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3.4 out of 5 stars
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on January 10, 2012
My husband is a huge fan of Star Wars. This completely met his expectations and more. I even sat down to watch it and now I have/want to go back to the start to watch.
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on October 21, 2011
Note: The 1-Star rating is NOT for The Clone Wars series generally or for Season 3 specifically - I love The Clone Wars and would give it 5 Stars on any given day. This review is to call attention to two very unnacceptable points, which anyone purchasing this item should be aware of:


1a) If you thought you were getting a booklet case just like the last two seasons, YOU'RE WRONG!!! As others have pointed out on, this comes in a standard DVD / Blu-ray case. Those who were looking forward to a consistent-looking collection to place on their shelves can now kiss that expectation goodbye and can now look forward to double-dipping when a complete box set is released down the line. We've been insulted as loyal customers by Lucasfilm and Warner Bros., and what else is new really?

1b) Suspiciously, the images released by the studio for the DVD edition of this set include a side angle shot which clearly gives the impression that this set was going to be just like the last two. That is, the DVD or the "book's" spine is proportionately wider in the image than a typical DVD case, the average width of which is about 1.2 cms; this image on gives the impression of a 2 cm wide case, consistent with those of Seasons 1 and 2. Check it out, you'll see what I mean. I believe this constitutes false advertising because if customers who intended to pre-order this item online had got any hint that the set would not match the previous two, they may have reconsidered and this could have amounted to thousands of cancelled orders. Sneaky and outright cheaky.


2) To add insult to injury - at least for Canadian customers or those purchasing on - at some point between October 17 and October 18 - the day when the item was officially released - the website was suddenly updated, saying that this DVD set "usually ships in 1 to 4 months." WHAT ??!!! I mean, is fully stocked so what gives? Some people there report even getting the set in the mail the same day it was released. certainly didn't provide any warning when I placed my pre-order a month ago that delays were possible. I only save about $5.00 by pre-ordering anyway, instead of going to HMV, but if that extra $5.00 means I'd have the item when I wanted it then I'd rather pay the little bit extra. Interestingly, my invoice still says that the expected shipping date is October 18. I have contacted customer service about this delay and they said my set "should be shipped soon," but it's now four days later. The damage is done. They won't let me cancel the order so I'm stuck waiting... will it go out next Monday? Next week? Before the end of the month? compensated me with a whole $5.00 credit towards my next purchase. So my "satisfaction" has been bought for $5.00 and I of course have to shop with them again. LOL (in anger).


If anyone else has pre-ordered this and has had a shipping delay, contact Amazon and get your $5.00 credit. If thousands of customers did this, it would cost them thousands of dollars and maybe they'll get their act together for next time. And if anyone is deeply unsatisfied with Lucasfilm and Warner Bros.' decision to screw us over with cheaper packaging, knowing that we'd cave in and buy it anyway... well all I can suggest is that you write to them and complain; or alternatively you should just put up, shut up, and get used to it - because this is probably not going to be the last time something like this happens. The Dark Side, I sense in them.


Needless to say, the shipment delay issue is now resolved. The item became "In Stock" about a week after the release date, which I again point out did NOT happen on Having now watched most of Season 3 I feel bad at having to have left a 1-star rating, because I'm enjoying the show quite a lot. But it was necessary to draw attention to the packaging issue and this second-class treatment that Canadian orders have received vis-a-vis shipping. It's now the second time I've suffered a shipment delay on a pre-order and I don't want this to continue. We pay 20-30% more than Americans for pete's sake. So I think others should speak out if this happens (or has happened) to them. And make sure you hold Amazon accountable, even if it is just for a $5 dollar rebate.
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on January 12, 2016
great show all dvds worked
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on April 30, 2016
Star wars is always good
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on October 31, 2011
I completely agree with the previous comment. It is absolutly outrageous to think that they expect us to pay the same amount (more in some cases) for a inferior product. Lucasfilms set a president with their standards of quality, and we as the loyal consumers should be able to expect consistency. I personally refuse to buy it so long as they ship it in this garbage case. I feel cheated by Lucasfilms so I believe the only fair thing to do is torrent the episodes and screw them out 100% of the money that I was more then willing to pay for quality merchandise.
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