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5.0 out of 5 stars One of the best Bill Murray comedies!
I saw this in my teens and laughed then. I bought it for our collection and still laugh! Great comedy.
Published 9 months ago by D.M.

3.0 out of 5 stars Is it just me, or can Bill Murray not act?
Bill Murray just seems to float through movies and look like he's not even trying to put forth any effort. Every droll line he performs is as dry and without emotion as the last. This movie is no different than 99% of his movies. The "Yeah, uh-huh, OK." formula.
While his sidekick and Jon Candy save the film, it's centered around Bill Murray who once again seems not...
Published on March 30 2003 by Johny Bottom

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5.0 out of 5 stars One of the best Bill Murray comedies!, Oct. 15 2013
Verified Purchase(What's this?)
I saw this in my teens and laughed then. I bought it for our collection and still laugh! Great comedy.
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5.0 out of 5 stars The more I watch, the funnier it is..., May 19 2003
Brent Wigen (Seattle, WA USA) - See all my reviews
The first time I watched this movie, I wondered, "What's the big deal?" But then I gave it another chance, and it began to grow on me. It's now one of the indispensables in my collection.
John Winger is an underachieving slob who has lost his job, his car and his girlfriend all in the course of a single morning. His somewhat unorthodox solution is to join the army and bring a friend with him.

Bill Murray has insincerity down to an art form, as the smart-aleck Winger who clashes with the hard case Sergeant Hulka from day one. John Candy and Harold Ramis lead a great supporting cast that makes up Winger's platoon full of losers. John Larroquette also performs well as the idiot base commander who is more interested in chasing women than managing his responsibilities.
From the beginning, Winger is a square peg in a round hole, and while his friends like him (sort of), the people in authority certainly don't. Winger does, however, have a certain magnetism as an individual who is willing to challenge authority, and becomes the "leader" of the platoon when Sergeant Hulka is injured in a training accident. Predictably (yet hilariously), the platoon comes together and pulls off a wonderful performance at their graduation, earning them a choice assignment, which they promptly screw up, and then turn themselves into heroes.
While certainly not a classic of the american cinema, this movie is a classic of '80s comedy, and should be welcomed into any DVD collection, especially for [the item price].
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4.0 out of 5 stars Bill Murray wants you, March 8 2001
C.H. (Beach Park, IL) - See all my reviews
In one atypical morning, loser Murray loses his job, car, apartment, and girlfriend. This was pretty much his own doing, and since one stupid move deserves another, he and pal Ramis enlist in the army. His whole platoon is comprised of misfits,who give drill sergeant Warren Oates a run for his money. But when he's injured during basic training, Murray leads the platoon in completing basic training by themselves. This captures the attention of the general, who decides that these go-getters must be assigned to a special mission in Italy. The assignment in question is the EM-50, a killing machine disguised as an RV. Murray and Ramis, while on post, decide to take it for a little joyride. This results in the rest of their platoon being captured and held behind the iron curtain. Murray and a reluctant Ramis set off to rescue their counterparts. Very funny start to finish, with a hilarious scene in a mud wrestling club. Great supporting cast includes John Larroquette, John Candy, Judge Reinhold, and P.J. Soles. Screenwriter Ramis shines in his first on camera role. A welcome member of the "Animal House" genre.
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5.0 out of 5 stars One of Murray's Best, June 11 2001
In one of his funniest comedies, Bill Murray takes on the U.S. Army, and without question, with guys like this on the front lines, we can all sleep a little easier at night. "Stripes," directed by Ivan Reitman, is the story of John Winger (Murray), who in one day loses his girl, his job, his car and his apartment. So what's a guy to do after that, but join the Army? But he doesn't go alone, oh no-- he also talks his best friend, Russell Ziskey (Harold Ramis) into joining with him. And just like that they find themselves at boot camp, face to face with one of the most formidable Drill Instructors every to grace the silver screen, Sergeant Hulka (Warren Oates), and surrounded by as motley a group of raw recruits as anyone could imagine. Among them, there's Dewey Oxburger (John Candy), known as "Ox," who plans to emerge from boot camp a "lean, mean fighting machine"; and "Cruiser (John Diehl)," who joined up to beat the draft (Hulka: "Son, there isn't a draft, anymore." Cruiser: "There was one?"); and Francis Soyer (George Jenesky), known as "Psycho" ("Call me Francis, and I'll kill you. Touch my stuff, and I'll kill you. Touch me...and I'll kill you." Hulka: "Lighten up, Francis...").
The pressure is on for Hulka and his men, when Colonel Glass (Lance LeGault) informs Captain Stillman (John Larroquette) that the "General" is looking for a squad of crack new recruits to man a special project, and Hulka's boys have been chosen. The project involves a secret weapon, an "urban assault" vehicle, that is to be unveiled on their base in Germany shortly. But first, Hulka has to get his troops through basic, which will be a minor miracle in itself, even though Winger goes "Out on a limb," and offers to be their leader. And things proceed just as badly as you would expect, not only on the obstacle course, but off, when Winger and Ziskey get mixed up with a couple of female M.Ps., Stella (P.J. Soles) and Louise (Sean Young), and Ox gets coerced (by Winger, of course) into taking part in a female mud-wrestling event at a local night spot.
Along the way, Reitman sets up the situations for some serious laughs, and keeps it all on track with a good pace and excellent timing. Murray is terrific as Winger, with a performance that puts a generous helping of "dry" in the expression "dry humor." He plays it all so straight, so serious, from his quips and one liners (watching a TV promo for the Army, "This looks pretty good--"), to his full blown inspirational speech to the troops on the night before their final test at basic training ("We're all very different people. We're not Spartans, we're not Watusi, we're Americans, with a capital 'A.' That means our forefathers were thrown out of every decent country in the world--"), that it makes it all the more hilarious. He never tries to be "funny," or fish for laughs, which is really what makes this movie work so well. Murray is perhaps the best in the business at playing this kind of humor and putting it across (Ben Stiller would be a close second).
Harold Ramis and John Candy also make invaluable contributions that make this one fly. Watch Ramis, reacting to what Candy is saying as "Ox," as explains why he joined the Army; it makes what Ox is saying twice as funny. And Ox, talking about what a "shy guy" he is, and how "You may have noticed, I have this weight problem--" And Oates, as well, gives a singular performance that makes Hulka a real person, beyond the typical stereotype of the hard-nosed D.I. His portrayal, taken out of context, is one that would stand up even in more serious fare, like Kubrick's "Full Metal Jacket."
The supporting cast includes Judge Reinhold (Elmo), John Voldstad (Stillman's Aide), Roberta Leighton (Anita), Antone Pagan (Hector), Fran Ryan (Dowager in Cab), Dave Thomas (M.C.) and William Lucking (Recruiter). From beginning to end, "Stripes" is a fun-filled laugh riot that's filled with memorable scenes and a plethora of lines you'll be quoting forever. This is one you can watch over and over again, with a bunch of characters you're never going to forget. Winger and Ziskey, Ox, Psycho, Cruiser. These are the guys who Demi Moore, as Galloway in "A Few Good Men," could have been talking about when, in response to the question of why she likes these guys so much, replies, "Because they stand on a wall, and they say nothing is going to hurt you tonight, not on my watch..." It kind of makes you think. Or, as Cruiser might say, "Yeah... About what?"
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5.0 out of 5 stars It's a classic and that's a fact, Jack!, July 7 2009
R.E.G. (nearby in the outer limits) - See all my reviews
One of my all time favs! Terrific cast and decent writing. The late great John Candy is terrific as OX. Harold Ramis is perfect as Russell and is the perfect foil to Bill Murray.

I really liked the way the extra footage is simply added into the movie. Not sure if I like all of the extra scenes. But, it does give you more of Bill Murray and Harold Ramis.

Good pacing as a typical Ivan Reitman fil goes. Another words, very good story telling.

The supporting cast is filled with faces that pop up through TV and the movies. All add perfect little bits to the movie.

Very funny movie that can be enjoyed over and over.

It's a classic!
And that's a fact, Jack!
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4.0 out of 5 stars Lighten up, Francis..., June 21 2004
I'm a bit perplexed by the reviews criticizing this movie because of its unrealistic depiction of the Army. Do these same people complain that "Animal House" doesn't accurately display college life or that "Vacation" isn't what a family trip across the country is really like? (Hey, I live in St. Louis and could easily take exception to the outright offensive inaccuracies in "Vacation", but I still love the movie!) This is a comedy, folks. It's not "Saving Private Ryan" or "Band of Brothers", and it never claims or tries to be. It uses exaggeration and absurdities to make us laugh. It isn't striving for realism, although to its credit, I have heard plenty of people say that this is the best movie they've ever seen at giving you the feel for what its like going into the service, and that their own drill instructor was identical to Sgt Hulka.
The first half of this movie is just about the funniest comedy ever made. Bill Murray and Harold Ramis are the perfect slobs with shiftless lives who try to maintain what's left of their dignity by enlisting in the Army. Their chemistry is wonderful and they truly are believable as out-of-shape but likable losers. Virtually every line and every character is memorable (Psycho, Ox, Cruiser, that lady in the cab, John Laroquette, and of course Russell and Winger), and this has to be the most quotable movie in history. No, John Candy would not have spoken to a superior officer that way when he gets off the bus (or at least not have gotten away with it), but that's what's so funny about it! And speaking of Sgt. Hulka, Warren Oates should have been given an Oscar nomination for this role. He's the high point of the movie for me, and his intense, over the top performance reminds me of Robert Shaw in "Jaws"- some actors are so good that they can chew scenery and get away with it. So for the first half of the movie, there's not an unfunny moment. Maybe basic training isn't like this, but the scenes are so well-done that a generation of adolescent guys has grown up thinking that it is and have no doubt gone into the military with this movie in the back of their minds.
The second half of the movie sort of devolves into a bearable but not great action movie, with its contrived plot about the stolen military RV and the rescue mission across the Czech border. Still, the same characters are present and continue to sustain the movie until the end. Great music, too- I don't think this has ever been issued as a soundtrack but it contains one of the most memorable themes ever written for a movie.
The DVD itself is passable- no extras, somewhat grainy video, unspectacular sound. But we surived watching it over and over again on basic cable with plenty of edits and subpar picture quality, so I can't complain too much. I suppose someday it will be given a "Special Edition" with a commentary and a retrospective from the stars, but the movie stands on its own without anything fancy.
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5.0 out of 5 stars Bill's in the army now!, May 12 2004
andy8047 (Nokomis,Florida) - See all my reviews
John Winger(Bill Murray) quits driving taxicabs and enlists in the army with his teacher roommate(Harold Ramis). They experience the typical army life,filled with commanders,guns and best of all,pretty girls. The late John Candy gives great moral support as one of the soldiers. The then-little-known Sean Young is one of the girls whom the guys meet while in the army. One of Murray's most memorable post-Saturday Night Live films. Murray and Ramis later filmed the two GHOSTBUSTERS movies and Ramis directed 1993's GROUNDHOG DAY,starring Murray and Andie MacDowell.
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4.0 out of 5 stars This is why I joined the Army..., April 8 2004
John W. Crockett (Huntington Beach, CA USA) - See all my reviews
What? You mean the Army isn't really like this movie? Okay, so it's a comedy and it isn't meant to be like the Army, but it is meant to be funny, which it really is.
Bill Murray and Harold Ramis play the part of unlikely Army recruits bumbling their way through their training to somehow manage to get their entire platoon transferred to Europe for a top secret assignment, which Murray manages to ruin and get his platoon captured behind the iron curtain.
This comical movie is packed with one-liners and gags that typify comedies of the early 80's, and like many other movies of this era, the occasional gratuitious nude scene help keep the movie interesing if you like that kind of thing.
John Laroquette and John Candy round out the cast. Laroquette plays the part of the company commander.
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4.0 out of 5 stars A Really Funny Movie!, Feb. 26 2004
This review is from: Stripes (VHS Tape)
Stripes came out in the movie theaters when I was 16 years old and it is very funny and one of my favorite Bill Murray movies and he and Harold Ramis were both great and this movie is very amusing! I don't have Stripes in my collection yet but I'm going to buy the widescreen DVD and I very highly recommend this hilarious movie!
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5.0 out of 5 stars ignore the bad reviews, Jan. 20 2004
Apparently some of the previous reviewers don't understand that Stripes is a C-O-M-E-D-Y...i.e. it doesn't have to represent the army, but rather need only be humorous. Mission accomplished--it's ridiculously hilarious. Directed by Ivan Reitman and starring Bill Murray, Harold Ramis, John Candy, John Larroquette, and Judge Reinhold, Stripes may very well be the prototypic 80's comedy. If you haven't seen the film you're doing yourself a grave disservice. At the very least, rent the movie and judge for yourself.
Brief synopsis: John (Murray) and Russell (Ramis) are two disillusioned friends who join the army on a whim to escape their dead-end jobs and to be all they can be. Grouped with a collection of psychopaths and fellow num-nuts they proceed to stumble through boot camp. When their drill-sergeant is injured during training exercises, John assumes leadership of this military version of the Bad News Bears. Thrown into the mix, you have two attractive MPs, mud wrestling, a classified covert combat-ready recreational vehicle, and Sean Young before she went loopy.
please, see this movie and make the world a little happier
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