2000, Alice released "Brutal Planet". This album is definately some of Alice's best work yet. The album's content in the lyrics contain evil, cruelty, death, hatred, and greed. It's very evil, and very demon like (just like Alice himself). Outstanding heavy metal guitar riffs and loud drum beats done by KISS's former drummer Eric Singer.
The opener title track "Brutal Planet" is the song of the album. The lyrics contains excellent loud guitar riffs along with Eric's drumming talents. The lyrics are very evil in tone. A definite Alice classic. Another good tune is "Sanctuary". As you get into the chorus line, the song gets a lot faster. It's a good Alice song. It contains very hard rock riffs and anthemetic lyircs. The next track, "Blow Me A Kiss" is a song of hatred and cruelty. Some lyrics like "Blow Me A Kiss, cus I'm shakin', say goodnight then Blow Me Away."
"Eat Some More" is a rather disgusting song. It sounds great in general. It's very satanic and demond like. The song also is about hunger and starvation. Some of the lyircs sound like, "So we Eat Some More, throw up on the floor. We're so hungry, it's so pathetic." This next track, "Pick Up The Bones" is like another addition to "Eat Some More". This one deals with death, evil, cruelty. By the title you can somewhat tell what it sounds like.
"Gimme" is about a lot of greed. It has great guitar riffs and anthemetic lyircs. A good ballad that Alice wrote was, "Take It Like A Woman." The lyrics go like "You've been beaten down, pulled around. But you took it like a woman. Victimized, terrorized, paralyzed. But you took it like a woman." It's a good ballad though. Another Alice classic.
This album is the next one in your Alice collection. Come down to Alice Cooper's Brutal Planet.
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on January 26, 2003
Alice enters the 2000's with his hardest heaviest and thickest record ever. Appears his time with Rob Zombie has rubbed off on the Coop, and while that is not necessarily a compliment, it sure did make him a more harder rocker than - say - his time with the Bon Jovi crowd of the "Trash" days.
I will grant you that this is a far more listenable album than, say, "Constrictor" or even "dada," but one of the last thing I ever expected fron Alice Cooper was a lecture. "Brutal Planet" does a LOT of lecturing. Alice is really angry on the title cut. As Angels sing about how lovely things look from a distant place in heaven, Alice shreds history into parcels of evil mistakes with a killer guitar riff. "Eat Some More" bellyaches about our wasteful culture. "Wicked Young Man" trashes the Department of Youth. It was strange, being a 25 year Alice fan to suddenly get hit with a change nearly as radical as "Flush The Fashion"'s leap into Gary Numan synth-pop. This is still a keeper album, but since "Dragontown" pretty much found Alice back to playing his strengths, I'll just surmise that "Brutal Planet" was Alice's turn of the century venting of steam.
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on November 26, 2002
Alice has never rocked harder! The thumping bass and pounding drums in the title track contribute to, in my opinion, truly his first entry into the "heavy metal" genre. This is the Master at his finest, illustrating the sorry state of the world today. With no apologies he launches into the "Wicked Young Man" of Columbine who reads Mein Kampf daily to feed his hatred addiction ("I got a pocket full of bullets and a blueprint of the school.") In "Sanctuary," an ode to modern day paranoia, Alice tells of his struggle to escape a conformist society where Everyman wears "the same gray suit," takes "the same headache pills," then "goes home, thinks about suicide (but he's got his diploma, ya gotta give him that!") My personal favorite is the explosively postal "It's the Little Things," wherein we are warned that AC is a "psychopathic mad dog on a short leash." He doesn't care if you burn down his house, steal his car and drive it into the lake, or throw a brick thru his window pane--"but if you talk in the movies I'll kill you right there." (And don't you DARE ask him how he got his name!) We truly are spinning 'round on this ball of hate... An absolute MUST for anyone who's into Alice Cooper!
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on April 4, 2002
I really gotta tell you, I was actually scared of this album when it came out, and it took me forever to break down and buy it. Because I just knew(and was scared that) Alice was gonna make his "Korn" album. We all know that Alice usually adapted with the times, so I automatically assumed that this album would sound like all the other Nu-Metal [stuff] polluting the airwaves. Ya know, I was extremely surprised by this album. Sure, the sound is one that's been pounded into the ground for the last few years, but there's something different about it because of Alice. I normally cannot tolerate this "metal" sound, but I find myself really enjoying this album, I'll admit it. Alice just has a way about him. Proves he's a talented man, I guess. To the fans who are curious and a little skeptical of this album as I was, I can tell you that it wouldn't be a loss of 15 bucks or so to take a chance on this one. As everyone knows(or should know), there is nothing that can top his classic material, so don't expect that. But give it a listen with an open mind and you'll find yourself enjoying it(whether in a guilty kind of way or not). I do agree with a early reviewer who stated that a man of Alice's age(and reputation in the rock world) shouldn't have to make "young people's music." I do agree with that. A). The younger generation won't acknowledge the album. B). There's so much more of that kind of sound that they will and prefer to listen to. C). The older Cooper fans who saw him in the 70s probably aren't gonna care for this modern sound. That'll make it difficult for this album to find an audience, it's in a strange kind of limbo area. But, whether young(like me) or old, take a chance and venture into this limbo area, it'll probably surprise ya.
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on March 26, 2001
...and it's been a WHILE since an album's had that kind of staying power for me. I'm not familiar with any of Alice's previous work, save the hits, so I won't be able to compare it (which is probably a good thing due to the biases of some reviewers) However, as a stand alone album, Brutal Planet is easiy one of the best heavy metal albums ever produced.
Music-wise, no new ground is broken. Extremely loud D-tuned guitars, decent solos, constant drumming. But the songs are so well-written, you'll have to look out the window to make sure this is really 2001, and not 1971. Every single song is supremely memorable, and so powerful you literally won't be able to not react. Alice's voice is as strong and veral as when I first heard "School's Out," and his lyrical skills have reached a peak. They'd have to, to describe such a terrible world as Brutal Planet. He paints a picture of a world so uncaring and ignorant, that it almost seems impossible that such a place could ever exist..... or is it? Such is the magic of The Coop.
A warning though, this is rock music made fairly recently, as such, it's very heavy. It bears little to no similarity to the Alice Cooper Band of old, or even his 80's-late 90's work. It is some of THE BEST metal I've heard put out by anyone though, let alone someone already 30 years into his career.
I really can't think of any more reasons for you to buy this album. So buy it!!
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