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on April 22, 2016
Good Movie. Great Experience. A++
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on April 4, 2016
While this film represents a fairly accurate adaptation of the Jack Kirby character and origin, it does take a few liberties (pun intended), which I'll critique below ...

1) THE COSTUME: While it's not much of a detriment to the movie, I don't see why making changes to iconic costumes are done at all. What’s worse is that they insulted the original design by turning into a cheap USO costume with puffy plush wings on the temples. Clearly the filmmakers were going out of their way to make the original costume look silly when they could have easily made it "real" without changing it. Mute the colors if you must, but Cap's shirt is supposed to be chainmail, not spandex. I suspect the real reason for all these changes is to avoid any legal entanglements with Jack Kirby's heirs. That’s why it was done with all the Marvel heroes in the mid-80s Secret Wars.

2) THE ORIGIN: It's pretty faithful, except that instead of Rogers just being skinny, he's now also diminutive in stature. But it’s a small point to make (again, pun intended) and the special effects done to Chris Evans were definitely effective. Tony Stark's father being involved in the experiment was another unnecessary addition, but again it doesn’t detract from the scene too much.

3) THE VILLAIN: Like Dr. Doom in Fox’s Fantastic Four film attempts, the Red Skull also suffers from being tied into the Cap's origin via being a super-soldier as well. This was never the case in the original comics. And in a strange holdover from the terrible 1990 Captain America straight-to-video film, Red Skull also has a head that is actually scarred into a red skull, when in the comics it was just a mask he wore to instill fear in his enemies.

4) THE ACTION: Why is it so hard to depict action in a Captain America film? He's only one of the most exciting, action-packed characters in the Marvel lineup. This film has very little by way of action and showing us what Cap is really capable of, and the ending is so anti-climactic as to be paint-by-numbers boring.

5) HEROES KILLING: Okay this is the worst offender of modern super-hero films and they are all guilty of it. As long as it continues they’ll never earn a five-star rating in my book. In the MCU, Iron Man supposedly gained a conscience when he vowed to stop making weapons of mass destruction … only to put on a wearable weapon and do the killing personally. The Incredible Hulk was said to have murdered a dozen people. Compare that to Bill Bixby's Hulk, who was said not to kill because Banner couldn't kill. You would think that Captain America would be the one to draw the line on this kind of behavior. Just because the government says it’s not illegal to kill during wartime doesn’t invalidate the fact that it is immoral, and you'd think Steve is not the kind of person who would be okay with it. But Evans' Captain America does indeed kill, unnecessarily firing guns, and even sadistically throwing his enemies out of planes without parachutes.

In previous Marvel films, Raimi's Peter Parker deliberately let the burglar who killed Uncle Ben fall to his death out of revenge when his instincts as a good and decent person should have reacted to prevent it. In Fox’s first Fantastic Four film, the team actively seeks to kill Dr. Doom and act all happy when they think they have. And in all the DC films, the heroes are blatant murderers and mass murderers and think nothing of it. So how are any of these heroes fundamentally different from the villains they fight when they employ the same tactics?

I don’t buy the excuse that times are different now, that the world is darker. Not only were most of these classic super-heroes invented during times of war (WWII, Korea, and Vietnam) but they were invented BECAUSE of it--to combat the horrors of war with optimism. Many soldiers have accredited reading comics on the front lines as giving them the strength and hope to come back alive … even to win battles. What do people, any people, have today to inspire them? Everything is emo bleak and depressing, even our entertainment, although thankfully people are starting to tell the agenda-makers that they are sick of it. Look at the negative backlash to Batman v. Superman. This is a good thing; people are demanding hope again.

But of all these new films, Captain America remains the closest to what the classic super-hero is all about. At first, everyone loved Robert Downey Jr.’s smarmy jerk version of Tony Stark … until they saw him alongside Evans’ Steve Rogers. Now Cap is the favored hero in these films and Stark is considered by many to be the villain of Civil War. For this accomplishment alone all Captain America movies deserves a four-star rating. Chris Evans himself has said in interviews that playing Steve has made him a better person. That just goes to show you how easily optimism can spread if we let it. It also proves we all need good role models to look up to.
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on February 22, 2016
Great movie. Enjoyed the second one also.
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on February 3, 2016
Great Movie
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on January 16, 2016
This is a great origin story film. It never plods along or is too dull and does a great job developing the character so that we canunderstand why he makes the choices he does. Great start to what is turning out to be some excellent films. Highly recommended.
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on November 8, 2015
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on October 21, 2015
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By now, everything that anyone can say about this movie has been said. At the time it was released I was going into a "not another Marvel hero" mood. So I passed it up. Then I saw it on television and decided that it would indeed be a movie I would like to watch and enjoy. At present, I am having fun looking for the errors in it and have reached 17. But that only adds to the fun. Watch my favourite musical "The Bandwagon", and while Nanette Fabray is singing 'Louisiana Hayride', watch for the stage hand who wanders on camera. And no one at MGM caught it. But "Captain America", jingoism aside, is essentially a well made film, and has many special effects that are not of simply destroying the set when it tries for an action sequence; that particular device should now be banned from films. And that magic here is one of its best features. So is the cast, the direction, and the superb camera work.
So even those of us who think we are 'too old' for this fun, need to rethink that, and this is about as good a starting point that I can imagine.
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on August 22, 2015
Great! It's what I wanted and received. It's as close to a 5-star rating as I have come. It is exactly what I ordered.
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on August 21, 2015
No review necessary
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