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on August 14, 2013
I really like the product. Enjoy the lightness of the device, the hot keys. Battery is good.
Powerplan is handy and good to understand.

Some other reviewers complained about the keyboard. To me it is not a problem. I have seen better but it not bad at all.Just takes a bit of getting used to.

Love the design, how lightweight the ultrabook is, and the efficiency of the Core i7 processor.

The device also have great quick function buttons on the keyboard including easy to access: Sleep button, change brightness buttons, ON/OFF touchpad button, change volume buttons in addition to regular keyboard shortcuts.

The negatives I would mention is that there is sometimes an imprint of the keys on the screen (from closing the lid), no network cable for a wired internet connection (smaller problem and maybe something we have to sacrifice to get lower weight). I thought it was going to bug me with only two USB ports but so far that has not been an issue. Could always buy a hub to deal with that issue.

All in all very happy with the device.
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on January 1, 2012
Excellent product overall. Very fast, VERY attractive design, very light and slim. I really like the SSD; it speeds up boot times and overall performance substantially. Others have written about inconsistent trackpad performance, but I have had no problems whatsoever in that area. My only (minor) complaints are a fan that rattles (hope that's not a bad sign), a case that is easily smudged, and a screen that, while it is very bright, shows reflections badly in bright light. As others have noted, the keyboard is not as responsive as one would ideally like - you have to hit the keys pretty hard. For a poor typist like me, that isn't much of an issue. For a fast touch typist it might be.
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on April 15, 2012
I researched quite a bit when searching for a new laptop and my scope was to find the fastest, lightest, most affordable and most durable ultrabook. The final decision came down between the MacBook Air and the Asus Zenbook.

The Zenbook won because it has:
1) more pixels
2) arguably better battery life
3) faster SSD speeds
4) comes with accessories and carrying case
5) USB 3.0
6) thinner than the Air
7) faster processing benchmark speed than the Air
8) much better sound quality than the Air

Again, I hadn't touched the Zenbook, so I was pretty apprehensive when ordering it. I had read a lot about the jiggly keyboard and the super-sensitive track pad, but based on the above, I took my chances.

I was pleasantly surprised as it was boxed nicely, the unit itself feels sturdy and the battery life is incredible. From a cold boot, it loaded into windows 7 in 15.8 seconds! And that was on battery only!

I immediately understood what people were on about regarding the keyboard and sensitive track pad. This was very annoying as one of my main purposes for this is to type reports! I don't care how good the laptop maybe, if I can't use the keyboard and track pad properly, then it's useless to me!

I've lived with the device for about a month and I have gotten used to the track pad and keyboard. I am able to successfully type in a quick and proficient manner. However, I have to be extra careful when using the SHIFT or CTRL keys as you must press dead center with more force than you would normally use on any other keyboard to activate them. The MacBook Air keyboard is a dream and the trackpad is very fluid compared to the Zenbook. This is the only reason why I am giving this device 4 stars instead of 5.

Aesthetically, it's a toss up. The MacBook Air is just gorgeous with it's simple design and it's an instant win with the majority of people out there. However, don't discount the Zenbook just yet. The brushed concentric circles on the cover of the laptop is stunning and the all metal body of the entire laptop makes it look and feel solid. Clearly, they stole the looks from the Air to make the Zenbook, but who cares, they did a great job! Note: the Zenbook comes with a Win7 and i7 sticker on the left side of the track pad. Asus had to get permission from Microsoft and Intel to print them out in grey/silver just so that it would match the rest of the body of the laptop. This just goes to show you how conscientious they were about the looks! Sadly, I don't care for stickers and used a hair dryer and tweezers to take them off - giving the laptop a clean design.

Taking everything into consideration, I would definitely recommend this to a friend. However, if you prefer the OSX operating system over Windows, get the Air with i7 - you will be happy (albeit a bit more broke in your wallet). If you prefer Windows, get the Zenbook, you will definitely be happy and you'll be able to see instant savings + a full year of damage warranty!
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on June 18, 2012
We bought 3 of these. 1 of them had a cluster of pixels that was stuck on white straight out of the box. Since ASUS guarantees it to be pixel perfect when you receive it, they agreed to fix it for free including shipping. Had to ship it back to them where they repaired it and sent it back. That took about 2 weeks.

Pros: First impression it looks quite nice. Physically it looks just like the Macbook Air except more steel like and masculine. It is a good alternative for those who would hate to have an apple logo on their laptop. It also comes with some extras which was nice surprise. It comes with a case, a wired lan adapter, and a vga adapter. The Macbook Air doesn't come with these and it would cost you another $40-$50 for each one if you need them.

Cons: As mentioned above, one of the screens was defective. Also there is a logo on the space bar and on one of them it looked smudged. It's little things like that which make it seem like their Quality Control is not as good.

I would have given this 4.5 stars if I didn't receive one with defective screen but now can only give it a 3.5. I think it deserves a full star off just because of that. When buying an ultrabook and paying macbook air price for it, it is fair to assume it is at least macbook air quality. So Asus failed in letting this slip past QC. And the worse part is it took so long to fix and they didn't just send us a new one. We couldn't just go walk into a store and have it replaced instantly like the Apple Store. I think they should have sent a new one instead of fixing it. Now it feels like paying Full Price for a refurbished product.

Summary: From the ultrabooks available to choose from today, I would rate it 2nd best after the Macbook Air. It's metal construction makes it feel a lot more sturdier and higher quality than its plastic competitors. It's pricing and specs are very similar to the Macbook Air. Given the choice I would recommend the Macbook Air due to slightly higher quality. But if you hate Apple or can get this one at a better price then this is a solid choice.

[Edit: Apple has now released their new model of Air which can have up to 8GB of RAM. As if this writing the Asus can only have 4GB]
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on December 30, 2011
Lighter than the Macbook Air. Faster than the Macbook Air. Better resolution than the Air. Plus it includes a VGA to mini VGA converter plug, a USB to ethernet adapter and a sleek case. All in all, if you are looking for a light and fast computer this should be your #1 option. It turns on (from complete off) in 8 seconds. It turns on from sleep mode instantly. I have read about problems with the mouse pad. If there were some, they have been fixed. The battery life is super long. It makes no sound. The venting is better than the Air as well and the sound is impressive for such a small computer. The keyboard is basically the same as the air. My only complaint would be with the sleek case. The way it is designed basically requires you to take the computer (case and all) out of your bag and then remove it from the sleek case. It would be nice to remove the computer from the sleek case and your bag all in one motion. A minor problem. I'd give this a 10 star if I could. I don't normally rank things above a 4 star. This is a winner product.
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on July 1, 2012
I did quite a bit of research before buying this machine. Cost was not an issue- I wanted a thin light portable machine that performs well with a good battery life. I had read some reviews on the Zenbook with issues regarding the keyboard and the tracking pad. Much of the criticism comes from Apple biased reviews. I am having none of those problems as I actually find the keyboard to be just about perfect. The screen is outstanding. Some reviews mentioned the absence of a backlit keyboard as a negative- I find this to be quite the opposite. There is absolutely no need for it. Basically, I have no complaints. I am thinking of getting another one for my wife- she loves the design and the speed.
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on August 16, 2013
I purchased this ASUS Zenbook laptop as a birthday gift for my husband in 2011-10 and the sound card failed 2013-05. About 1.5 years of use. Unfortunately I did not have an extended warranty. Canada Computers tried to recover the sound but could not as they concluded that the sound card was defective or broken. As one of its primary uses was Skype calls to family while travelling, this laptop is no longer useful.
My own Apple 13" Macbook Air is now 3.5 years old and still running perfectly and I use it a LOT more than my husband used his ASUS laptop.
At a total cost of $1,637.37 this ASUS Zenbook was a great disappointment.
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on March 6, 2012
An excellent buy,
for the discerning user.
O M G so light.

Trackpad will suffice,
as mice hold back this free bird.
Keyboard is OK.

Buy one because you will see
it's better than Air.
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on December 29, 2012
I pre ordered this laptop (at least for the Canadian release)seeing how it had garnered excellent reviews.

When I first got the laptop I was impressed by its portability, quick boot up function, and battery life. Unfortunately, I've had nothing but trouble with this laptop since buying it. In the year that I've had it the laptop has functioned for me less than a month. I have sent this thing back multiple times. The Asus support center has been extraordinarily difficult to deal with. I've had my laptop sent in and received it back with paperwork saying it was fixed and still not working twice. The other times I've sent it back it has worked for a few days before trouble with the computer restarted. This last time I got it back from the repair center and found it still wasn't working I called the center and was told the situation would be "elevated" and a supervisor would contact me. I never heard from them again. I've given up trying to get this thing repaired. I'll never buy another Asus product.
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on August 30, 2013
Good performer. Large size and thin format lends to possible flexing of screen under pressure. leads to expensive screen replacement. Forget ASUS for expedient repair.
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