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4.2 out of 5 stars
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on December 26, 2011
I was disappointed at first when the Ekobrews I received from Amazon leaked. I contacted the manufacturer by email and was told some of these were defective (seal was undersized - lid did not close tightly). Ekobrew sent me two replacements immediately. It took three weeks for the replacements to arrive from the USA but they work perfectly. It is unfortunate that Ekobrew could not or was not able to recall the defective ones as the product does work as well as many people have said. I think the defective ones may be the two unit packs as I was sent two single units as replacements. I hope this helps anyone who may have a defective one. I do recommend the product and it is better designed than the Keurig My K-cup.
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on November 8, 2012
The steel cup works flawlessly. Very solid construction and absolutely zero coffee grounds anywhere. A friend told me the cheaper ($20) plastic one was a real mess.

The manual recommends a grind for flat-bottom drip coffee filters. I had to adjust my burr grinder accordingly. The first cup (7.25 oz) on my Platinum edition Keurig was weak, so I went down to 5.75 oz (closer to what I usually make in my Starbucks cone brewer). Slight improvement. I then adjusted my grinder several times to go progressively finer until I reached a good strong cup. I ended up opening a K-Cup and examining the grind to verify what the machine likes best.

Note it's important not to overfill the cup, and to ensure the rim is clear of grinds so as to give a proper seal. In either scenario you might see some clear water spill into the mug from the sides.

Clean up is a bit messy given you shouldn't dump grinds down the drain (you can clog your pipes eventually, and your septic system). I've set up a waste container where I can dump the grinds each time, using a chopstick - rather than a spoon so as not to damage the cup - to quickly pry out the grinds (followed by a rinse in the sink). That's a bit messy, but worth a good cup of coffee :)

Neat thing is it seems to take 1/2 the grinds I was using daily in my cone filter machine, so that's quite a savings.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon November 6, 2012
Works perfectly. I have not experienced any leakage with this cup over the dozen or so times I have used it and it does a good job at giving a decent cup of coffee. Incredibly easy to fill / clean.

I'm not sure the elite is really worth the price increase over the plastic as I have both and don't really notice the difference. That being said, it does feel and look much nicer.
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on February 18, 2012
I find the Ekobrew filter cups much easier to use than the Keurig ones as you don't have to take part of the machine out in order to use them. This allows to quickly flip back and forth between regular K-Cups and the Ekobrew cups. They are easier to clean in comparison the Keurig ones. A couple of good taps on the bottom normally dislodges most of the coffee grounds and then you can simply rinse it out with hot water.

The trick with the Ekobrew cups is not to fill them too full with coffee about 1/2 to 2/3 way is enough and you still get a good strength of coffee. If you fill them too full it causes the coffee to spurt out the sides and makes a bit of a mess.
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on August 20, 2013
I like that I can get a cup of coffee quickly using my own brand of filter coffee. I can also choose how strong I want any cup to be. Please read the instructions - (two minutes) for a couple of tips. One says the unit GETS HOT and you do need to be careful when taking it out of the machine. I use one for home and one at work.
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on November 30, 2012
Much easier to use than "My K Cup" - only one piece makes it easier to clean and fill ...fits into original black Keurig K cup holder making it easier to switch from eco brew cup to purchased K cup...saves money - fill with coffee of your friendly -saves on landfill waste ...
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on December 25, 2012
It arrived pretty fast, using it is easy, just fill with coffee I like and the same as using the disposable K Cup. Cleaning is easy too, just run it under tap water after removing the coffee grinds. Save money in the long run for sure.
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on December 3, 2011
I bought the Keurig SE for the convenience of an almost instant single cup of coffee, and it is worth every penny in my opinion. I am a relatively frugal person though, so spending 60-90 cents on a cup of coffee I still had to make wasn't much incentive for me to avoid Tim Horton's. Not to mention the fact that with 200+ flavours available for this machine there were still only 1 or 2 I actually liked.

I decided on the Keurig because of their my k-cup I immediately bought it with high hopes. I came home, took out the holder, immediately put my usual brand of coffee in the my k-cup, started the machine and BAM! Coffee everywhere! I read the reviews on-line and it says the coffee brews great from it, you just have to move the top washer down.....perfect! I thought it may have just moved with shipping so I moved it down and the next couple cups brewed no issues. Problem solved---or so I thought. I had another couple K cups in the machine, and then next time I put the my k-cup in guessed it - coffee everywhere! Did I really want to have to remember to move this washer each and every time I changed coffee? Enough of this, I said.

I immediately went back to the internet to find a solution, and found out there were 2 real solutions available - EkoBrew and Solofill. I don't know how the Solofill works as I was not sold on the non-flat surface for pouring and could already picture the coffee grinds everywhere, so I decided on the Ekobrew - it was a good price and what did I have to lose at this point?

I placed my order on and the Ekobrew was on my doorstep two days later. I opened the box and here is my experience: I was surprised by the small size of the Ekobrew. When I found out I didn't have to remove anything to make it work I was thrilled! Washed up, it fits in with the rest of my k-cups (although it's never in that location for long). I didn't have to DO anything. I didn't have to take apart the Keurig or worry about the needle piercing the mesh lining because you can't wreck this thing, it is designed to avoid the needle! I poured in my coffee, started the machine and my coffee was ready to drink 30 seconds later. The flavour I wanted, no mess to clean up on the counter, no grinds anywhere...exactly what I was hoping for!

I am so pleased with this product and my Keurig that I recommend them to everyone who will listen :) The my k-cup is going back!

I hope this review helps you decide what will work for you, I have absolutely no regrets about this product.
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on November 12, 2011
I've had the Ekobrew for a couple of months and have not had the problems experienced by Rolly. Perhaps (s)he is using too much coffee and/or too fine a grind. Compared to the Keurig K-cup,I find the Ekobrew is much easier to use; it's just one piece that sits flat on the counter, the cover easily snaps closed and you just pop it into the machine. You don't have to remove the extra holder. I can get a stronger cup of coffee than with the K-cup. I would recommend the Ekobrew, in fact I've ordered 2 more to speed things up in the morning when three of us are trying to get our coffee.
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on January 21, 2014
It is a puzzle to me how this item has received so many positive reviews. I have tried it in my Keurig K75 Platinum brewer with the Ekobrew paper filters and without them…poor results every single time. The item is poorly designed and made. First of all, the thickness of the rim and hinged top of this item prevent the Keurig brewer from closing tight. The silicone seal/gasket ring in the top of the Ekobrew does not even come in contact with the cup, therefore, there is no seal. No seal means it leaks profusely throughout the brewing process with or without an Ekobrew paper filter. The bottom of the cup has a grouping of not-so-small holes that allow the "mud" from the ground coffee to flow right through during brewing…hence the need for paper filters. With the paper filter in place, the Ekobrew DOES NOT hold as much ground coffee as the Keurig My K-Cup does. Sans the paper filter, the unit can hold only about a half teaspoon more ground coffee than the My K-Cup does. The only positives are that, as claimed, the Ekobrew Stainless Steel K-Cup is much easier to clean after the brewing process and the Ekobrew paper filters do eliminate the mud at the bottom of the cup, if you don't mind fiddling with the filter to get it placed properly every time. I have had the Keurig K75 Platinum with the Keurig My K-Cup for about two years and have never had this much trouble brewing, although the My K-Cup does leave mud at the bottom of the cup and the small basket must be washed immediately after brewing or the grounds dry quickly and are difficult to get out. In my judgement, the Ekobrew Stainless Steel K-Cup is intended only to capitalize on the success of the Keurig brewers, but sadly, it is simply a poorly designed waste of money.
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