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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on September 4, 2002
For years, Disney has been trying to capitalize on their big animated film blockbusters by making cheap direct-to-video sequels. With lower quality animation, weak retreads of the original story, replacements in the celebrity voice talent and new songs leaving much to desire, they usually aren't even worth a rental. But The Lion King II is definitely worth at least a rental.
Perhaps it was because of the films major success as the highest grossing animated film of all time, but somehow when it came time to make Simba's Pride, the producers put a little extra effort into it.
The animation is close to the original's quality. Crisp beautiful colors saturate the African landscape and much of the fire is computer animated. It's obvious the animators took their time to make it a beautiful looking film.
Also, it avoided another common fall of the direct-to-video market: almost all of the voice talent returns. Even James Earl Jones supplies a few lines as Mufasa.
The story, though very similar to the original, is fitting and has enough twists to seem fresh. This is the story of Simba's daughter, not Simba. Sure this is definitely an unnecessary sequel, but as far as unnecessary sequels, this one holds its own.
If there was one major failing of this film, it's that the new songs are pretty pathetic. Compared to the original songs by Elton John and company, these ones lack their emotion and catchiness. The opening song is beautiful, but it is lifted from a "songs inspired by the Lion King" album released just after the original film came out. Fortunately, the film manages not to re-use songs from the original film, which always feels like a cop-out.
Also, there are just a few times in the film where the pacing feels rushed. Compared to other direct-to-video films, this is much better in the pacing department, but there are still a few minor problems. Mostly nit-picks.
Overall, this one is the exception to the Disney video sequel rule. Unfortunately the songs still left a bad taste in my mouth, bad enough to give it only 3 stars. But it's a high 3 stars!
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on September 23, 2013
Obviously, no sequel can live up to the glory of The Lion King. That's just a fact.
That said, this movie didn't really do much for me. I love kid's movies, and watch them constantly, as I'm not very picky, but this one wasn't anything extraordinary. I did enjoy it, and I feel like if I was still a kid I would have probably liked it more. But for all you parents out there, you can do a lot better than this movie! There are so many that are adult-entertaining as well as great for the kids.
This movie was okay, but I wouldn't buy it full price - if it was $10 or less, I think I would buy it again, but not for more.
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on September 10, 1999
Of course the first one was better, but Lion king 2 was never meant to be out in the cinema so for a video release it is actually darn good. Loads of repetition, and that is what kiddies like a LOT. A nice motto, but people see your dvd's with dolby surround!! Makes it more exciting! Overall? Not the best Disney, but surely a second best!
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on November 2, 2000
When I 1st got LK2, i got it at a Grocerie Store. I loved it when i saw it but now i think its a bit boring. LK1 is much better. But LK2 is a good Movie with cool songs. Worth a Rent.
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on July 31, 2000
I rate this as a mid-pack Disney movie. As a sequel, it isn't bad (although not as strong a followup as Toy Story 2 was to Toy Story).
This is a different perspective on the "growing up and forgiveness" theme of Lion King, and still a good one. It eschews the father-son relationship of Lion King and replaces it with a community-community theme. Although there is also a father-daughter story here, it is not as strong or powerful.
Although there has been character development with Pumba and Timon, apparently from their cartoon series on the Disney Channel, most of the characters are not as well developed (taking into consideration that many are extensions of characters in the first movie).
The music has much the same flavor -- the best songs are the ones borrowed from the first movie. There are a few that work otherwise.
The animation is good -- again, nothing spectacular or comparable to Lion King.
Overall a good movie that any 5-10 year old would enjoy. In particular because it has a strong female character, this is a movie that girls might appreciate more than the first.
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on April 22, 2002
I liked the first Lion King alot but this is just wrong. Who are these outsiders. They were lions loyal to scar. In the first Lion King scars only followers were hyenas. Lots of hyenas. This just does not work. Also Timon and Pumba appear to immortal and do not age at all. Simbas Pride is more for kids than the first film. There isn't as much action and it is not as compeling. This film is decent and isn't that bad but don't expect another Lion King.
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on April 10, 2015
I didn't realize that Scar wasn't Kovu's father since he raised him as his adopted son
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