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Mike Morris (George Clooney ) governor of the state of Pennsylvania is running for president. He is about tied with Senator Pullman (Michael Mantell) with the Ohio primary being a pivotal state. Gosling, Hoffman, and Ward play various campaign aides and staffers for Clooney. Marisa Tomei plays a NYT reporter who claims she is sleeping with Hoffman, apparently something in her movie contract requires her to either have sex with Hoffman on screen or at least claim she does. I like this second option better because I don't think I can handle another film looking at Hoffman's huge naked butt. Hoffman provides us with an endless stream of profanities as he figures out how to get the populist Clooney elected.

Giamatti works for Pullman and attempts to recruit the idealistic Gosling to his campaign. It seems the GOP is going to ask their minions to vote for Pullman. Meanwhile intern Molly (Ward), who is the daughter of the head of the DNC, throws herself at Gosling who can't resist.

As it turns out Clooney is not the saint Gosling initially believes and he is forced to walk a tightrope until the rope breaks and he doesn't know where to land. The acting was great as expected from the cast. Evan Rachel Wood stood out among the stars. The script was at times trite, but the actors managed to make good deliveries. I thought "Primary Colors" was a superior film.

F-bombs, sex, no nudity
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Mao Tse Tung said: Politics is war without bloodshed. War is politics with bloodshed. Ides of March proves the truth of this.

In George Clooney's more recent movies, he has become an acting chameleon moving with the deftness and surefootedness of a mountain goat, winning five Academy Award nominations and one Oscar for Syriana.

I particularly loved his collaborations with the Coen Brothers, the onscreen chemistry with Catherine Zeta Jones in Intolerable Cruelty, and the epic reimagining "O Brother Where Art Thou Ryan Gosling, I consider to be perhaps the greatest actor on the planet. Nearly every movie performance he has given has been nominated for some acting award, even though many of the movies were not mainstream. Have you heard of Half Nelson, for which he got Oscar nominated? He starred in Crazy Stupid Love / Un Amour Fou WS (BILINGUAL) also starring Marisa Tomei, earlier this year, and did an amazing job.

Ides of March may be described as a political thriller, and if you're like me it will certainly grip you and have you on the edge of your seat at times, with its twists and turns.

Ryan Gosling plays a campaign assistant manager, who works for Paul played by Philip Seymour Hoffman, and both work for Governor Morris, played by George Clooney, a man with eyes on the presidency. Paul Giamatti plays a veteran campaign manager for a rival politician. Evan Rachel Wood plays a young intern who gets sucked into the intrigues, and Marisa Tomei plays a hard scrabbling reporter always looking for dirt to dish. In fairness, though her methods may be dubious, she is seeking the truth. Nevertheless friendships and loyalties vanish quicker than you can imagine.

Ides of March, and its characters portray every shade of dark, and you may wonder how something as innocuous as agreeing to meet a rival for a drink in a bar can become such a potential disaster, and how going on a date with an intern when you're single can lead to such complications. Certainly Stephen Myers (Gosling)is left to wonder how minor personal actions can have such potentially dire personal political consequences.

I have to say the story is brilliantly constructed and told, and as you might expect with a political movie, it contains tons of sound bites. We all know that politics can be quite dirty with lowdown tricks and negative campaigning, but I don't think you have seen anything quite like this except in real politics. One persons pain becomes another persons political gain.

I loved the setup and payoff of the opening and closing scenes. As the movie opens Gosling cynically delivers sound bites to camera. The movie closes with sound bites to camera.

Early in the movie he has passion for his work, and says he wouldn't do it if he does not have faith in the candidate. Will he stay true to this when his values are challenged?

I loved the confrontations between Gosling and Hoffman, Giamatti, Tomei, and Clooney in different scenes.

I loved the sexual tension in the early scenes between him and Evan Rachel Wood.

I loved the the contrast in this character who in some way cares, offering an intern in trouble a ride to and from a place, even helping her out of his own pocket, and then making the hardscrabbling choices he makes, as the Darth road beckons, and romantic ideals can disappear faster than a political friendship.

While the movie does not scream surefire Oscar winner it certainly yells, and I think Gosling will get nominated perhaps even win, particularly after being so cruelly overlooked last year for his brilliant turn in Blue Valentine. George Clooney wears three hats as actor, director, and cowriter, and who better to play a smooth politician. Hoffman and Giamatti as usual are brilliant. Either or both could be nominated. In fact you will see few movies with such a strong ensemble this year, with three Oscar winners on board.

I think you will enjoy it, and I hope this review was helpful.
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on August 5, 2013
George Clooney has done an entertaining service not so much for presenting a film in which he serves the role of author, and Woody Allen like assembles a talented group around him working for less then they would normally offer professional services for and be under his direction. It is his movie..he ad mits in the commentary that he has family in the Tv news/journalism area? I'm not quite sure..and he returns here not to a large new york or L.A. or Chicago..or any large metropolis in any city..but to Cincinatti..a city and baseball team pete rose made famous..not a very large city..but with dedicated and loyal different from large large cities..a return to a home area..or area he is familiar with? The environment..much time is spent on the commentary discussing the cold..cold..cold..exteriors..various venues..just things and people that invade our comfort zone..howver the small town is always an examination of nations..and here he lets go..and begins with religion..a didactic type opening from a narrator type persona..saying he espouses no religion..not even agnosticism..just nothing..but the constitution and from there we are in the midst of City of GOd like from the pages of Augustine is not so much a religious discussion but morals and how they lead to decline..and its like a court case and investigation..and we have much intimate interest and focus of this director and brings some vibrancy to the drama..of morals..and invading others intimacy..or persons..where we sense decline and detective like and we have a few culprits..but its really a social piece and shows given the journalistic interests political savoir faire of the auteur is something which is close to his heart..otherwise why present such a piece? It was promoted or I saw a blurb when released it seems 50ish type drama..a time when ideas of morality as it related to ?..was in the news..and for a time we heard these old type views..ceaser like..the ideas of march..and he looks at the politics of a small dis really a drama of any place around the a differing usual hes effortless in his acting..when i watch his acting he makes it seem like im watching actual persons in a room..the others..are not as accomplished..he speaks of his own a novice actor being overconfident..he seems at ease relaxed so comfortable..the viewer relaxes and its his mode of acting..the writing is good..but we dont witness really the misdeeds of the characters..reporter like..we are just given a list of errors..often opposite gender violations..males and females equally occupy this ground today..but this tale of political a discussion piece of misdeeds..and i was sorry it ended at 140 minutes i found it came and went had much critical reaction..nothing like i wrote here..about modern morals and the lead Clooney..has the role of the magistrate and often opinionated at the people around him..personal social political..and seems almost like a visitor sentdown to examine.but hes not hes from the same towns..and would have had a more popular showing if it had been a seual drama of relations, people caught in the heat of passion, and all the entangling relationships..rather than the expository like..i was immersed in it..and found it compelling rather than dry..i appreciate the star Clooney's commentary..and we shouldnt take this film..artistic presentation in any was as an endorsement of any views he has..i dont..but as a dramatic piece..the title is all too..
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon November 3, 2014
How solid can be integrity in the setting of politics, that is the question here...Good casting. Interesting take.
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