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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on April 15, 2016
Is it just my bad luck? I got this, it worked for 1 year + 10 days and then the head seized up. Epson told me they would do a one time extension of the 1 year warranty (for the ten days, very generous) and send me a reconditioned machine. I begged for a new machine but to no avail. I put ink in and could only get two flashing amber lights out of it. Called support and was told it needs servicing. AT MY EXPENSE because it was off warranty. Not cool epson. After 20 years of owning Epson I think I will move on to another manufacturer.

I thought If I can get the printer working, It would be worth the $80 so I did take it in for service ("refurbished" unit straight out of the box). The service man said the "purge unit" was acting up and if it did it again, it would have to be replaced. I got home and printed a few test pages and seemed fine until I cleaned the heads and it made some uncharacteristic loud sounds three times. I called the service guy and he listened over the phone, the noise only happened once that time. We decided I would try cleaning it again over the next couple next days, see if it settled in. I would bring it in if the noise persisted. I cleaned it today, made too much noise and I got the two flashing lights again. Turned it off and on, it loudly squawked and two flashing lights again. I expect the service guy is going to tell me it needs a new purge unit. So The fact of the matter is, Epson's refurbished unit was not in working order when it was sent to me. I reported this to Epson and they simply confirmed it was now off warranty. Part of my response was this:

"Is there anyone there who has the discretion to make this right and not have my (soon to go viral) video of my brand new refurbished printer being destroyed? I’m thinking of packing it with fireworks and telling the World why this was done to a perfectly good, brand new, “refurbished” Epson Artisan 1430." No reply.
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on July 18, 2013
I haven't emptied my ink cartridges yet, as I don't produce that many prints. I just wanted the wide carriage option so I can print CAD drawings in addition to my photographs.

* photo prints are stunning, just like the real thing
* epson inks that last a long time
* wider carriage allowing to produce larger prints (especially if you do CAD, or low volume posters)
* bundled Photoshop Elements software (yay!)
* very nice printer control panel / print dialog allows granular control of all the printer's features and output
* the WiFi connection is so convenient, works flawlessly and was easy to set up.
* acceptable speed: very fast printing regular documents, acceptably ok printing pictures

* it's rather slow printing at high res photo. I don't see this printer being used in a production environment.
* the printer control software doesn't remember the last settings, and goes back to defaults. this is OK with you move between printing text, photos, CAD drawings... but when you're more frequently doing photos, for example, it would be nice for it to remember what your last settings were and allow you to set that as the default settings.

if you're like me, a home user, not in a hurry, with a low volume (watching out for your ink consumption and all), this printer is for you. you get bundled software you need anyways (and if you own, an extra license doesn't hurt), the image quality stands up to the very best. at it's price point, this is the very best value wide carriage printer I could find, and the output doesn't disappoint. A big thumbs up!

My experience with amazon customer service:
this printer was missing the promised photo paper that was supposed to be included. It had the package alright, but only the very small papers were left, the larger ones missing. I think it was at the factory, because the original epson tape closing the box was intact. amazon quickly offered me a 20% refund as compensation, which I was very happy about.
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on April 21, 2016
Just open the box and got rid of the stickers. When i put power on, i see that the carriage is stuck on the side. It is my third printer 1430 i biuy first time it happens.
I really don't appreciate to receive a new product that has already problems... There is also no link for fast customer service.
I'm leaving far up north and to get a printer here, the shipping cost is very high so send back the printer for repair that is not fun at all when new, would cost the price of the printer.
I'm not happy at all, if someone from epson get the message and find a fast fixing, i will put away this review. The Epson 1430 is usually a good printer.
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on October 5, 2013
Great quality prints! Saves me a whole lot of time since I would have to wait in line for 30-45minutes at my University's print shop towards the end of the semester.

One draw back is that it's best to feed one sheet at a time if you're printing with thicker paper as the printer tends to grab more than one at a time. And always set the paper type so the printer can adjust the platen gap or else you'll start seeing streaks.

Otherwise, I love it.
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on January 5, 2013
Yesterday I got this 1430 for photo print. The software installation is smooth, but there is no special program to print the photo, it uses photoshop element (included)to do the printing. Since I am not a photoshop user, it took me a while to get familiar with the program.

Printing out a 15 sheets of 8x11 on glossy photo paper and matte paper they are rich in color and very fine; the matte paper's color tone is darker and you get different effects. I am satisfied with the results.

But, when I started to load the wide paper 13x19, the problem comes up. The printer still print 8x11 on the 13x19 paper; even I set the paper format to "Super B 13x19". I know there is 'trick' here, and try to search on-line, no results; try to contact epson, it's Saturday they can only return my call in 48hrs. It's seems you have do something with the file before you can print for 13x19 format.

Anyone has a clue? Please lend a hand. Thanks! :)
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on March 14, 2014
I am very satisfied with my new Artisan Printer. All I expected from this Epson machine. I printed a few pictures already and I can say that I am very happy with the quality.
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on November 22, 2013
I am still learning about it but my printer has been giving me great prints so far, I am happy with it.
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on July 28, 2014
Excellent Wide Format printer .. prints 13" x 19" photos... I've used this printer over the last 9-10 years no problems except I wore one out. and this is my second one :-)..
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on February 22, 2016
Excllent product would recommand this to anyine who would like to jave a quality printer
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on July 25, 2016
Works well. We needed a printer that would print on CD's/DVD's and this guy does the job well. That is all we use it for in our office.
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