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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on October 12, 2012
A family struggling to come to terms with the past attempts to make a fresh start in a beautiful Los Angeles mansion, unaware of the horrors that have unfolded through the years on the property.

The pilot of American Horror Story really drew me in and held me for the entire season. It’s a TV series that (just like ‘The Walking Dead’) perfectly grasps everything that makes the horror genre so great when done right. With its sly nods to numerous films and tales from years past and its own unique and disturbing blend of fear and sexuality, there’s a lot here for horror fans to sink their teeth into.

The show also offers up truly amazing acting across the board with gripping performances from Dylan McDermott, Connie Britton, Denis O’Hare, Frances Conroy, Zachary Quinto, Taissa Farmiga and Evan Peters. But it’s Jessica Lange’s maniacal performance as Constance Langdon, the mother/neighbor from Hell, that really steals the show.

American Horror Story arrives on Blu-ray with this 3-disc set containing all 12 episodes from season one. The show is shot on film and looks great on Blu-ray. The picture quality is true to the intended presentation of the series and while it doesn’t pop with the color and fine detail of many recent TV show releases due to its dark tone (and often frantic filming style), it does capture the series very beautifully in all of its inky black shadow-soaked creepiness. A fine level of grain is also present and provides a cinematic feel to the proceedings. The audio presentation is also solid.

The set offers up a standard assortment of special features, including a commentary on the series pilot by co-creator Ryan Murphy on the first disc, and 4 featurettes (totaling about an hour) on the third disc. I personally would have liked to see a few deleted scenes and a couple cast commentaries thrown in as well.

Can’t wait to enter the Asylum for season 2! Highly Recommended.
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on November 9, 2012
Two television shows currently on the air have brought back the horror genre to great heights in the medium. Along with 'The Walking Dead', 'American Horror Story' also deserves some serious credit. Twisted, bizarre, deviant, visceral and layered...these are all words one could used to describe the Season 1 experience on Blu-ray. Created by Ryan Murphy (Glee), AHS is a creepy and brillantly written self-contained anthology show that delivers a full experience beginning to end.

The first season surrounds a family that move into a vintage home in Los Angeles in an effort to save the bonds that have been nearly severed by traumatic and psychological issues. But the house contains a dark and malevolent history that soon becomes prominent in their lives, as it harbours the souls of any persons that died or were violently killed within its walls. These ghosts appear as living people in the residence, with the family none-the-wiser to their true existence. Can the family prevent becoming permanent household spirits as well?

AHS is a wickedly bloody and dramatic horror show that's backed up by a pretty credible cast, including a highlighting award-winning supporting role by Jessica Lange. But the hook is the show's incredible depth of mysterious mythology, especially as it pertains to the ghosts. For example, not only are they able to physically interact with the living, but on Halloween they are able to leave the confines of the house and venture into the world for one night only.

The Season 1 Blu-ray high-definition package is fairly impressive in its sleek 3-disc set. Picture quality is pristine in detail and vibrant on color, backed up by a strong DTS-HD 5.1 Master Audio track for your home speaker system. The set also contains some good extras including episode commentaries, a tour experience of the house and featurettes about the making of the show, the ghosts/characters and the crazy-cool opening title sequence.

Do yourself a favour, if you love horror and a fresh breath of creativeness into the genre, then check out American Horror Story. What do a rubber man, a demonic baby, and a half-burned homeless person have in common? They are all part of this extremely disturbed and unique show that is unlike anything else ever put to television or Blu-ray digital disc.
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on October 11, 2012
I never watched the show when it was on TV, but having the entire season on disc, commercial-free, gives the viewer the chance to follow the rather complex story more easily. My wife is not a fan of horror, but she quickly got hooked until we had watched the entire season in about a week. Great cast. The acting and the directing is excellent, with everybody showing a creepy edge at one point or another. The script has plenty of surprises, I won't say anything about them but I think you will enjoy every episode.
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on September 9, 2012
When the promo's for this show started showing up in 2011, I wasn't entirely sure what to make of it. Personally, I thought it would be cancelled fairly soon since horror doesn't tend to do well in a TV series format. I am so glad to say I was wrong. Right from the first episode I was gripped. And as each episode went on, more layers about "The Murder House" were revealed, and more of the characters motivations. For sure there were some questions that were left unanswered, but many classics always leave you thinking about it. The acting was great, particularly Jessica Lange as Constance and Francis Conway as Moira. I loved this show so much I put it on pre-order and can't wait to see it again. And I am also highly anticipating the second season of American Horror Story: Asylum.
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on January 4, 2013
This show is a definitely different from the many horror shows out there.
Not your typical ghost story.

Strange and disturbing occurences in the mansion make the house filled with ghosts.
Explore the ghosts' lives and find out about their pasts at the same time getting
to know some of the mortal residents that inhabit the house... and how the lives of the ghosts cross with the lives of the humans.

AHS also involves forbidden love and sexual relationships between ghosts and humans.

Spooky, creepy, and worth watching.

Great acting from Jessica Lange, Evan Peters, and Taissa Farmiga.

Also has a lot of cool songs/music in the show.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon August 9, 2015
I’ve never been one for ghost or haunted house stories, but American Horror Story draws you in with its intricate plotting, surprise twists and excellent cast. I began with Asylum, which was great, so I didn’t expect that this debut season would live up to that, but it did. The goings-on in this show are just CRAZY and you watch it like a train wreck, mesmerized by all the chaos. The writers rarely tip their hand, so the twists are not telegraphed, though the clues are all there beforehand, so the audience has no reason to feel cheated.

Jessica Lange’s character is so mysterious, yet likeable, you can’t wait ‘til she appears onscreen again. The show is full of accomplished actors, young and old who all really sell this material. It’s like a great combination of those ‘70s psychological thrillers like Burnt Offerings crossed with Desperate Housewives, yet too competent to qualify as a guilty pleasure.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon January 12, 2014
Take the old overtly-used cliché/formula of the haunted house... add some characters who have more than one dimension, and make sure you spice it with loads of ghosts from the past who also happen to have more than one dimension, and you have American Horror Story, one of the most original series of recent memory.

This series really got me hooked like it NEVER happened before. I'm usually one who does not follow TV this much, but once I was able to get my hands on this first season, I watched it in two days... Not really addictive, but the characters felt real, deep, meaningful and had a lot to tell or guess about them... plus, the story never misses a beat and has the luxury of going where few (if any) series have gone before... not gonna spoil anything here, so you'll have to watch it for yourselves to be convinced. Suffice to say that it got me pinned to my sofa, cringing, waiting, even though I don't really scare that easily, I did jump a few times... there's a few horror scenes, nudity shots, and more eye candy of sorts, but all are part of the plot... you just have to let it unravel as the house unleashes its mysteries, its past and ultimately, its complete soul... and what a soul it has. And the ending? I never would have thought of it. This was bold, risky and yet it made complete sense, as well as being so entertaining, visually beautiful and stunningly well directed and acted.

There's really nothing bad I can say about this, I was floored.

As far as special features go, we have a commentary track on the pilot episode, and the bulk of the supplements can be found on disc 3, comprising of a making-of featurette, the creation of the title sequence, the Murder House presented by Eternal Darkness Tours and a profile on the ghosts of the house. Of course I wish there was loads more, but, like the house itself, some mysteries will never be fully learned or understood..

Some people may be taken aback by some of the themes presented in this series, its horror, its psycho-sexual nature or its savagery, but those who can get pass that will hopefully have a great time at the Murder House... I know I did.
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on November 5, 2012
american horror story season 1 was a twisted and creepy season. for those who don,t know about the show it involves a family who moves into a house that has had numerous murders and unexplained happenings going on in it. the family is already strained with the wife having found her psychiitrist husband cheating with one of his patients. this show is quite graphic in language sexuality and is not for the squemish. jessica lange is amazing as is zachary quinto. if you want a creepy show get this.
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on April 11, 2014
OMG Love love love! Still watching season 2... hehehe Gotta watch a bit at the time - gives me greater enjoyment. (wink) Too many hours of this in one shot will drive you nuts for sure! LOL
Delivery very fast and in great condition. Ordering/Sold (Movies And Music Canada.) - great price deal for the season 1 &2 - it's worth it buying these 2 together. Totally satisfied. Thank you!
PS Can't wait for season 3 to come out! More nuts to absorb...hahaha (kidding around)
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on September 23, 2015
This is the best season of ahs by a long shot, there was a lot of twist and turns you really didn't expect. And there's never a dull moment just when you think the climax is done; another twist. I like the background work. I'd highly recommend this to anyone who like something a little spooky. It was a day late getting to me due to snow but customer service rocked and got it to me the next day!
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