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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on July 4, 2004
For the 50th anniversary of Godzilla, we have a special relelease of Destroy All Monsters on DVD. This in itself is good, and an added attraction is that there's a second disc -- a CD of the soundtrack. But there are two downsides:
-- there are no special featuers -- not even a theatrical trailer.
-- the dub is the poorly acted recent dub from a few years ago. The original dub is not great (what dubs are? Why, oh, why, don't they also offer subtitled versions), this one is very poorly acted, more so that usual even for these types of films.
Overall, I'd still recommend this to Godzilla fans (and I've been one since seeing King Kong vs. Godzilla in its original US showing at the drive-in when I was a kid), but it could have been so much better.
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on February 22, 2012
A movie historian may tell you that this movie has some sort of significance. They may be right from a production, or musical score point of view.
From the point of view of the consumer, however, this movie makes no sense. Somehow, all the worlds monsters are trapped on one island and aren't killing each other like they did in all the other movies. They are kept in place with defenses that they could easily defeat, yet, for some reason they don't even try.
Then, out of nowhere, aliens show up. You can tell they are aliens cause they are wearing sparkly silver outfits with capes and head gear that looks like a swimming cap.
They take over "monsterland" and take remote control of some of the large monsters and use them to destroy the model... I mean major cities of the world. New York, Paris, London etc... all get the monster make over. Tokyo is spared this time, for now... dah dah dahhhhh!!!!
Naturally, Japan calls its moon astro-nots back from the moon to take their space ship underground to investigate the aliens. Oh, wait, they don't know they have an alien swim team invading yet... oh well.
Anyway, they take the space ship underground, the natural habitat for any space ship designed to travel to the moon and back, and which, for no reason, can split in half and both halves can fly independently.
So a bunch of models... I mean cities are destroyed, then some guy finds a metal ball in a rock, or something, and it turns out this is one of many balls controlling the monsters. They then find several balls in strange locations. My favorite is the coconut one. Ya, they found a ball inside a coconut.
So the good guys try to shoot the aliens, and, surprise! The bullets or lasers, or whatever their guns are supposed to shoot, do nothing to the alien swim team.
Then I tuned out as the spaceship went places and did things and the alien swim team tried to conquer earth and Tokyo finally got clobbered.
Then five monsters gang up on one space monster and kill it fast and easy. Then they give it to the aliens and beat them.
Then we see all the monsters who weren't really in the movie back in "monsterland" for about five seconds standing around doing nothing and then THE END.
So much to make fun of here. So very, very much to make fun of. I know its an old movie. I know it was about $500 000 for the budget, but man, what a cheese ball of a movie!
I throughly enjoyed it! The kitch, the "acting", the men in rubber suits, the son of Godzilla looking like a stoner... split my sides with laughter! Rodan looked like a giant, drugged up chicken! Also, when did Mothra revert to a caterpillar?
Ok, I'll stop now. If you are a fan of Toho (Godzilla) you will enjoy this film. Despite my review, I did enjoy the film. It was fun to watch the models... I mean cities get destroyed and all...
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on January 23, 2006
This was a good Godzilla movie. It features just about every single monster and the aliens are also a nice touch. The only thing I didn't like about it was the fact that, with all the monsters around, Godzilla seems rather small.
OK, basically the story goes that all the world's monsters are confined on an island called monster land (or monster island, whichever you prefer.) and they have specail devices to keep them there. One day the defices are shut off and the workers are put to sleep and hypnotized by a yellow dust. The monsters break free and are set to destroy the world's major cities. (Mind you, the year is 1999 and humans have 'special technology' and a base on the moon. Cool, huh?) The humans later find out that aliens are controlling the monsters, and humans have to save the world.
This is one of my fave movies of the Showa series just because it has jus about everything! Aliens, monsters, destruction, explosions, hypnotics, UFO's... it's very fun. My two beefs with this film is the fact that A: As I said before, Godzilla seems small and I think that he should have had a bigger part. B: The parts with destruction and the final battle with a surprise monster are rather short. They are fun, but they could have been longer.
All in all a fun kaiju and G movie.
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When I was a kid growing up just outside of Toronto there was a Buffalo TV station that would run after school movies. Every week had a different theme. A couple times a year they would have monster week. Every male student in my class would run home to catch these movies. This was pre home video player so it was the only chance you would get to catch theses films. My all time favorite was this film. It has almost all the Toho monsters in it and the last half hour is full out monster rumble. Don't get me wrong these are not great movies. I mean I love them but I know most people dont. That being said if you like this type of movie you will love this one.
The Blu ray is good. The picture is about a 7 out of 10. The audio is about the same. I looked for this movie for years on VHS and then finally got it on DVD. But this Blu ray rocks. I am glad I didn't have to wait for the formate to be around for ten years before it came out.
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on June 15, 2004
Woohoo 50th annoversery of Godzilla, a DVD with a free soundtrack cd. What more could you want. A LOT! I love this movie, ever since a kid I've loved it. BUt ADV have released the movie with no trailers, interview, no anything. Not even scene selection, you must fast forward to whatever scene, hell, there isnt even a menu. And to top it off its a cut version. My old VHS copy contains more scenes of the monsters, why on earth did they take them out!? Anyway, I'd say just by the video and copy it over to dvd. AT least that way you can add your own menu and some trailers from the internet.
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on June 30, 2004
I don't think Baragon is really in this movie; the only scene he gets (I think) is at the end, and that scene is stock footage. At least Varan's quick scene is new (must be, it's in color). I wish this film had the old AIP English dub. Also wish there were chapter stops, menu, extras. But I disagree with the one review that says this version is missing monster scenes -- as far as I can tell, comparing it to the old AIP version and the original Japanese print, there are no scenes missing here. Buy it, but really, Baragon isn't in this!
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on April 25, 2009
I've waited to see this film since I was a little kid. I had a big monster book and was hooked by B&W stills from the movie. Based on reviews I had read over the years from cult film fans, I presumed it was a fairly good film. Instead, it turned out to be a disappointment. The film focuses too heavily on the human storyline, which is boring and lame. The scriptwriting is truly horrid, and the acting and voiceovers are dull to say the least. If you kept a word count of the word "right" you would be shocked by the total--in fact, it appears so many times that it couldn't have been by chance. The spoken lines are so mechanically written that it appears that it was the intent of the writers that the film make fun of itself...but dull is dull, whether intentional or not. The little bit of monster action that there is doesn't begin to make up for all the wasted time on the incredibly boring human storyline. This is quite possibly one of the worst Godzilla films. Not "Godzilla VS Megalon" bad, not "Godzilla's Revenge" bad, but...incredibly dull!

As for the DVD release itself, another disappointment. The cover art was so appealing that I assumed the 20 dollar price tag for this item would be worth it by special features or a beautiful menu. But there are no special features, and no menu. That's right, you can't select a scene--you can't even skip scenes! Pathetic.
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on June 28, 2004
Do you like Kaiju and classic sci-fi flicks?Then you've definetly watched this one. For the few who already hasn't only one suggestion......hurry up and buy it.
I'm not going to complain about the quality of the DVD release or the dubbing in English. For a Godzilla movie of this magnitute, this sounds a bit pointless. For me this film is the top of all the monster flicks. I,d also like to have it uncut and subtitled but i feel privileged and lucky just to own it in a DVD copy. That way i could watch it as many times as i want without damaging the movie. Now i'm even thinking of buying a second copy just to replace the first one in case something happens to it.
I first watched it at a summer theater when i was young and from that point i fell in love with it. I own all of the Godzilla films since i am a Godzilla maniac but this one surpass every other one, easily.
Inoshiro Honda's best movie ever and Ifukumbe's best soundtrack ever.
The story in a few words is the following:
Human race confined all the monsters in monster-island using some kind of transmitters with creates an invisible barrier surrounding the island. Aliens with bad intentions are setting them loose and afterwards they control them. Their primary orders are the demolition of every major city in the world. Later on humanity find the way to set the monsters free from the alien control and turn them against the Alien invaders. At that point the aliens have no other choice than to summon the space monster Ghidrah and set this party on fire.
As you all monster-movie lovers probably asumed by the story above, hell breaks lose on earth and we all can be the front watchers of this titanic rampage!! Godzilla saga DEFINATELY at its best moments.The only movie i expect and hope to throw this 1968 flick from the top of my list is Toho's upcoming Godzilla last project, "Godzilla: Final Wars".
I feel the need to express my graditute to Inoshiro Honda and his crew for making these kind of films(anyone seen "Mysterians" or "Battle in outer space" knows exactly what i'm talking about),which allow you to feel young again and send you on a fabulous journey throughout the boundries of your imagination. Thanx Inoshiro, you'll always have a special place in our hurts.
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on June 20, 2004
One of my favorite G flicks of his early years. The artwork/movie descriptions are sort of misleading, making one thing this is a huge monster fest. Yes, there are quite a few monsters in the movie, only a few actually have more than a minute of screen time. The final battle is basically Godzilla, Rodan, Mothra, and Gorosaurus Vs Ghidorah, with the other monsters as the audience. At any rate, i still like the film. I'm a sucker for aliens in the Godzilla flicks (i'm glad they are making a come back in the upcoming "Godzilla: Final Wars"), though the beings in this film aren't as interesting as the Devo aliens in Monster Zero!
The dvd itself is disappointing. This disc is about bare bones as a dvd can get. I heard conflicting reports whether this is ADV's or Toho's fault. There is no menu and no chapter stops! just like a VHS, pop it in and it plays. Want to see a certain scene, you have to fast forward it. The newly released "Special Edition" version of this film is the same as this disc, but with different coverart and a soundtrack cd. Besides that, the video transfer is decent and it is letterbox. Audio is the english dub, which isn't as bad as some make it out to be.
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on June 14, 2004
Remember when rating this movie; I am rating it first as a Godzilla movie and then as a B-Movie. In both the categories it excells. The acting is horrible, the plot is stupid, the monsters are fake, the dubbing is crap, the special effects can't impress anyone, yet this movie for some reason is very good. Where else can you find a movie when you can so easily list everything bad about it and then say, but it was really good afterwards.
There are tons of monsters in this movie and they all have their unique little quirks. (Godzilla's pre-fight scene air punches are totally classic) Rhodan only eats Dolphin- Japanease propaganda anyone?
What however makes the movie is the final fight scene between King Ghidrah and all of the earth monsters. When King Ghidrah is already grounded all the monsters just surround him and start fighting him like a bunch of school yeard bullies. One monster jumps on his neck and other pick up one of his heads and throws it against the ground. Essentially it is too hilarious to recount here.
The plot was just stupid in this movie. It is not worth recounting however what is a funny thing was that this movie was supposed to be based in 1999. They greatly overestimated what technology we would have. Well maybe Japan has that technology today. I mean you never know.
Highly Recommended to all you Godzilla Folks you will laugh you will cry maybe even soil yourself.
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