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2.6 out of 5 stars
2.6 out of 5 stars
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on June 14, 2016
From listening to the commentary, it earned this movie one more star than I wanted to give it. A fictitious 'factual' account of this supposed classified NASA mission, where the film had just been recently discovered. And this is where it earns the extra star, as most of it was shot on old 16mm stock. And in a daredevil way, chemicals, dirt, and extreme element exposure was placed onto the film stock BEFORE filming. So the director and editor really didn't know till development how much, if any of the scenes could be used and strung together as they hoped. And I have to say, there's a nice quality that's not so digitally CGI about it. Other than that, the movie tries too hard at being The Right Stuff, Apollo 13, Alien, etc. Again, the special effects aren't too bad still. Good lunar modules, suits, moon surface and all. And a bit of good suspense after two of the astronauts land on the surface. Weird sounds in the radio frequencies, things are moved or go missing, other footsteps are found, and a derelict Russian lander is discovered nearby. Did NASA or Dept. Of Defense (DOD) know about this beforehand? Why weren't the astronauts informed before launch. What, if anything did the Russians say what happened? And of course, the more they want to know, the worse the radio frequencies get. Then it starts to get cliche. I think 99% of anyone interested in checking this movie out will have already seen Alien, The Thing, Jupiter Rising, and all that - and this movie stumbles right into the same formulas. As a stand out horror/sci-fi flick, this isn't. As something to give yourself and/or a date a few jolts from while stuffing the face with popcorn, it's got a couple of good scenes. Other than that, everyone went to the moon this time because it was EASY - not as hard as JFK had hoped it would be.
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on December 29, 2011
After seeing all the hype over this movie on tv, I was eagerly awaiting its release on DVD. It's an interesting premise - the final Apollo mission that "never" happened according to government sources. Or did it?? It documents, with actual film footage from previous missions, obviously, the moon landing of Apollo 18, the subsequent discovery of extra-terrestrial life, and the resulting implication on both the astronauts and their lives. It wasn't exactly what I had hoped for ... not enough action scenes, a lot of talking augmented with the footage of the moon landing. I'm afraid I wouldn't watch it again. I'm sure the actors did the best job with what little they had to work with. Perhaps it was better viewed on the big movie screen.
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on January 24, 2012
The film was actually better than I feared it was going to be (after reading all of the negative reviews and such) but I found it pretty authentic in it's portrayal of a moon mission gone wrong (granted, I've never done any serious studying of any actual moon mission films, so enthusiasts of moon mission imagery will probably be able to pick this thing apart till the cows come home, but for the average viewer, I found it pretty real, I mean, at least the space suits didn't look like someone's mom had sewn them together with some bed sheets, which is always a plus in my book).

But that being said, this is not a film for people looking for a non-stop action rush, this is a slower burn type of film, in the same vain as the recent, Paranormal Activity movies, but in space.

So if you like stuff to do with the moon landings and have a thing for revisionist history/conspiracy theories, then this film is your cup of tea (or, Tang, as it were, and if you didn't get that reference, then you're not as big a moon mission aficionado as you may have thought you were before you started to read this review '

***SPOILER ALERT*** (go and watch the film, then come back and read this as I think you'll find it quite interestingly compelling)

Okay, so here's my BIG overall problem with this film (and correct me if I'm wrong here) but what we're watching is supposedly, 'Found Footage' taken during this ill fated mission, film footage, not video sent back to mission control on earth, cameras with actual film cartridges in them that have to be developed before they can be run through a projector to be watched (keeping in mind that this was way before digital camera technology came into existence).

So here's my problem; how, if the film from the moon cameras (you know, the ones showing Ben meandering about the moon's surface trying to avoid his demented colleague and the rock spider/crab creatures, in his mad attempt to reach the Russian space ship and escape the lunar horror of it all) is still actually in the cameras (as we never see Ben getting the film from them, during his frantic flight for survival) and then what film Ben did manage to bring with him in the Russian space craft was blown up when the Russian craft and the moon obiter crashed, then how are we watching any of this footage???

Let's see, we have some footage stranded on the moon, and the rest has been atomized in the collision between the two ships in lunar orbit, and even if, let's say for the sake of argument, that another mission went back to the moon, better prepared to fight off the, 'Moon Mites', then all that they would have is the stuff taken on the moon's surface and nothing taken from inside the space ships because that has been lost in the collision of the two ships in orbit.

So there you have the BIGGEST deterrent to the possible believability of this movie, the one thing that they shot themselves in the foot with, the lack of any explanation as to how any surviving footage could have, well, made it's way back to earth to be, 'Leaked' to the internet in the first place (had they been using video cameras everywhere that sent video images and sound, back to mission control then sure, this would have been plausible, but the fact that at one point Ben is gathering up film cartages to be taken back to earth (before everything went, 'Loopy') and we never see him bring said film cartridges to the Russian ship at the end (and like I mentioned, even if he had, the ship collides with the lunar orbiter in orbit around the moon) so anyway you slice it, the film could never have made it back to Earth.

Also, really, rock creatures, hasn't that been done to death, but I guess that is the only way they could try and add a, 'Chill' factor to the films end by indicating that lots of moon rocks have made their way to earth during the previous 17 Apollo missions and could in fact be rock creatures as well (but the stupid flaw in this theory is that it is indicated that the rocks that are these creatures, are from a recent impact site, which would indicate that the rock creatures were not indigenous to the moon but travelled there on this meteor or asteroid piece of space junk, which would also mean that they weren't present during the other 17 Apollo missions if this impact site was recent).
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon December 19, 2013
I know it's hard to do, but try to imagine that the U.S. government would actually lie to the American people. Apollo 17 was not the final lunar mission, after all. In 1974, Apollo 18 was launched as part of a top secret Department of Defense mission - ostensibly, to put some kind of fancy new radar tracking equipment on the South Pole of the moon. The three astronauts could tell no one about the mission - not even their families. Unfortunately, shortly after making a successful lunar landfall, the astronauts discover that they aren't alone up there - and that the government already knew about it. The best of America's best reached the pinnacle of their dreams, only to find out they were nothing more than expendable guinea pigs for a circle of lying government officials. For me, Apollo 18 represents the ultimate "found footage" concept. We're talking about a secret lunar mission here, and that pretty much trumps any concept involving teenagers falling victim to some unknown force out in the middle of the woods. It just doesn't get any more isolated than sitting on the moon without any comm signal to Earth or even to the lunar orbiter. I can't say that this movie met all of my lofty expectations - but it does represent a pretty darn good and certainly entertaining attempt.

As the story goes, everything about this mission was indeed secret - until recently, when someone uploaded dozens of hours of footage to a website called This movie, we are told, comes out of that extraordinary footage. The filmmakers do a good job in terms of special effects, making the various pieces of footage look as if they came from different quality cameras. You don't see these guys bounding across the barren tundra because of the reduced gravity, but that would have been difficult to recreate - especially in those bulky vintage spacesuits - anywhere but the surface of the moon itself. The astronauts are fairly stoic, as well - certainly much less so than some of the real Apollo astronauts were. They're committed to the mission, though, installing the DOD scanners and cameras and searching around the area. That all changes when they find someone else's footprints in the sand. Those tracks lead them to some rather extraordinary discoveries. They demand answers from the guys back on Earth, but few are forthcoming - and then they lose all communications whatsoever. The only thing they do know is that people from the DOD - and presumably at least some of their NASA bosses - knew what they would encounter but didn't share any of that information with them.

The movie isn't all that scary or creepy, but there's plenty of mystery and suspense on hand once things begin to fall apart. The acting is superb, which contributes to the sense of realism the film holds throughout its running time. In the end, while the story may be pure science fiction, it's all too easy to believe that the government would actually do something like this.
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This review contains the SPOILER of telling you why they went to the moon, but not the ending.

The reason why no one knew about this mission was because it was top secret. 2 astronauts land on the moon near its south pole. The movie cleverly combines actual film footage of NASA with their own track over and their own film. They were careful enough to use side lighting to create the long shadows seen in the NASA films. I appreciate it when they do their homework. The cameras have been put in place. This avoids much of that sea sick motion you get from the other reality (translate:cheap) type movies.

Now the reason why they really went there was to check on the Russians who have landed a LEM (looks like a diving bell) on the moon. The crew was not informed about this so they really panicked when they found another set of footprints. What we know:

1)The Russian is dead, apparently killed.
2) There is a strange rock that seems to move on its own, but we don't see it move.
3) There is a strange crater/shaft made from different rock which is at the heart of the problem.
4) There are communication issues and there appears to be strange going-ons outside the LEM that suggests visitors.

Now I hate hand held reality movies. My finger is on the fast forward button more than a lab rat pressing for cheese. But this one held my interest. I wanted to see what was causing all the grief, even if it was just for a fleeting moment and later they did resort to the herky-jerky camera. I was too far along at the time. I wonder how this lines up with "The Dark Side of the Moon?"
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on April 20, 2012
The reviews for this movie had been pretty poor, though their official website had some fairly interesting looking trailers to add to the mix. I rather enjoyed the style and execution and found it consistent throughout. So if you do not enjoy vintage NASA footage missions, you'll quickly get annoyed and move onto better movies.

One commented on a plot hole about how the footage got leaked considering the storyline does not readily make that valid. At the end of the movie, they show a link to a website called Lunar Truth [...] which is an offshoot of the movie portraying consipracy theories about the Moon missions, aliens and so forth. They make a mention about an intelligence modification in the fitted cameras that were not visible to operators and required maintenance by specially trained pers. It seemed to imply that it allowed remote monitoring of footage.

This provided site and movie are linked, they even have this fake terminal server that allows you to see leaked intelligence photos from a government server. Hence this movie makes strong attempts at getting seen as something official and not fiction. That is, until you hit the standard disclaimer at the end of the credits. In the end, its entertaining to play along and immerse yourself in this conspiracy.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon November 9, 2013
Interesting concept that poorly executed. What if there was Apollo 18 and something went so negatively wrong that we were not informed. Such as moon cooties.

I rarely give anything one star as just making it usually has some redeeming value. However this time it looks like I've got to change my mind; this presentation was slow-paced, ridiculous in concept, and did not even try to mask how dumb was. I'm afraid to say too much more because it is just so so negative.

The DVD I watched has:
Deleted scenes and alternate scenes
Alternate endings
Feature commentary Nith director and editor
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on January 26, 2013
I was skeptical after reading reviews and always watch pre-buying; i took the chance as i like science fiction.....Well worth the $10.00 if i had watched it first i would of paid $18.00! digital copy!
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on January 4, 2012
I must admit that I found the premise of the movie interesting but it's execution left a lot to be desired. To be blunt, it dragged in a lot of places to the point where I found my attention wandering. The presentation reminded me a lot of the Blair Witch project - low res' Apollo era photography attempting to carry a 21st century film. Like a previous reviewer I won't be watching this again.
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on April 15, 2013
Film peu intéressant.
Histoire faible et très peu crédible.
Un DVD dont on peu se passer d'avoir dans sa collection.
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