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5.0 out of 5 stars A hilarious gore fest!
This sequel to the cult classic film, Evil Dead, is the next installment into, what is praised to be, one of the goriest black comedy horror films to ever hit the film circuit. This film glorifies the very campy fun and essence of your typical B-movie plot, with a side of exaggerated amounts of cartoony violence and blood. Ash takes his girlfriend to a deserted cabin for...
Published on Sept. 7 2005 by Andrew Robinson

3.0 out of 5 stars great film but...
I give the the film 5 out of 5 stars. Everything that can be said about this film has been said many times over.
The dvd on the other hand.. I had heard good things about this dvd such as "excellent commentary, great transfer...". The picture quality seems acceptable most of the time except in the very dark scenes where it looks like there's some mosaic type effect...
Published on March 9 2004

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5.0 out of 5 stars Possibly the greatest horror film ever made, Jan. 20 2004
Tom Benton (North Springfield, VT USA) - See all my reviews
In 1982, moviemaking team Sam Raimi, Robert Tapert, and Bruce Campbell found that their low-budget film THE EVIL DEAD was a hit. Producer Irvan Shapiro wanted a sequel, but the team had no plans for a follow-up to the Stephen King-acclaimed horror hit. But soon Shapiro had advertisements for "Evil Dead II: The Medieval Dead" (which later became ARMY OF DARKNESS), and the crew was forced to make a sequel. Thus we have EVIL DEAD II, co-writer/director Sam Raimi's horror masterpiece follow-up to the original hit. Also known as "Evil Dead 2: Dead by Dawn", EDII isn't as much a sequel as a semi-remake of the first film. In a flashback which changes the story from the first film slightly (there were only two people who came to the cabin instead of five), Ash (Bruce Campbell) travels to a cabin in the woods completely isolated from society with his girlfriend, Linda (Denise Bixler). But soon, Ash has accidentally unleashed the forces of evil that have been lurking in the woods; forces that possess the flesh of the living and gut anything and everything that moves. With Linda headless and possessed, the film picks up where the first left off with Ash still trapped in the woods with the evil force. This time, however, a group of strangers stumble upon the cabin and they too are trapped with Ash; but they aren't the only ones still hiding in the cabin ...
EVIL DEAD II is a masterpiece of horror; Sam Raimi perfectly mixes creepy, gory horror with laugh-out-loud Three Stooges-esque comedy. Bruce Campbell's performance of Ash is classic and goes beyond description. Campbell goes through so much physical pain (including chopping off his own hand with a chainsaw) as to be both unbelievable and outrageous. The effects are fine, albeit not the best; Joseph LoDuca, who later worked on XENA: WARRIOR PRINCESS and HERCULES (both produced by Raimi and Tapert, and featuring Campbell), provides a good score. The film can entertain you time and time again, and keep you laughing and cringing till the end of your days. All in all, EVIL DEAD II is essential for horror fans; it is, possibly, the greatest horror film ever made. With the ending, there had to be one more in the series to criticize, however ...
Ash J. Williams + Chainsaw & Shotgun shall return in:
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5.0 out of 5 stars The Best Horror Action Film Ever, Jan. 7 2004
OverTheMoon ( - See all my reviews
This review is from: Evil Dead II (DVD)
There are many reasons why this one is rated as the greatest Bruce Campbell film and the finest film that director Sam Raimi (Spider-man) has done to date. First of all the cinematography in this movie is hands down one of the best you will ever see for a film of its type because the camera swirls around the place as if attached to an anti-gravity device. The next is the outstanding acting ability of Mr. Campbell as he literally holds the screen by himself for the vast majority of this fun horror movie. One of the most notable scenes in this picture is Mr. Campbell beating up himself on the screen. It is downright hysterical and looks brutally real (because it is!). There is no doubt that this guy will do anything to please the audience and there is also no doubt that the director just loves to torture him. "Mr. Cambell, do you mind while I strap you to a plank of wood and then drive you at top speed through the bushes and trees while you spin around on its axis?" .... "Hell yeah, sure Mr. Raimi. Whatever you say. I just love being in your pictures."
It is too hard to put down a single shot or scene in this movie as that which defines it. The whole thing from start to finish is just a fury of action that doesn't stop. This is also one of the best character build-ups in the history of cinema. At the start Ash (Bruce Campbell) is a sort of frightened scared little pissy-pants but by the end of the movie he is a fully fledged action hero with some wicked one-liners to boot. This film has some of the most memorable quotes in modern cinema.
Evil Dead II is largely a remake to the first Evil Dead movie but is also a sequel or can work as a stand alone vehicle. The premise is simple. Ash heads to a log cabin in the woods with his girlfriend and manages to wakeup the undead who turn his world, and cabin, upside down. There are things in the cellar, things in the woods and a chainsaw in the workshop.
There is no other film that moves at such pace and speed except maybe Black Hawk Down. Here Raimi conjures up scene by scene mayhem on a larger budget than his previous efforts and just keeps up the velocity relentlessly. It is no wonder why this film tops many fanboy polls as the greatest flick of all time.
In short you will be hard pressed to find a horror film with more action in it than Evil Dead II except for maybe Aliens, but then that is more of a Sci-Fi movie. If you have not seen Evil Dead II then it is about time that you did. This movie is a riot and is deserving of its everlasting repeating viewing appeal (And believe me fans do watch this one a couple of times a month).
One of the greatest shames in Cinema is that Hollywood has not been able to utilize or realize one of the finest B-movie actors of our generation. Maybe with Mr. Raimi picking up momentum there we just might get to see his lead star do more for the box office.
An essential for any horror/action fans collection.
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4.0 out of 5 stars We are the things that were and shall be again!, Dec 5 2003
Pamela Scarangello (Middletown, NJ USA) - See all my reviews
1987's "Evil Dead II" is a gargantuan gorefest that's packed with dizzying camera motion, morbid puppetry, and ghastly claymation. While acting as a prequel to 1993's "Army of Darkness," this movie combines grisly, over-the-top effects with farce and Three Stooges slapstick. I guarantee it, kiddies; "Evil Dead II" is sick, twisted, and insanely funny! There is so much violence that the cabin itself bleeds!
People have made a mistake by stating that in this movie, Ash (Bruce Campbell) returns to the Tennessee woods and unleashes the forces of evil all over again. That's not true at all. Actually, the first half of "Evil Dead II" fast-forwards through the events of the previous film, reminding horror fans of what occurred in the past: Ash and his girlfriend Linda (Denise Bixler) retreat to an old cabin in the forest. There they discover a tape recorder and the Necronomicon (Book of the Dead). After Ash plays the tape and accidentally awakens the Kandarian demons, Linda becomes possessed and Ash is forced to decapitate her in self-defence. To some viewers, these events may be a little too crunched together; to truly catch on, one would have to watch the original "Evil Dead" first.
In the film's latter half, Ash has to protect a new group of visitors. Annie Knowby (Sarah Berry), the daughter of the archaeologist who first found the Necronomincon, carries some missing pages that could eliminate the evil forever. Meanwhile, she is accompanied by her friend Ed (Richard Domeier), a local truck driver named Jake (Dan Hicks) and his lover Bobbie Joe (Kassie DePaiva). One by one, each victim is possessed and becomes a maniacal, flesh-eating zombie. If that's not horrible enough, the forest's angry trees are pulling themselves out of the ground, and the bloated, putrid corpse of Annie's mother Henrietta (Ted Raimi) is locked in the cellar! In the center of all this madness, a stronger and smarter Ash arms himself with a shotgun and chainsaw, transforming himself into the groovy bad boy we all know today!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Mr. Bauer is the greatest teacher this world has ever seen, Nov. 24 2003
matt fitch (mequon, wisconsin United States) - See all my reviews
This review is from: Evil Dead II (DVD)
Since its release in 1987, writer/director Sam Raimi's Evil Dead 2 has garnered somewhat of a cult following among horror enthusiasts. Notable for its inventive camera shots, campy humor and over-the-top gore, this film is not for the faint of heart, or anyone with an aversion to slapstick humor.
Much like the first film, this semi-sequel (the basic plot mirrors that of the first film) begins with Ash (Bruce Campbell), who is on his way to a secluded cabin in the woods with his girlfriend Linda (Denise Bixler). However, things soon go awry as a nondescript demon takes Linda and transforms her into the walking dead. After fending off his former lover, Ash discovers that an ancient book was unearthed by an archaeologist who lived in the cabin, and, upon translating the book, an evil spirit with an insatiable thirst for blood and carnage was unleashed. Now, Ash must fight to protect his life, as well as his sanity.
As a horror film, Evil Dead 2 succeeds on many levels. First of all, the setting, an isolated cabin, adds palpable tension as Ash struggles to combat the creatures that lurk in the night. The audience is made to feel as claustrophobic as he must, running from small room to small room, never quite knowing what will pop out next. When Ash ventures into the woods, the anxiety ratchets up even further, since everyone knows that darkness acts as a blanket for the evil that lurks just beyond the shadows.
Raimi is a virtuoso behind the camera, with skewed perspectives, strange point-of-view shots (like a flying, severed eyeball) and crane shots so manic and wild you could mistake the film for a cartoon. Upside down, diagonal- the camera seems to be able to move anywhere, and the variety of shots adds a considerable amount of unpredictability and energy to the film. Raimi is very playful, very enthusiastic, and he does not hesitate to let these qualities bleed into his work.
Like Raimi, Campbell is a fan of the Three Stooges, and fast-paced, slapstick comedy in general. And as he proves in a very funny kitchen scene, Cambell is very adept when it comes to physical comedy. He can make you laugh while you simultaneously wince or simply stare in awe at the amount of viscera that soaks this film. The insane and often unexpected bits of humor, combined with Cambell's delightful overacting (he is often called the greatest B movie actor of all time) lend the film a unique aspect that makes it seem fresher that many of the ho-hum copycat slasher films that are released today.
Or maybe that freshness simply comes from all the blood of various colors that is being tossed around. On multiple occasions, the death of a character or severing of a limb result in a startlingly gratuitous spray of blood, which is by turns red, green, blue... a veritable cornucopia of vital juices. Due to its excessiveness, Raimi and the rest of the crew decided to purposely alter the color of the blood at certain points, offsetting the seriousness of the situation. It works, despite the fact that your jaw will still drop at a few of the more...body-drenching scenes (don't get too close to that hole in the wall...).
Overall, Evil Dead 2 presents a fresh, interesting and frequently entertaining look at a genre that has recently gotten stale and seemingly refuses to make any progress. However, if you yearn for the old days, with lower-than-low budgets and improvisational actors, this film is right up your alley. Fans of the Three Stooges or slapstick comedies such as The Naked Gun will surely be amused by it, and anyone whose thirst wasn't sated in gorefests like Peter Jackson's Bad Taste and Dead Alive will find themselves adequately satisfied. Fans of quality horror films with copious surprises and thrills need look no further. As an exemplary...example of a horror films, I give Evil Dead 2 , the highest rating possible.
Evil Dead 2, 84 min. 1987
Unrated: extreme violence, gore, language, precarious situations, lame acting
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5.0 out of 5 stars The Greatest, Nov. 14 2003
By A Customer
This review is from: Evil Dead II (DVD)
I was six years old when I watched the original, which was OK. I was about 11 years old when Evil Dead 2 was released. I wasn't expecting much, was I in for a surprise. From start to end this was sheer class the story was the same as the original but Sam Raimi definitely did his home work on this one, everything from the setting, lighting and directing was spot on. The action never stopped, the violence is on another level, no wonder the movie was censored in the UK I even remember the debate on central live television regarding the release of this movie the censors were appalled saying the movie is too extreme, but this is a horror comedy. . Everything about this movie is brilliant fans world wide agree. Our hero is beaten black and blue, almost driven to insanity and even has his hand cut off (great) no other movie has ever done this before. This movie paved the way how horror movies should be made, how can people compare the likes of those unwatchable Italian rip offs to this master class, this is every gore hounds dream. An Essential DVD.
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3.0 out of 5 stars The Only Thing Scary About This Film is it's Title, Oct. 25 2003
E. Valero "Eterno" (Woodbridge, Ontario Canada) - See all my reviews
Not really a sequel. "Evil Dean 2: Dead by Dawn" is just a remake of the original with better effects, better picture and sound.

Ash (Bruce Campbell) and his girlfriend accidentally stumble upon a voice recording that voices passages from "The Book of the Dead", unleashing ferocious forest demons that pretty much possess anyone in sight. There is a lot of senseless violence, over-the-top gore (and acting) and an absolutely ridiculous climax.

A completely over-rated, pointless (it is not a sequel but a remake of the original) and utterly annoying movie (far too much slapstick humour). I must admit, I really liked the original because, although it was a much lower-budgeted production, it was genuinely scary in parts, the rape scene is still shocking even after all of these years. The sequel is as scary as an episode of "The Muppet Show". However let me point out the films good points. As previously mentioned, this film has a much higher budget than it's predecessor and it's evident in the effects (which may please some) but sometimes bigger is not always better. The original had excellent and frightening make-up effects and used, sometimes, unsuccessfully, claymation effects that were somewhat creative. The demons in "Evil Dead 2" look rubbery and fake. Bruce Campbell's performance is pretty much the only reason I recommend the film. He is a great performer and some of his slapstick routines and facial expressions are extraordinary- especially during the "possessed" hand sequence. But like many reviewers pointed out, this film is more of a comedy than a horror piece. A comedy with buckets of blood and ooze thrown in.

So for true horror movie fans, if you want some genuine chills, skip this one and view the original. Despite the budget restraints, it's a much more effective and satisfying shocker. The only genuine emotions that will be aroused by this film is genuine disappointment. Not only for wasting your time watching it but also for wasting your heard earned cash buying it.

NOTE: I originally wrote this review a decade ago in 2003- it is now 2013, and I must have been having a really bad hair day or maybe I had not had my morning coffee, or maybe I was just being a bitter fool, ... just trying to explain the horrible review I gave this film. Although I still think it is a tad over-rated, I do not think it is the horrible mess from my original review so I have revised my rating from 1 star to 3.5 since I have re-watched this film, a lot, and have grown quite fond of it. Taste's change I guess.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Dead By Dawn! Dead By Dawn! Dead By Dawn!, Aug. 22 2003
Here I am taken back to my overnight horror sessions of drinking Jolt cola and watch horror all night. As with the first Evil Dead film I have watched this sequel many times. I consider this to be just as good as the first Evil Dead but with a bit less gore. Although be warned this movie had lots of gore still.
Once again the demons are after Ash in the cabin in the woods. If you love B film horror this is going to be at the top of your list. The voices, the sounds, the creeks, the screams, the camera shots it all boils down to one thing. AMAZING! I don't give much away about a film to spoil things for the reader, but I like to give at least ONE cool example to let you know you will love the film if you love intense horror. There is a part where a spirit enters Ashes hand and Ash cuts his own hand off, the hand proceeds to run all over the house with a sound that just has to be heard by you. To know more about the hand and what happens buy this movie. It's classic horror. 5 Stars well deserved
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5.0 out of 5 stars Couldn't ask for a better horror / comedy., June 22 2003
Anthony Peak (USA) - See all my reviews
Lately I've been craving to find a truly good horror film, and with Evil Dead II, I've finally found it. If you're a comedy fan and even a casual fan of horror, you simply need to watch Evil Dead II. It's such a perfect mix of comedy and horror that you just can't go wrong. I haven't jumped so many times at a horror film in ages, and I've never laughed so hard at the same movie.
On the horror side of things, this movie is truly a horror film. I jumped and squirmed so many times I lost count. From start to finish it's filled with gore and disturbing creatures of all sorts. The effects may be cheesy by now, but it really doesn't matter. You'll take a sick pleasure in watching poor Ash scream in borderline insanity. Yet, it thankfully never crosses the line from dark fun all out sick. It's gruesome gore filled fun, but it stays on the right side of the fine line between fun and sick.
On the comedy side of things, Bruce Campbell has become a cult action comedy hero from this movie. You'll laugh so hard at his utter breakdowns of emotion you'll wonder what side your rooting as good and bad blur into smear of insanity. The laughing room scene cracked me up and freaked me out all at the same time, and Bruce never misses a beat of the hair trigger fun.
- Rirath_com
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5.0 out of 5 stars A Box Of Surprises, April 16 2003
I bought one of these a little time ago online, and I'm glad I did. If you find one of these babies, do not miss the opportunity to buy, because they're getting really rare to find.
It is a Limited Edition of 5000 copies only. It's a metal box, really cool to display in your collection... Opening the metal box, you find a 50-pages booklet, that explains everything about the Evil Dead II Makeup/FX... There is a mini-Evil Dead II UK Poster and a mini-ad of the second Evil Dead game (Hail To The King).
And, obviously, the DVD. The sound is great if you can support the 5.1 Surround Sound. You can choose between Widescreen and Full Screen. It can be captioned in English. The movie itself is a mix of horror and comedy. Ash comes back to the cabin and (again) ressurects a demon... It's rated R because of violence, lots of blood and gore, some language, but not much... Let's take a look at the DVD Extras:
- Audio Commentary: One of the greatest ever. Sam Raimi (director), Bruce Campbell (main actor, Ash), Scott Spiegel (Co-Writer) and Greg Nicotero (Make-Up Effect Artist) are together, so, lots of information. Be sure not to miss this commentary, funny and informative.
- The Gore The Merrier: It's the Evil Dead II Making-Of plus a little 2-minutes-or-so funny movie... It's mainly talking about the Makeup and FX...
- Hail to the King Game Preview: A little trailer, featuring scenes from the second Evil Dead game (the first was actually an unknown one for Commodore64)
There are also Still Galleries, Talent Bios, Theatrical Trailer, Scene Selection and cool animated menus...
If your DVD isn't adaptated for Region 1, don't worry, this one is Region O, worldwide.
Overall this Limited Edition Tin is totally recommended for Evil Dead Fans and also Horror Fans. If you find one of this babies, be sure to buy it, because it's a Limited Edition. I ain't selling mine, definetly!
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5.0 out of 5 stars Horror-Comedy Done Well, March 31 2003
This review is from: Evil Dead 2 (VHS Tape)
It's about time I wrote a review for this movie. It's one of my favorite films of all time; part 2 of the violent, scary and often hilarious Evil Dead trilogy. I guess I just didn't know what to write. I have read many reviews of this film from fans who insist that it isn't a remake of the first film in the series, and I am about as big an Evil Dead fan as they come, but this films has too much in common with the first to be considered a sequel.
That is not to say in the least, however, that Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn is not equally as good a movie as the other two in the series. Infact, many people believe that it is superior to The Evil Dead and Army of Darkness. I like them all the same, and don't feel they should be compared because, whether or not Evil Dead 2 is a remake of the first, they are all their own film.
Regardless of whether or not Evil Dead 2 is a sequel or not, it starts off with Ash (our hero) returning to the doomed cabin he barely escaped in the first film and there is no explanation for this. So, in that respect, it is a sequel. Many of the same events from the first movie occur, although are done a bit differently, and instead of teens we have a new cast of characters. Director Sam Raimi obviously knew what kind of movie he was making, and made the story the way he did fro a reason. The same sort of thing happens in the beginning of Army of Darkness; there is a change in the story, and the ending of Evil Dead 2.
But anyway, instead of straightforward gory horror, Evil Dead 2 starts to shift towards slapstick, gross-out comedy, which the series perfects with Army of Darkness. When Bruce Campbell battles himself in the kitchen it is a moment of true physical acting mastery.
Like all of Sam Raimi's older films, he is not afraid to use cheesy special effects if it means getting the shot he's after, and this shows in Evil Dead 2, (although the effects weren't that cheesy when the movie was originally released.)
Anyway, it's a must for horror fans. Very funny.
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