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on January 6, 2012
Like their previous CDs, Nickelback has found a way to craft pop/rock songs that are either amazingly well-written with great music, or trashy mediocre grunge-rock laden with sexual references. I like to call these kinds of bands bipolar. Most people who like one style, are probably not quite as fond of the other. Thus I find myself routinely skipping tracks to get to the good songs. There's an amazing song about trying to prevent suicide called 'Lullaby'; and another about how we turn a blind eye to the problem of hunger in the 3rd world, 'When We Stand Together', the first release from the CD. There are also a few other slower, easy to take songs. But sandwiched between these types of songs are those that are loud, mediocre, and laden with explicit sexual and alcohol references, a staple of Nickelback's repertoire. All in all, it was worth buying the CD to get the great songs.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon November 24, 2011
Nickelback is one my guilty pleasures when it comes to music, they receive a lot of hate but I feel like they released some good albums and music over the years. For the most part they release enjoyable radio-rock and I don't think there is anything wrong with that. Music is just that, it creates diverse opinions from different people. I've been a fan since The Long Road in 2003, got the previous albums before that and the follow ups as well. Here And Now is Nickelback's seventh studio album and they return with that slick polished sound that for the most part works just fine. The band decided to produce this album themselves this time around and don't really go too far away from Dark Horse or All The Right Reasons. Some think that the lyrics are too trashy or dirty etc, well Nickelback produces great ballads and catchy tunes but they're also a Rock'N'Roll band who does what they want, think about it. A lot of those songs are about having a good time, and sometimes that involves sexuality and alcohol (ok a LOT of the time).

"This Means War" is a ferocious, heavy opener and one of my favorite tracks here. This is one of the heaviest things they recorded, sounds very powerful a true fist-pumper. "Bottoms Up" is an excellent alcohol-inspired tune; this one is all about filling your cup and drinking the night away until there is nothing left. Maybe not family or radio-aimed but its catchy and very Rock'N'Roll-like. "When We Stand Together" is one of the first singles and has already been receiving quite a bit of airplay in my area. I can't argue because it's a very good radio-friendly song that has strong appeal, it has "made for radio" written all over it and its not new territory. It's been criticized but I can't help but like it. I find "Midnight Queen" to be rather boring and nothing special but that's just me. "Gotta Get Some More" is a girl-hunting track, all about spotting that girl on the dance floor. A slow rocker, I like the breakdown on this track. "Lullaby" can simply be described as beautiful, the lyrics make it somewhat of a comforting ballad. The piano is a nice touch and it stands out, not usual for a Nickelback song. "Kiss It Goodbye" is instantly catchy, it has a strong driving beat and it just works very well. "Trying Not To Love You" is not a bad song but it's too sappy and generic for my taste, it's just not special lyrically or otherwise. "Holding On To Heaven" is slightly better but I think a problem with Here And Now is the ballads. While they worked great on their previous albums here they're a little tiresome and too formulaic even for Nickelback, just my thought. "Don't Ever Let It End" is a great song to close the album, its ballad territory here and basically a feel good song with lyrics about being good friends with someone, wanting more but being afraid of love ending the relationship altogether. I've been there before and the song is very laid back, I quite like it.

Nickelback have always taken heat from critics and haters but somehow, somewhere people must like them because they manage to sell millions of albums when no one (not literally but...) buys CDs. Theirlast four albums Silver Side Up (2001) 6X Platinum, The Long Road (2003) 3X Platinum, All The Right Reasons (2005) 8X Platinum, and Dark Horse (2008) 3X platinum. At this point if someone takes the time to post a review of much they hate Nickelback its getting lame, the band won already give up. I'm still going to bet that Here And Now is going to sell and that it will plenty of airplay on radio just like their other albums, some songs are excellent heavy rockers while there are some more melodic tracks and ballads that have commercial radio appeal. Sales and radio airplay don't necessarily mean the music is good but I always had a soft spot for Nickelback.

If you've enjoyed the past two Nickelback albums in particular I don't see why you wouldn't like this one as well, it's probably not better or as good than either All The Right Reasons or Dark Horse but it comes somewhat close and comes off as another good Nickelback album. If you're a fan you're bound to like at least some of the songs here, if you never liked Nickelback what are you doing reading this? Here And Now has been receiving some criticism and that was to be expected, I don't this is anything musicaly challenging its just good commerical Rock. To me Here And Now is a 4/5, I knew what to expect an for the most part wasn't disappointed, not their greatest but I feel it's a good album worth a listen.
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on February 3, 2012
I was really impressed with the Dark Horse release on vinyl. This one is almost as good but who ever mastered it left a little bass out. There was low end but the reverberation was lacking. Good effort but why does it seem to be so difficult to produce a really good sounding record for audiophiles ?
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on March 29, 2013
This album was great from the first track to the last, very enjoyable, and great Canadian music, a must have for any rock and roll collection.
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on April 12, 2013
This couldn't be any better, the quality of the pressing in Analog format is awesome. Good 'ole Canadian music! Keep up the work, boys!
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on January 30, 2013
Nickel back always a great choice in music. My favourite band. The songs are good and nickel back is always a great choice
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on May 21, 2013
It was great I could order it from the USA for delivery to Nova Scotia. It was a nice surprise gift for my sister.
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on September 28, 2012
good albem must have. Every one should have one in there home to lisen to. Go buy and others now.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon November 21, 2011
"Here And Now" by Nickelback highlights a strong musical debut since the Dark Horse album. I personally enjoyed the Dark Horse collection, and have found "Here and Now" to be even better. "Here and Now" contains some fun and catchy rock tracks that beg for radio airplays and potential music videos. The following is my humble opinion on the analysis of these tracks and their meanings:
1. This Means War 9/10: This song starts the collection off pretty strong. It appears to be about having a tenacious and fighting spirit even in the face of opposition.
2. Bottoms Up 9/10: This is an anthem that clearly symbolizes having fun. This track would be an obvious choice for a gathering involving drinking and partying.
3. When We Stand Together 10/10: "When We Stand Together" is a very heartfelt musical tune about being united and helping one another out whenever possible. In my humble opinion, "When We Stand Together" is very relevant for what is currently happening through the media and other channels.
4. Midnight Queen 10/10: "Midnight Queen" is a fun song about meeting up with someone who knows how to enjoy the nightlife, and is uninhibited.
5. Gotta Get Me Some 10/10: "Gotta Get Me Some" denotes a catchy musical tune about a woman who is gifted with beauty, a happy spirit, and knows how to make the best of life.
6. Lullaby 10/10: "Lullaby" is a very beautiful song about having the emotional strength to carry on regardless of how challenging life may get. In addition, "Lullaby" appears to be a touching message about being aware that help is always available, and that life circumstances can always improve.
7. Kiss It Goodbye 9/10: "Kiss It Goodbye" is a very racy tune about the trials and tests for breaking into Hollywood life. I can easily see "Kiss It Goodbye" as a theme song to a reality show about aspiring superstars.
8. Trying Not to Love You 10/10: "Trying Not to Love You" is a compelling musical story about fighting uncontrollable feelings of love for someone else. In addition, "Trying Not to Love You" appears to be about the love growing stronger for someone even if the admirer tries to forget.
9. Holding On to Heaven 10/10: "Holding On to Heaven" is a gorgeous rock melody about being in a relationship with someone that brings a blissful and heaven on earth experience.
10. Everything I Wanna Do 10/10: "Everything I Do" is a great rock song about spending time with a person that is very carefree, wild, and fun-loving.
11. Don't Ever Let It End: 9.5/10: "Don't Ever Let It End" is an uplifting rock ballad about enjoying the weekend with a pleasant person who is so enjoyable to be around. "Don't Ever Let It End" appears to symbolize the time spent as being so happy that the singer does not want the experience to end so soon.
I am completely aware that others may have different ratings and/or opinions on the following songs. However, in my modest opinion any of the following six songs would make for good radio play, concert songs, and/or music videos: Midnight Queen, Gotta Get Me Some, Lullaby, Trying Not to Love You, Holding On to Heaven, and Everything I Wanna Do.
As I mentioned at the beginning of this review, I enjoyed the Dark Horse album, and like "Here and Now" even more. "Here and Now" also compares to "All the Right Reasons" in a positive and exciting way. In addition, "Here and Now" shows the musical growth of Nickelback and how their creative output keeps getting better. "Here and Now" is definitely recommended for anyone that enjoys any of the songs from "All the Right Reasons" and/or "Dark Horse."
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on December 18, 2011
So apparently some one doesn't like me very much, because I got this poser - rock crap from Alberta for a gift.

I have yet to meet anyone who likes this drek. I thought they sucked from that song where he whines like a per-pubescent girl with a broken heart (remind me of antacids?).

If you are 11, haven't been exposed to anything resembling music, talent et cetera I can see how this may be interesting, at least until someone slaps you upside the head and introduces you to the period of music from 1955 - 1978.

Chad Kroeger is a caricature of a caricature of a stereotype. Except he takes himself seriously.

In any event, if anyone wants to get external validation of how bad they suck, Stephen Harper socializes with them publicly.

Although the CD did make a very good quality skeet shooting disc. Better than it's use as a coaster.
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