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4.3 out of 5 stars291
4.3 out of 5 stars
Color: Urban Camouflage|Edition: Standard|Change
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on February 7, 2010
I've always preferred the playstation controllers over the other consoles, and I'm glad Sony didn't change much of the look and feel going from PS2 to PS3. These controllers just fit perfectly in your hand, and all buttons are easily accessible, great design. The only thing different about these is the wireless sixaxis functionality, which makes them even more awesome! Battery life lasts pretty long, and the charge time is fairly quick. Great controller!
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on March 16, 2009
If you've ever used a PS or PS2 controller, you pretty much know what to expect from this version. While not the most interesting controller out there, it gets the job done. The build quality is great, and the battery life hasn't been an issue for me, even when playing games with lots of rumble. Not much else to say about this product, but definitely worth picking up over the regular sixaxis controller.
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on July 7, 2008
Firstly, I must say that I am very pleased with the time it took the controller to get here. The item was shipped on Friday, and arrived on Monday. I guess Mississauga to Port Colborne isn't a huge distance, however, when I ordered The Orange Box from Amazon, it took 3 days. 1 day, with super saver shipping for the controller. Very pleased indeed. :)

As for the controller, it's basically the regular SixAxis PS3 controller with a vibration function included. It's a little heavier then the regular controller. Other than that, not much difference. The rumble (which I have missed since PS2's days) adds what was missing from some already great PS3 games. I will be playing Metal Gear Solid 4 through again just to see how different it feels playing with rumble enabled.

Looks like Sony finally saw their mistake. Please don't do it again. Keep the controllers just the way they are.
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on December 17, 2013
Bought last August from Greatwest Sales. Although advertized as made by Sony, it is NOT GENUINE, it is a fake. Bewarem because it also doesn't work as well as the genuine...

Item described as made by Sony, but it feels like a fake. It has issues connecting and staying connected with the PSP Go, which is not normal at all. Also, recently, the L3 button stopped responding. When you hold the controller, it doesn't feel like it's made of the same plastic than the 3 other genuine controllers I own. I was willing to let that issue go as long as the thing at least worked as expected, but now that one of the buttons just stopped responding without any explanation, the issue is simply unacceptable. This is crap sold at the same price as a genuine... Unacceptable, simply not acceptable. I want a complete refund. I know it's too late but if you have an ounce of decency, you will refund it anyway.
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on June 21, 2011
Not much you can write about a console controller. It does what it's supposed to do, and it does it without trouble. Had to charge the controller for about 2 hours and it was ready to go. Bought it for $40 bucks and have been using at parties since. It's easier to distinguish from other controllers too since it's not black. :P

Great product, great price!
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on February 2, 2015
Don't get the red one. It felt good, however after 2 months the right analog stick failed, and the plastic around the red analog stick cracked. The indicators lights also flash through the plastic. I feel the plastic is poor quality. It was sold by Amazon, not marketplace, and does appear genuine. I've had a black DS3 last years, but I feel the red one is made from poor plastic.
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on January 6, 2016
The controller was as described, I don't know if in the description it says it comes with a wire to charge the controller or not but they sent one with mine as it is usually NOT included with the controller. I have 4 kids on top of their friends coming over then I have 6 or 7 kids in the house wanting to play games on the ps3 so needless to say I needs a lot of controllers so it gets expensive as I have to buy new controllers with time as some gets broken as someone accidentally drop them or my youngest banged them etc. and I bought some cheap ones online which is I was very happy with the price BUT one day when my son asked me to play minecraft with him I couldn't believe how terrible the controllers were so from that moment on I decided I would only buy the Sony controllers even though they're so expensive so long story just to say I was very happy when I found this controller on amazon for this price for a new controller and not used,even if they're still expensive it's still cheaper than the regular price of $60 and I'm hoping when I need to buy another one I'll be able to buy it at a similar price or evendors cheaped as im not sure why they're so expensive... I'd definitely recommend it to anyone who wants a good product at a great price!
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on July 16, 2012
This is my favorite PS3 controller out of the colors/finishes I own - including White, Blue, Black and Silver. Oh, and Pink, which my wife made me buy for her.

Anyway the reason I love this one, beyond the great look, is the feel. It's the only matte finish controller I've seen or used - given that I don't buy third party peripherals for PS3 - and the feel is awesome. If your hands get at all sweaty during play it does not feel slippery at all. It seems to stay cooler as well than the glossy finished controllers, although I can't substantiate that, that is just how it feels to me.

Honestly I didn't notice the buttons feeling 'softer' than the other controllers as one reviewer stated; although I do find fault with that review in that they mention this controller is 'heavier' than the black Sixaxis controller included with their system... well they must be going back a few years since the old fat PS3's used to come with NON dual-shock controllers, and yes, those were lighter.. but those are long gone. So understand that these are the exact same as any other dual-shock controller, weight-wise. The buttons could be softer as they may have (hopefully) improved since the early (we're talking first-gen) Sixaxis controllers.

Anyway I'm thinking of buying another one of these since it impressed me so much. At Amazon's lower-than-store-price it's hard to beat.
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on January 11, 2013
The controller works exactly as it should and despite other reviews I've read, is an authentic Sony Dualshock 3. The product description and images don't lie. I'm quite pleased to have picked it up on sale, because let's face it - $54.99 for a hunk of molded plastic with various electrical components is ridiculous.
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on January 18, 2013
Works as well as an official controller should, the casing feels cheep and thin though. The player indicator light illuminates half of it (showing how thin the shell is). If you are rough with your controllers, skip this and go for the black one. It's more sturdily constructed. I generally take care of my stuff so I'll hold on to this one.
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