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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on November 15, 2011
I am loving this. It has been years since I've played the original Halo and it's still just as fun as it was back in middle school. The new graphics face lift is just as good as Reach. But I have to say my favorite feature in the entire game is at any time you can swap back and forth between the new graphics and the original graphics just by hitting the back button. "I wonder what that looked like 10 years ago?" hit the back button and there it is, press it again and you go right back to the new graphics. With all sorts of new challenges, skulls, and achievements there's a lot to do to keep you coming back for more. Think you can beat The Library on Legendary in 30 minutes or less? The multiplayer is Reach multiplayer and it comes with codes for a Halo 1 map pack so now Reach players and Anniversary players can play together. If all that doesn't have you convinced I just have one more thing to say...Halo 1 pistol.
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on April 4, 2012
I was a huge fan of the original but a little leery of my fond memories being stomped on by 343's vision of a remake. Well true to their word, 343 Studios has left this game in all it's original glory, only updating the graphics (a lot). Funny enough, the new graphics are kind of the way I remembered it, but switching to the old graphics in mid play reveals just how much work has been done.

This epic remake is well worth every penny and does not disappoint. Anyone looking to get into the Halo universe should start here.
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on December 3, 2011
My friend bought Halo CE: Anniversary for me so that we could play it together, and I can hardly fault him on his choice as Halo does not emulate very well on the 360, and we both like it a lot.

I love that you can play the single player campaign co-operatively online, however, I'm deeply disappointed that the original Halo: Combat Evolved deathmatch, etc. suite has been more or less snipped.

While I don't go out of my way to buy games strictly for the competitive multiplayer suite (nor does my friend; we have very similar tastes in that regard), I had a lot of fun with Halo, and it would have been awesome to have that upgraded and given the XBox Live treatment like the co-op campaign. Instead, you get some remade maps for the Halo Reach online experience. Luckily, Halo Reach is close enough to the original Halo, even with jetpacks, special shielding, sprinting and the like.

It just would have been nice...

That said, it's still a great package for the price; Halo is a great game, and it's made all the more better being able to play it co-operatively online or off. And the HD job is stellar.
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on February 15, 2012
Don't buy this game expecting brand new content, because it won't deliver. Halo C.E. Anniversary is little more than a complete graphical update to Halo C.E. All the core elements from the game are still the same, from gameplay to voices.

That said the new graphics are almost on par with Halo Reach, and the remastered soundtrack is quite stellar.

The only real flaw with the title is that Kinect is required to access the game's library function which is, in essence, a 3D model gallery with long descriptions. I'm a halo junkie and I don't have the intention of getting a kinect so this was rather frustrating. I had to go out and borrow a friend's kinect for a day.

All in all it's a great game, but I feel its a tad too expensive at $40 for just a graphical update.
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on November 25, 2011
I purchased this game and I'll be honest with you...usually remakes suck, NOT THIS ONE. 343 Industries have lived up to the true original vision of Bungie and The game was a super blast all the way through. I think if you re-create the picture but keep the SOUNDS the same, it makes a good impression. If it were the other way around, say they keep the graphics the same but change the sounds then I'm not too sure. People want graphics that "equal" their modern television sets and this game is perfect with a native resolution of 1080p. Now people will get a good taste of the style of gameplay for Halo 4...
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on October 2, 2014
The original version was the first shooter I ever played and it's still my top favourite FPS to this date. I love how this new version switches seamlessly between the old and updated graphics. Sadly, the gameplay hasn't changed and plays just like the original. So gameplay is noticeably outdated compared to more modern FPS. But for those who haven't played the first Halo, you're definitely missing out and I'd highly recommended this version. It would be a 5 if gameplay was updated as well, but it's still worth a buy.
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Big fan of the original halo, was glad to have a copy I could run on my 360.

Switching between the graphics modes allowed the player to appreciate how much 343 Studios crapped all over what was Bungie's great legacy. The "new and improved" version was all shine, no substance. The only good thing 343 did was allow the player to select classic graphics.
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on August 14, 2013
If you enjoyed Halo CE (Combat Evolved) for the Xbox, then you'll love this. Really fun game made even more fun with the addition of skulls, achievements, online co-op as well as remade Halo CE multiplayer maps for Halo Reach. Would recommend for FPS fans and would very VERY strongly recommend for Halo fans (if they don't already have it).
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on November 21, 2015
This is a great update for the original halo, with updated graphics this game looks amazing! It feels the same however since they kept the old game engine. Also, with skulls and achievements Halo just got even better!
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on January 27, 2013
If you are a fan of Halo you should get this game right away press a button you can change the graphics from original to the new 1080p Graphics NEED IT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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