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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on December 8, 2014
John Curry is sorely missed and this movie is an excellent example why. Maureen O'Hara plays her role to the hilt (almost stealing the show), and she has a a neighbour, Anthony Quinn, who has the hots for her. Ally Sheedy pays a shy introvert working in a funeral home, and Curry has to get past his momma stage to pursue a romance with her.
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on August 2, 2013
I love this movie its my favorite one of John Candy With Maureen O'Hara sensitive and funny also Anthony Quin was funny in his part. Shipping and handling were great quick delivery better than going to the store and Shopping .
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on January 4, 2002
This movie has all the makings of a winner. A plot that is identifiable to almost any moviegoer, (everybody knows somebody in this situation.)A cast consisting of a fine comic lead, good supporting characters and two Hollywood legends. And a script that fits each actor like a glove.
John Candy pleases in this low key role of a lonely police officer tied too tight to his mother (O'Hara) who has very strong opinons about almost everything and who plays the mother guilt card like no other as he is pursuing his interest in an equally lonely lady (Sheedy). I watched this with my own mother who is O'Hara's age and saw her nodding in agreement all over the film. (until her full blooded Siclian fists clenched when O'Hara's character described us. The look on her face was worth the price of the movie alone.)
The story is plesant and worth your money, Candy & O'Hara work well together (who would have thought she would outlive him!) but the real power of the film is her interaction with Anthony Quinn. Classic film buffs like myself will get a real charge out of Quinn once again persuing O'Hara, but this time without an Errol Flynn as a rival. That sub plot is at least as interesting as the main one and for my money is better. It is classic Maureen O'Hara, the strong woman who is chased by the strong man and frankly is a great contrast to the the exact opposite situation between Candy & Sheedy.
In the end to nobodys surprise love conquers all and Candy's final immagined scene (contrasting with several ones eariler in the film) gives him closure. That final scene is my favorite and show O'Hara playing a character she has always excelled at. Considering the events of 9/11/01 the ending has even more meaning as we see a member of "The Greatest Generation" setting an example (albert a fictious one) that would be bravely followed in reality 10 years later.
I've said little about the good performances by Sheedy and Belushi, not to mention several other supporting characters in minor roles, they all add to the picture, but the stars make this film. Buy it.
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on July 13, 2004
John Candy turns in a wonderful performance as Chicago police officer Danny Muldoon, in his late-30s and still living with his mother. He tries to pursue a relationship with a young girl working as a makeup artist in a funeral home, but his Irish mother won't seem to let go. Quite a charming story, with a few jolts coming from Danny's imagined fears of his mother being harmed when he's not there for her. The way Chicago is represented is hit-or-miss, possibly due to licensing issues for some of the more well-known Chicago images (most notably, the Chicago policeman's uniform and the design of the Chicago squad car), but those flaws notwithstanding the movie still has a Chicago feel to it. There actually are still a few remaining store-front funeral homes in Chicago, and of course the plentiful Irish pubs are captured perfectly. Probably the unheralded star of the movie is old Comiskey Park, which for 80 years was the home of the Chicago White Sox. The filming took place after the final baseball game was played there in 1990 (and a few months before its fateful date with the wrecking ball), and the first-date picnic on the playing field was a wonderful and touching sendoff for the old park. After going to many White Sox games there since age 5, it sure was nice to see the fireworks from the scoreboard one last time!
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on August 31, 2001
John Candy in role of near-middle age guy who has spent his life under the thumb of his dominearing widowed mother (effectively played by a terrific looking Maureen O'Hara). On the one hand she urges him to find someone to grow old with, on the other hand she appears to enjoy being the "only woman" in the man's life. When Candy seems to fall deeply in love with a young woman with a similar inferiority complex and a severe case of shyness, O'Hara has extreme, if completely unfounded objections. -- The scene where Candy tries to patch-up things with his girlfriend by proposing at her window (from a fireman's ladder) is bitter sweet. As in all romantic comedies, there is a story book ending. -- Reminiscent of the classic "Marty" (1955), "Only The Lonely" deals with a common problem in our society: Parental objections to a child's choice of a marriage mate. We need more stories showing "mothers in law" in a less stereotypical light. In an argument for Hollywood's decisions in this matter, "Marty" and "Only The Lonely" make for wonderful entertainment!
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on March 23, 1999
A charming picture that marked Maureen O'Hara's welcome return to acting following her retirement after making "The Red Pony" for television in the early 70's. As Rose Muldoon, a role tailored for her by writer/director Chris Columbus, she all but dominates the show in a feisty, opinionated, Irish performance that was totally worthy of an Academy Award nomination for at least best supporting actress. Sadly she was snubbed by the Academy just as she was since by the Emmy's for her performance in "The Christmas Box" in 1996. The film itself, easily John Candy's best vehicle, is a pleasure to watch on all levels. John Candy himself turns in a sensitive and bittersweet performance that belied his usual known for antics in alot of heavy-handed comedies, some of which were good but most of which were not. Here he wins the audience's heart as a decent, shy, and lovelorn guy who has found it difficult over the years to cut himself free of his mother's apron strings. It's an honest, restrained performance that shows Candy was misused and underrated as a dramatic actor. Anthony Quinn, in a nice touch, once again gets to romance the evasive and independant Ms. O'hara, just as he had done decades earlier in such films as "Sinbad the Sailor" and "Against all Flags". Their scenes together are terrific, especially when she finally submits to his advances and raises her heel in a romantic kiss. It's a tribute to both of these legendary performers who have entertained us for years in some of the best films ever made. It is their presence that gives this film a little more magic than it would have had without them. But it would probably have succeeded artistically anyway as it is a tender and truthful film.
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on February 24, 2004
I have always liked this movie. I liked Only the Lonely when I saw it in a movie theater and I liked it when I watched it on HBO. I even taped it off of HBO but taped over it and I now regret doing that. I think this is a cute movie and I think John Candy, Anthony Quinn and Maureen O'Hara were wonderful even though her character was so mean. Also good are Milo O'Shea, Ally Sheedy and the rest of the cast and being Irish-American I loved the Irish and Irish-American characters and I loved the love story with John Candy and Ally Sheedy's characters and I think they had some great chemisty and I would love to see Only the Lonely transferred to DVD in a nice widescreen edition!
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on September 23, 2003
I saw the movie on Pax tv, channel 16 here in Salt Lake City and it was very good. I like Maureen O'hara, she played in Miracle on 34th Street, I have that video. I am going to order Only the Lonley because it is very moving and entertaining, I thought that it was interesting when Maureen O'Hara "Tells it like it is" to John Candy's girl friend and almost ruins their plans for getting married.
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on July 2, 2005
From start to finish, this movie is worth watching. This movie is 110% funny. I would say, Only the Lonely is John Candy's best. If you want comedy and a family movie, get this movie, you and the family will enjoy it.
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on February 25, 2001
If you are a person in this world that had the luck of being alone, but also the dutiful son all your life this movie is definitely a winner. Excellent cast with a touch of humor. Well done!
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