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3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon January 19, 2012
Though the film succeeds as a painfully accurate slice of history, it's uneven and inconsistent. I was hoping for an epic, and some of the photography is outstanding, but the editing is unexpectedly choppy, sadly turning potential scenes of panorama into quick snapshots. (Also, there are questionable choices in how the material is shot - ie. unnecessary multi-angles and unnecessary scenes). Other moments that should be brief, linger a bit too long and lean towards melodrama. Be prepared to sit close to the screen if you want to know who the characters are or how the footnotes pertain to the scene (miniature type - in the middle of the screen - about 25% the size of the subtitles). Though important to understanding the story and historical accuracy, they only add to the overall distraction by technique. Despite or because of it all, the film is bizarrely interesting. Unfortunately however, I didn't feel any emotional involvement - and there is a fair bit of tragedy. It only runs 99min. so there was room to expand and even out the material. Jackie Chan is fine (as is Joan Chen who portrays the Empress Dowager), but at some points his voice seems dubbed by someone with deeper vocals. On the blu-ray, there is approx. 35min. bonus footage with deleted and behind the scenes footage, plus trailer. (Might have been nice to have a history scholar commentary.)
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on July 12, 2016
The movie starts with a failed battle in the Revolution. The reasons why the Qing dynasty is being deposed is not mentioned until later in the story and then only in abstract fashion. Much of the movie concentrates on overseas Chinese money funding the revolution as well as the attempts to stop foreign investors from loaning money to the Qing dynasty. This gives you a behind the scenes look at a revolution.

The movie was littered with patriotic slogans and noble causes to the point it interfered with the smoothness of the production as a historical piece into a modern Chinese patriot production. The message of the revolution is of self sacrifice for the good of the nation and don't forget to keep sending those dollars back home. I felt lost a few times during the film and that the producers of the movie had less historical integrity than an Oliver Stone film. The attempt to make heroes out of everyone who participated in the revolution was over done. I kept waiting for them to cut off the emperor's head and parade it through the streets and then I got really disappointed. Seems the Chinese are not French. I could never relate to the characters.
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This film was made to celebrate the 100 year anniversary of the Xinhai Revolution or Hsinhai Revolution also called The 1911 Revolution. It was part of a series of uprisings against the last Imperial dynasty that of the Qing Dynasty. The starting point is the Wuchang uprising where Jackie Chan playing Huang Xing leads a small group to slaughter, but inspired others to become 'martyrs' for the cause.

That is the historical basis for the film and the makers did try to get as much of their version of history across as possible. A lot of the reasons for the revolt were an accumulation of grievances and the out moded feudal system that still persisted by the Manchu minority ruling over the Han majority; this is not really touched upon in the film. What we do have is the work of revolutionary fund raiser Sun Yat Sen played by Winston Chao, and his efforts to thwart more foreign aid going to the Qing's coffers. There is also the internal politics and screaming self interest that goes on at the Imperial court.

All of this is balanced fairly well with lots of fighting that is done in that colour filter way to add realism and on the whole is very good. The problem here is speed and editing. Every time a new character or location appears we have small print sub titles coming up in both Mandarin and English. Not only are they nigh on impossible to read on even a large TV, they also appear for a few seconds whilst at the same time the other subs for the dialogue appear too. Even using the pause button it was still a bit of a chore.

Then we have the foreigners who are all cardboard cut outs and played by some D list drama school drop outs, they even all appear to be dubbed; which is woeful. They are presented as all detestable and rude whilst being smug and selfish, whilst all of the revolutionaries are shining beacons of self sacrifice and service to the nation. We do have some ambiguous characters but they get so little screen time that we do not get much of a chance for any intrigue to build up. Also the other characters, of which there are many, are all only bit players so little chance to get much in the empathy bank too. I feel they tried to cram too much history in and were unsure of the vehicle, so had a kind of action propaganda idea with a love interest shoe horned in between Chan and Bingbing Li.

This also appears to have been edited down from the original film from 118 minutes to 95 or so, and I have no idea why; you do get over 100 minutes of extras though. This was co-directed by Chan and he may have bitten off a bit too much, also it is painfully obvious that allowances were made for the Chinese authorities who see the 1911 revolution as the beginning of modern China, which of course it was not, as that was fought for a republic and not a centrally planned Communist system.

All of that aside this is far from being a turkey, it just could have been a lot better historically and even failing that as a film, it is too busy, too rushed and too ambitious with too many barriers to achieve that ambition. In the end we have a passable film that is part action and part political shenanigans. This has scored particularly badly on Rotten Tomatoes, in the single figures at present, but that could be because in America this was billed as a Jackie Chan movie, and it is not a martial arts fest, he only does that in one scene, and is trying to do serious drama. Whilst that is all well and good, I think next time he might want to let someone else sit in the director's chair.
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on April 23, 2015
“Jackie Chan’s 1911 Revolution” Is such a short tale of history he put together here, which did
not give the movie the essence it deserve, this should be about three hours long, if you don’t have
the Money or the Time why do director’s seem to put people through a history lesson that’s not
fully complete, you don’t have to get everything right but at lease make an effort,
it’s like there’re afraid of others getting mad at them, they'll get mad no matter what we’re all humans
after-all, when you’re been subject to 250 years of rule by the Qing Dynasty it’s time to break free,
“1911 Revolution Is Still Something To See.
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on September 30, 2014
I gave it 3 stars, as it goes through a lot of history in a short time, needed to be 3 or 4 hour epic.
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on March 11, 2014
The movie is good but dont expect an action movie, its a history movie. I knew this before buying and am pleased with Jackie Chans acting. The delivery was quick but the case was damaged.
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