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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on June 29, 2016
If you like fantasy, and special effects, you'll like this one in which by chance a fellow who goes to try to save the life of a 'person' who crash lands a weird machine on earth, finds that the 'man' is not human. However, his good deed in trying to help the 'man' leads to his being endowed with the powers of the pilot, who then dies.
The powers are given in the form of an Emerald coloured ring which, when he wears it, endow him with the ability to fly and give him superhuman strength. He slowly learns of these powers, which he goes on to use and to join fellow Green Lanterns from various planets in the Universe, and eventually to help save not only the Earth, but the rest of the civilizations in the Universe.
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TOP 50 REVIEWERon December 1, 2013
Through a quirk of fate test pilot Hal Jordan (Ryan Reynolds) is chosen against his better judgment to save the world and maybe the universe form a being, don’t laugh, and named Parallax that lives for fear.

As with all comic to big screen transformations the restrictions to conforming to the comic books shackles any potential for a good movie. The graphics look hokey but better than not. They could have zipped him up in a green fuzzy suit.

The story is generic the god guys and bad buys are also generic. You could make book on the dialog. And the pattern is so obvious that they did not waste any time with twist or turn surprises. This was designed to be a pilot (no pun intended.)

The film passed time but would not thrill any comic fans or generic movie watchers.
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on January 8, 2012
not looking for multi academy award movie....excellent escape for a few hours, a good family movie...I think its great that the industry is releasing 4 versons with this package; 3d blu ray, blu ray, DVD, and a digital download all for a somewhat reasonable price... i've seen lesser movies make sequels, cant wait for the sequel on this one...
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon April 22, 2013
This is a deeply flawed film. But still, I think, an underrated one. A film probably not _quite_ fully deserving of its profoundly unimpressive box office numbers and many critical pannings.

The best thing about this movie are its visuals. Here, it's utterly electrifying and completely true to the original comic book vision. On this level it also benefits enormously from taking itself entirely seriously, a strength that unfortunately does not flow through into too many other aspects of the work.

The problems, you see, are in the writing.

It has been said that at the heart of all stories there is only one story: the hero's journey to find him or her self. That's what we get here. The trouble is, this hero's inner quest is utterly banal. The lessons learned are about as deep and interesting as those to be found in the latest disposable self-help paperback chock full of dime-store psychobabble. Or even, dare I say it, penny arcade psychobabble.

Incidentally, while we're on the subject of character, to be completely fair, even though the leading man and lady seem to have been chosen mainly on the basis of their looks, both do at least a credible job of standing up and reading their lines. Of course, we're still left with the problem that those lines suck, but yes, Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively both put in a solid if unremarkable showing. The only really noteworthy performance is by Mark Strong as Sinestro. What's truly impressive here is that we do get to see the well-intentioned man that Sinestro starts out as, while just subtly hinting at the tragic flaws that will ultimately lead to his damnation.

Strong's work aside, the best performances in this film are by those who are merely lending their voices to various CGI creations. This includes Geoffry Rush who provides the voice of Tomar-Re, and Michael Duncan in the role of Kilowog. The only other actor I'd like to pick out by name is Clancy Brown, who provides the voice of Paralax. While best known for his role as the Kurgan in the original Highlander, he's also had a very successful voice acting career. In Bruce Timm's original DC Animiated Universe, Brown owned Lex Luthor like Kevin Conroy owned Batman, although sadly, he never seemed to receive the same level of recognition for doing so. While hardly used to his fullest potential in this film, he is at least worthy of an honorable mention.

Fundamentally, I would have to say that the problem with this work is that the director and screenwriters didn't take what they were doing even the tiniest bit seriously. I'd hazard a guess to say that these are not people who watch - or read - anything in the superhero genre in their off-hours. So on the most fundamental level, what I really think was lacking here was any respect at all for the source material.

When someone like Frank Miller comes along and thinks seriously about who his characters are and why they do the things they do, it shows. Similarly so on the acting front when people like Christian Bale and Kevin Conroy portray the Bat. But when someone comes along and says "Hey, let's do a summer blockbuster - we'll make tons of money!", that also shows. Because frankly, that's the kind of thinking that shines through in this mediocrity.

It doesn't completely suck. I suspect that somewhere, far behind the scenes, deep in the CGI department, there were some geek true believers who sincerely loved the Green Lantern mythos.

Unfortunately, their work is very close to being the only thing in this movie that's worth watching.

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on December 23, 2012
This is one of my favorites. I was thrilled to finally get it. I received it in perfect condition and in the time it was supposed to get to me. I'm truly happy.
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I'll admit, I haven't read the comics. From what I'm told they're a trillion times better (but aren't the comics/books always?) from the perspective of someone who's never read the comics, this was a pretty decent film. The story was a bit lacking, it seemed like they did a super rushed version of whatever it's supposed to be. It def wasn't perfect but it was a good movie overall. I'd def suggest it if you're looking for something fun and exciting to watch on the weekend :)
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on September 29, 2014
Many people don't like this movie, but I'm not hard to please and therefore enjoyed seeing familiar faces and the effort the actors put into it.
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on December 26, 2011
great movie in 3d but after seeing the extended version,it lack luster.the special effect are good but i keep thinking of what i am missing
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on October 16, 2011
Green Lantern has a great cast, nice CG and great source material to draw on. However it is a bit of a letdown. The biggest mistake was making Parallax the villain. Many superhero flicks are only as good as the hero's nemesis, and strangely with the stronger villain, Sinestro (very well played by Mark Strong) sitting right there they chose the less interesting Hector Hammond and Parallax.

Really I thought Ryan Reynolds and the overall lighter tone were good, but the lack of a convincing, threatening villain brings everything down. The movie probably would have been better served to follow the plot from the DCU animated Green Lantern First Flight, which Hal has to stop Sinestro after he rebels and gets his yellow power ring, rather than save Earth from the ugly space cloud with a face.
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on January 25, 2015
Excellent film d'aventure et de science-fiction à un petit prix, très avantageux. Je recommande ce film.
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