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3.7 out of 5 stars49
3.7 out of 5 stars
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on June 11, 2014
I bought this tea steeper at around $140 at Canadian Tire. I drink ALOT of green tea among other teas, and this seemed a perfect fit for the job.
I'll be honest, when I set it up and brewed by first pot I loved it... the settings are easy to use, the 30 minute warming function is ideal...I was proud of my purchase! However that didn't last long......

After only 3 or 4 uses, the seal which connected the glass portion of the kettle to the plastic handle piece became leaky and tea started dripping at every pour. At the black tea setting (boiling) the water boils so vigorously that it begins coming out of the mesh screen (this is below the max water level). Also, the tea holder is incredibly tricky to clean and the whole up/down/remove system is a pain in the butt to use. I've returned the product to the store within just 6 days of picking it up.

I've ordered the Breville BREBTM800XL from Amazon. It's a step up price wise but I believe it's a monumental step quality wise, especially from this. I don't believe I'll ever attempt to buy another Cuisinart product again. Save yourself some time and invest your money elsewhere!
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on December 27, 2012
This kettle makes amazing tea and the system is very clever however as someone else mentioned it is very difficult to get loose tea in and especially out of the basket. It is also quite small and when boiling to the highest temp it boiled away a full cup of water and if you try to use the max tea amount of water it boils out the top. Also found the beep quite loud and would prefer if the keep warm feature could be turned back on or extended.
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on September 27, 2012
Boils water super fast, nice to set water temperature, but getting your loose tea in and particularly out of the basket is difficult and messy. Also the volume of the beeper on the unit needs an option to turn it down!
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on January 11, 2012
This is the ultimate tea steeper/kettle. Heats up water very quickly to preset temperature, has an ingenious system for lowering tea into water and steeping using an easily-programmed timer, followed by a superb keep-warm feature. It works exactly as advertised, looks great on a counter and produces great-tasting tea. Much better than another brand which gave a chlorine taste to boiled water. I highly recommend for tea lovers and the price is very reasonable for such an effective piece of kitchen equipment. No complaintS or negative observations.
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on January 2, 2013
Read this product info carefully! Yes it heats water quickly, maintains the right temperature for different tea types, and selects the best steeping time for your tea then keeps the tea warm. BUT - unlike the Breville counterpart (yes, twice as expensive...) this is not automated! It beeps when the water is heated, and YOU lower the tea (it is a cool mechanism) and then beeps when the steep time is up and YOU raise it.
So you can't walk away and come back to perfectly steeped tea, or pre-program it to wake up to prepared tea in the morning. All this saves you is having a tea thermometer and tea timer separate.
Handy? yes.
Ingenious? no.
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on June 19, 2013
I drink 2L+ of green/white loose-leaf tea per day so it seemed that this kettle would make my life easier, unfortunately it hasn't quite worked out with all four units that I've had. Additionally, if you're expecting a product as convenient as modern coffee makers, you are in for major disappointment.

- All four units eventually stated leaking at the top, where the black plastic is sealed to the glass using a silicone substance. This isn't an appropriate seal for a heat-cycled product, so after a week (first unit) or a month (2nd, 3rd and now fourth!) of use, you'll have hot tea going everywhere as you pour. This is a major fault and renders the product unusable.
- All four units never "finished" boiling water for black tea: I'm at 1000m+ altitude, so the water doesn't reach 100ºC to trip the thermocouple. This is a common issue with consumer products and should be programmable by the user, or set in the factory and controlled via distribution chain.

Other issues that make this product not worth your time:
- It's nothing more than a temperature-controlled kettle with a timer, and a poor one at that. You still have to stand there for five minutes while it heats up and you cycle the basket down/up, or risk nasty over-steeped bitter tea. A single motor/actuator to automatically cycle the basket would actually make this product useful...
- The basket mechanism is awkward to use. It starts in the down position when you put it back after filling with tea, so your loose-leaf gets dunked in cold water and wilts while the water heats up. Of course, you can always have the entire plastic top out and fiddle with it in the air, set the basket to "up" and then insert the whole thing, oh what an adventure! Accessing the basket to remove soggy tea-leaves is a frustrating exercise in rinsing, shaking and smacking.
- The control panel and user interface are needlessly confusing. The "select" [temperature] button is larger and further away from the temperature indicator than the "temp start" button. For some strange reason, this annoys me greatly.
- Really loud annoying BEEP!

So close, Cuisinart, and yet so hopelessly far! Try it again, but this time with some usability and longevity testing.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon February 19, 2013
This is a nice looking tea kettle/ steeper that I got as a gift.
-Sleek design
-Timer that can be adjusted
-One click button to keep the tea warm
-Preset heating options for different kind of teas- Delicate, Green, White, Oolong, Herbal, and Black (starting from 170 degrees for delicate to 210 degrees for black).
-Easy to clean the kettle part
-Can use teabags (recommended to cut the string) or loose leaf tea ....which leads me to the cons

-It is a nightmare to clean out the loose leaf tea. The compartment that holds the loose leaf tea also known as the tea infuser has a lid. The lid can be lifted up on the small metal rod but can never be removed or pushed back. This has me banging the loose steel tea infuser against the garbage bin trying to get rid of all the loose leaf tea particles

I think the Breville electronic tea kettle is better but for the price, I don't mind the Cuisinart one. It's actually a good tea kettle minus the hassle of cleaning the loose leaf tea.
For that, I had to take a star off my rating. Other than that, I give it 4/5.
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on December 30, 2012
Much the same as others have mentioned regarding getting tea leaves into and out of the steeper is a pain. The lid for the steeper portion does not come off so putting the tea in is a two handed job. As for getting the leaves out is tricky and requires persistent rinsing in the sink which seems to defeat the purpose of saving you time.

The temperature selections are nice and it does heat up very quickly which is great in the morning. The time selections for how long to steep are adequate.

Lastly, the 'keep warm' feature is something I would use to make an extra cup of tea for myself so I don't have to go through the whole process again of making another when I wanted it. As the maximum time is 30 minutes I feel this is too short and would extend this feature. Coffee makers have this, why not tea steepers?? That said, if you make extra tea for later and its cold you can simply set up the desired temperature on the unit (as if you were steeping another tea) and it will be the desired temperature in a few minutes.

Overall, it is reasonable and does what you want it too. If you make ALOT of tea throughout the day this may not be the unit for you because of the difficulty getting tea leaves in and out of it. Otherwise, should be fine.
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on December 21, 2013
Last spring I bought a Cuisinart Tea Steeper because my husband had been complaining that the tea I made was not staying hot enough. I was never happy with the 3 step method which necessitates hovering over the contraption and the design which makes it difficult to add tea and to clean the machine. Then the plastic collar cracked making it unusable. I contacted the company because it is still under warranty. They asked me to provide a jpeg of the crack and of the receipt. It's been 3 weeks and I have heard nothing back. I have now sent 2 followup emails. Grrr!
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on July 26, 2013
The unit is poorly designed in so many ways.

1) The tea infuser is a total and utter miss by these guys. The problem is that it is next to impossible to fill the infuser basket, and even harder still to clean it. Also they designed it so your tea infuser first drops in your kettle's cold water, before you can lift it to safety.

2) Next the overall design of the buttons is overly confusing where it not need be.

3) The boil temperatures are not consistent, and I find it be difficult to get a consistent pot of tea.

How on earth did Cuisinart test this product with consumer product testers, and not be told this needs to be redesigned? I figure either they made the conscious choice to not listen to the opinions they were given, or they just neglected to have anyone test it. Either way this is a major miss by Cuisinart.

Do yourself and either buy the tea kettles that boils water specifically for tea, and make your own pot of tea with correct temperature water. Or go ahead and buy Breville's version of an automatic tea infuser. I guarantee you will be much happier with either of those options, over this choice by Cusinart.
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