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3.5 out of 5 stars
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Platform for Display: PlayStation 3|Edition: Collector|Change
Price:$39.90 - $446.80

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on March 1, 2012
The game felt very rushed. I've encountered quite a bit of glitches 1 example was i was hit up into the air and fell through the ground for a ring out. Seemed a lot could have been easily fixed. Few of at least my favorite characters aren't in it like Amy "Kilik" Yun-Seong Talim Zasalamel and Seong Mi-na. The game itself is very basic in every mode even in options you can only change volume levels. A.I. has a very rubber band difficulty where they start off somewhat easy and then go into overdrive. the create a character seems extensive but if u look past all the bells and whistles it actually has less equipment than soul calibur 4. on the other hand i did spend most of my time on the create a character then fighting found it more enjoyable then fighting the games wonky A.I. I haven't tried the online at the point of making this so i don't know how well it is besides seeing some videos of it seemed to work pretty well. for a controller at least for me on a certain character Nightmare it was hard to do his critical edge because of a stance move he had, it would do that more often then the bar move i have only had that problem with Nightmare though. I'd have to say give the game a rent before you decide to buy this pricey collectors edition.
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on March 21, 2012
Totally worth the money, recommend this edition for 2 reasons...1) The DLC armor it comes with very unique looking. 2) THe game overall is just awesome.
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on February 16, 2012
This game is a huge step forward. Throw your money at the screen and don't bother reading this review, its just that good.

Story mode: Took about an enjoyable hour to complete. Though character endings are all gone, which some people who simply can't adapt to change will hate, my buddies and I come out of the story mode with a lot of good laughs and fun times; Despite the fact that there are approx. 3 cut scenes in story mode. The rest is a series of very artistic drawings on a parchment background. It was a very artistic way of going about telling the story. I almost preferred these on my 60" 1080P TV. :) Thanks Namco for taking me back to 1996~ and making my investment an unforgettable experience.

Nostalgia: Yes, rejoice! Sound effects, animations, and even stages are often reused from previous games in the series!

Renewed: The same amount of characters. For the sake of continuing the story; Taki, Sohitia, Cassandra, Talim, have all been replaced with fresh new characters with the same styles so that you can experience a new tale with the same feel.

Create a character: The graphics are obviously improved; you'd have to be insane to think otherwise, hahaha. Oh, and you can unlock new objects to customize your characters, and with even more freedom this time because they've removed the 'stats' from the gear, allowing them to be equipped solely for cosmetic purposes.

Single player: Single Player mode is more or less how it has been. Though they cleared out a lot of the old modes that more or less collected dust on everyone's main menus.

2-Player: It's so easy to throw in the game, sit down with a buddy and hop into a match of versus, it's not any different than previous Soul Calibur titles which allows for familiarity.

Unlockables: With the advent of the internet, Namco has realized that unlocking things such as artwork, background music, etc. was mundane and meaningless, so they've cleared out those unlockables and stuck with gear and neat titles for your gamer tag to set yourself apart from the other players on the network! :)

If you're a fan of the series; you'll welcome this title with open arms!
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on February 1, 2012
This game is a huge disappointment. Save your money read this review to know why you won't be happy if you buy this game.

Story mode: took about an hour to complete. Also character ending all now gone. That's right, they removed all the endings that we have been used to for over 10 years. Also, there are approx. 3 cut scenes in story mode. The rest is a series of pencil drawings. Yeah, I prefer pencil drawings on my 60" 1080P tv. Thanks Namco for taking me back to 1996, oh and charging me full price for a 'new' game.

Recycled: Yes, sound effects, graphics, even stages are often reused from previous games (e.g. SC4).

Reduced: Less characters. Taki, Sohitia, Cassandra, Talim, etc., etc are all missing.

Create a character: Somehow the graphic of this are worse than the last version. Oh, and you have wayyy less items to select from.

Single player: Guess what? All standard modes like time attack, team battle, tower of souls, survival, ARCADE mode, etc. ARE ALL GONE. That means you have nothing left to do in single player mode.

2-Player: Good luck trying to get this working. It took over 10 minutes to get a simple versus match setup. Oh, and both players were sitting IN THE SAME ROOM. Sad Namco, really sad.

Unlockables: Remember how we used to be able to collect stuff like artwork, concept art, music, weapons, movies, BGM, kata (demonstration) mode and all sorts of other fun stuff? Well That is all gone too. But you CAN unlock things like these wonderful TEXT descriptions. E.g. I just unlocked "Loves his sister." Wow, that is great Namco. A... piece of text? What can I do with it? I can have it appear next to my gamertag when I play online. Wow.... that is supposed to be better than having Taki or Sophitia in the game? RIP OFF!!!

I've been playing the soul calibur, soul blade, soul edge series from the beginning and this is just a joke of a game. The sad part is that I explained to the producer (via Twitter) what went wrong with the last game. Sadly, they produced this. Do yourself a favour and pick up a game that gives you more not LESS. Mortal Kombat, Dead or Alive, etc. They are all worth your time and money but not this over-priced piece of junk.

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