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3.1 out of 5 stars54
3.1 out of 5 stars
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on November 5, 2000
The plot gets rather confusing towards the end, but there really is stuff to enjoy in this film - humor in unexpected places (when the Snake Charmer almost get strangled by her python,or "Is Free Willy back in? No, not yet.") and it's TOO cool that Demi strips to only Annie Lennox songs. I rather enjoyed the film. The crazy congressman and husband are pretty amusing, although I bet the book is a lot better.
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on January 31, 2002
The film should've been released with the following disclaimer: "not for those with a brain." The story is drivel, and the characters are as cardboard as they come. The only reason to see STRIPTEASE would be for the titilation (mild, at best) provided by Demi Moore. She works her butt off working her butt off, and that'll appeal to some men. Other men? Well, we prefer our women just a tad more cerebral.
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on July 30, 2001
I went to see this film at the theatre (yes, that was me) expecting to see the latest installment of the "My career ..., so I will take of my clothes" series (other installments include "Embrace of the Vampire" and "Full Body Massage"). I was pleasantly surprised by a funny movie.
First off, Demi Moore is naked. Surprisingly, I didn't find her "dance" scenes too hot. The silicone enhancement moves like a rock statue.
Once you get beyond the nude Demi, you find a movie with a funny Ving Rhames and a hilarious Burt Reynolds. This movie introduced me to Carl Hiassen, who is a hilarious author.
I actually recommend this movie for the humor more than the nudity.
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on October 4, 2000
What's wrong with you people? I like this film. I think it's incredibly funny, like when Ving Rhames walks into a video store and asks if Free Willy is back. Or when the club owner talks about how a porpous aroused him. It's a very funny look at congress (Reynolds does an outstanding job as does Robert Patrick) I...I just think it's an enjoyable film. E-mail me if you think otherwise.
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on September 1, 1999
Someone should have told Demo Moore that every night on cable there is a movie about a woman who becomes a stripper to support her kids and is then victimized in various ways. It been done before Demi. And before than and before that and before that and before that......
There are a lot of women I might pay $7.00 to see nude, but Silicone-Demi isn't one of them.
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on May 12, 2001
This movie was really bad, i dint care for it at all, i didnt like anybody in the movie except Demi, she is so sexy, the unrated version was terrific, she has a wonderful body, super sexy, thats all this show is worth though, so enjoy it, just to see her dance, everytime the nude shots appear put it in slowmo it rocks trust me, well hope u enjoyed!!
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on June 4, 2004
This is a stunningly bad movie. The plot is basically Demi Moore's character as a single mom who needs money so she works in a strip club (yes, stripping) and has men problems (crappy ex-husband, lecherous politician). While Demi Moore looks great in this movie that was not even worth the two hours or so I wasted watching it.
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on March 27, 2001
The story of this movie is not much at all... actually it is weak and I knew this even before I buy this DVD.
But what made it worth buying is to see Demi Moore strip for you... that's it!
So if you are a fan of Demi Moore and want to see her strip for you... go for it. If not, don't even consider buying it!
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on April 27, 2000
Would you pay thirteen dollars (the price of the DVD) to go to a strip bar to see Demi Moore do a strip tease number and then have the chance to see her do it over and over again? I would and I did. Forget the story and all the bum raps this film has received. Seeing her is worth the price of admission.
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on June 3, 1999
I could not even get through this film. Every cliche you could wish for is here. The acting is lacking, and the characters entirely unbelievable. Even the strip scenes hold little interest. I thought there would at least be some humor, but it all falls short in this pathetic excuse for a movie.
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