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I didn't know what to expect from this book but the description of it got my interest quite rapidly. And to be honest with you, if you like the kind of book that will make you wonder what will happen in the next page, this book is for you.

The story is set in the future where virtual technology and nanites are used for many things. A world where students don't have to attend classes physically, where VR is everywhere and where Christianity is barely existing.

Take one young woman, daughter of missionaries, pluck her out of her familiar environment in the jungle and bring her to the US where she is called to bring back Christianity. Add to this a mysterious infection, deaths of loved ones, a technology promoted to people to get an electronic brain to prolong their lives and you will get a novel which you won't be able to put down.

I am quite enjoying this novel and I am not a futuristic kind of reader. But this is so well written and based on actual facts when talking about the past that I find this novel being a good read to bring on vacation - which is what I am doing right now!

The action is well paced throughout the book and the characters are believable. It is interesting to see how some people around her are willing to help and start believing in God while others are just plain mean and have another agenda under their sleeves.

As I said, this novel is perfect to bring on vacation and will keep your interest from the beginning to the end of the story.

This review was possible because I received a copy of The Last Christian from Waterbrook.
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Artificial brain replacement technology, the scientific quest for immortal life, dangerous nanotechnology'and faith. The Last Christian by David Gregory combines the world of futuristic (2088) hard sci-fi with the search for quest and meaning, contrasting man's search for life eternal with God's path to everlasting life.

Serving as a fiction platform for David Gregory's existing message (found in his non-fiction titles such as The Rest of the Gospel ' as such it can be classified as teaching fiction, but it's pretty well done) this title is based on an interesting premise. Abigail Caldwell has spent her entire life living amongst a tribal village that her parents were called to evangelize, and when disease strikes her village, she heads out into the wider world for the first time, only to find a long-lost message calling her to evangelize in America where Christianity has been largely lost.

Gregory's use of silicon brain replacement technology is freaky enough to send chills up my spine, and there's also a healthy dose of suspense, mystery, and action to be found within the pages of The Last Christian.

Unfortunately, Gregory also drops the ball in a few places. There are some loose ends that weren't resolved to my satisfaction, the mandatory romantic plot line is a bit stiff and not particularly moving, and Gregory drops the ball on the evolution/creation debate in my opinion. Yes ' I'm a passionate literalist, and I don't believe that Christians should be surrendering the fight on the issue in favor of liberal, doctrinally incorrect compromises. But on that point I'm being a stickler ' it's a short point that's made in a standard-length novel.

Still, The Last Christian is certainly an enjoyable read, and one that kept me moving through its pages. The mystery element was quite predictable at times, at other times it kept me guessing, so it's a bit of a mixed bag for me. I'm still campaigning for more Christian sci-fi (I can never resist these titles), but I'm hoping that we'll see the general quality of writing improve ' not that this book was bad, it was just'okay.
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on May 26, 2010
Do you want to read a novel that is going to keep you thinking and pondering for days after you read it, keep you intrigued until the very last pages, and take you on a journey between faith and science? Then this book, The Last Christian is for you!

It is a fast-paced thriller, that is well-written with characters and plots that reminded me of the classic thriller writers like James Patterson (without the gruesome details). It is a quick read, but will definitely make you think, thus making it very deep and thought-provoking at times.

I love that the book contains the wonderful Gospel message, but not in an overpowering manner!The book definitely does not end in a neat and tidy way, making me wonderful if Gregory has plans for a sequel....only time will tell.

I highly recommend this book and give it a huge thumbs up!
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