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3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on July 15, 2004
I'm more of a fan of their later works such as Chaosphere and Nothing, but this is just not up to those two amazing albums. I mean I guess this is before they gt heavy, but oh well. I mean hey if you like the Prog. Thrash sound with a hint of pre-industrial metal, then this is for you, but I recommend their later works as well.
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on June 20, 2004
People who knock this album are stupid retards because collatoral collapse isn't a bad album.Its actually GOLD compared to mainstream metal and please please don't compare this to metallica they were never any good in the first place.the second half is NONE,truly amazing which makes this record more delicious.Overall theres no excuse to knock this album.
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on June 10, 2004
If only people knew what was upon them when they first encountered a Swedish thrash band named Meshuggah. This full length debut features 80's thrash in the same vein of Metallica and Anthrax.
On Contradictions Collapse, there is nothing here that is mindblowing but its your generic 80's thrash metal that is good but nothing that compares with the aformentioned bands. Musically they show that they can go head to head with any thrash band with some killer and often catchy riffs and lightning fast drumming. "Erroneous Manipulation" is by far the best track on the album and something I would even prefer to hear live from them on a rare occurence. "Greed"'s intro starts with a haunting acoustic (yeah Meshuggah and acoustic amazing) with a start stop guitar onslaught. The vocals are something that leaves something more to be desired from Jens Kidman. Yet as any Meshuggah knows now he turns into a rabid fast vocal man on Chaosphere and shows such a demonic presence on Nothing.
So, you're probably asking why the four starts well one word : NONE! This four song EP is filled with the technical heavy Meshuggah we have all come to love. The breakout track "Sickening" is still a regular in the band's setlist with its very grooving beat. "Ritual" is something that shows Jens showing his own sort of melody in what could be the slowest Meshuggah ever.
Buying this album is fully worth it just knowing that this is the end of a Meshuggah that also shows the very beginning of things to come.
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on December 11, 2003
this meshuggah album is one of the births of this style thrash aks any metal for the guy who said metallica's new stuff is better than meshuggah you need to open your ears. i gurantee that metallica had the one and only meshuggah in mind when they made st.(horrible album)anger..i cant describe this band in so little words but all i have to say is technical.when i first heard this band i heard chiors of devastation and thought how original the sound was compared to alot of other bands that came out in 1991.but with age this band just gets better i think everyone who is a metallica fan should not take offense to what i said because i truly do respect metallica, but i think everyone should respect meshuggah for their sheer talent...
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on November 10, 2003
All I'd heard was Rational Gaze by this band. Now there's a track, awesome. So I checked out the only release I could find, big let down. It just doesn't have the same impact. The vocals are awful. While Rational Gaze had an agression and crunch to the vocals Contradictions never reached the same mix of agression without it just being screaming. I'm sure Meshuggah are better than this album, but this album is not worth buying.
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on October 23, 2003
Maybe it's hard for me to be objective since Meshuggah are my idols and all, but I don't think this release gets enough credit. First of all, it combines their debut album "Contradictions Collapse" and the jaw-dropping EP "None" for about an hour of solid destruction, but you knew that already. This reissue lets you hear how Meshuggah evolved from a hugely talented band of Bay Area Thrash impersonators to a hugely talented band with a sound and vision all their own. However, I recommend this album unreservedly for way more than any historical value. I recommend it because it rules, especially the concluding four songs that comprise "None."
"Contradictions Collapse," the band's first full-length release, starts things off with nine tracks from Meshuggah's early days. Although this album's sound is nowhere near as distinctive as that of "Destroy Erase Improve" or "Chaosphere," as it displays more than a little influence from the likes of Metallica, it still rocks as hard as anything they've ever done. It actually features some of their more memorable riffs, and at times it's even *gasp* catchy. Still, though, you can see Meshuggah starting to trace the path that would eventually become their own through such devices as call-and-response vocals, complex arrangements, and the occasional wacky time signature.
It's on "None" that you can hear Meshuggah really developing into the greatest band of all time. Even before looking at the CD case, I could tell that "Contradictions Collapse" ended after track nine because there was such a dramatic change in the overall sound. With "None," the riffs became tighter, the drumming more technical, the song structures more complex and less predictable, and Jens Kidman's growls much more powerful and assured. Those polyrhythms that you hear so much about? They started here. The songs become less catchy, but far more inventive and substantial.
In the end, I find this CD to be almost as essential as everything that came after it. You get about an hour of tunes, you get some background on a great band, and, well, it's Meshuggah. Need I say more? If you consider yourself a Meshuggah fan, this album is an essential purchase.
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on August 4, 2003
This album has some great introductory riffs and rhythm
interplays (several sounding alot like Metallica) but the
vocals (shouting really) ruin it. They also need to develop a sense of music composition that includes melody.
There's very little melodic composition here, mainly just
cool sounding riffs they probably came up with while jamming.
But as I said, this album would be pretty good if the
vocalization was improved.
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on July 25, 2003
This was the first (and probably last) Meshuggah album I bought.
This music is all a technical display and really isn't that
musical. And most of the "technical" is a naive (boring) display
of some Jazz technique (chords, rhythym). The new Metallica
album is way better than anything Meshuggah can produce (probably
why they sold > 1 million copies in a week? ...)
Generally, the technical aspects of music are really just the
underlying mechanics and not much else. This group sounds
like they're practicing for the real thing (as many of the
thousands of Heavy Metal bands sound !)
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on May 22, 2003
Anyone who knows what the hell a polyrhythm is will blow a load over this one-Meshuggah are the people for polyrhythms. But aside to that, they have some other good qualities too. For starters, the damn cool riffs (it's great-they tune the guitars down to C or B or something) which fit the style near-perfectly. The drumming speaks for its self - it's amazing. I'd say the only mild downer is the singing-it's kind of annoying-but you get used to it. That's another thing about this album, I'd reccomend that you buy this, but don't get too annoyed and take it back too quickly - at first it doesn't seem as good as it is - it's one of those albums that grows on ya like a fungus or something. So if you do get your act together and get this cd then keep it until the last day you can take it back, if you still want to, then you are quite the odd one.
Also, if there are any big big meshuggah fans out there who read this, would you please email me at my email adress (it's just above this review) and tell me what you reccomend? If you do, then thanks a lot.
So, to finish off - I thought I'd tell you about three of my favourite songs one the album. Starting off with "Internal Evidence". Great riffs, awesome beat and the singing's awesome, especially after the first chorus when he does a real mammoth shout - it's damn cool. Secondly - "Choirs Of Devastation". The first real part of the song is, well "nice" sounding - no distortion and it has a sort of classical feel to it. Then it kicks in with the quick palm muted triplet/quad etc picking and drumming. The singing isn't so harsh in this one (not that the harsh singing is bad) and it works very well. For the last one i shall discuss, I choose "Sickening". The intro is stunning - a few random guitar parts spread out over about 30 or so seconds (just by its self) when the drums come in with a roll. Then it pauses. Then just about the most killer riff if the whole album - the singing's not too shabby either.
So i highly reccomend this album for any thrash/black metal fan who hasn't heard it already - a masterpiece.
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on May 6, 2003
I get such a kick out of this combo album. Contradictions Collapse can merely be considered fundamental thrash. Simply practice, maybe the boy before he becomes a man. The soon to be trademark group sound creeping out at times. But boy, take notice once None begins at track 10. In fact it's impossible not to take notice. For my 5 stars are based merely on its 4 songs of polished, polluted, shower of immense groove. The out of print None EP which made its debut in '94 actually has one additional track, which is really not to be missed. Thrash was indeed in need of an update and these Swedes have the ability. Take notice of drumming, tempos and time signatures. Crazy ... definitely.
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