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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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Video: This 1080p presentation is top-notch, spectacular and eye-catching, with vibrant colours and many fine details. The flying sequence of Hiccup and Astrid on Toothless is a sight to behold. Besides fantastic video, the story line is also top-notch, making one to root for the underdog. If you are an animal lover, you will truly appreciate the delicate details of interaction between Hiccup and the dragon Toothless at the first encounter, seeing how the dragon's head slowly approaching Hiccup's hand to be stroked. The fine detail of the video is awesome, with Toothless cat-like green eyes to Astrid's blonde hair. This is no Pixar film, because the expression of human's face is still not as fluid as those in Pixar's films, like Toy Story, but Dreamworks has improved a lot. (5/5)

Audio: The DTS-HD MA 5.1 is also wonderful with powerful bass. It complemented the video. It makes one totally immersed into the movie. (5/5)

I saw this movie in the IMAX-3D theatre (I still have their "Made in Taiwan" IMAX-3D glasses, displayed in my home theatre) and was charmed by both the video and audio. This is one movie that the whole family will enjoy, again and again. Both the video and audio are top-notch, with a strong heart-warming storyline. It was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. Highly recommended and a Must-Own.
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on November 20, 2010
This movie was fantastic!! The animation is awesome and the story is really great. It has a wonderful message about animals and how we relate to them and how we treat them. Perfect for 5 and up!!Really really fast delivery and great price too!
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on December 1, 2010
I have to say up front that I had zero expectations for this movie and expected it to totally suck. But instead it did nothing more than impress me. With a great cast, solid plot and lots of action this is nothing more than one of the greatest movies of 2010.

Now I'll tell you my gripes right off the bat. Why do the children all have normal voices but all the adults have Scottish accents? And why does the main dragon look just like a monster from Pokemon? That is all my major issues with the movie. All the voice actors did a solid job but I could pick out all the actors very easily. Gerard Butler was really good along with Craig Ferguson.

The real meat and potato's is the relationship between Jay Baruchel's character hiccup, and his Dragon Toothless, and the relationship between Hiccup and his father the "King" of the village. These really make the movie feel real and give's a solid human feel to all the characters. The movie is kind of funny but really it's all about the action. The scene's when the Dragon is flying and fighting are nothing more than spectacular. Very well directed and so much fun.

I don't want to spoil anything in regards to the story but it was really fun. Really I have to say this is solid fun for parents and their children. How to train you dragon comes Highly Recommended.
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on October 26, 2010
I haven't seen any movie lately in animation that I thoroughly enjoyed from start to finish.
I must say this is going on my list of movie of the year.

Fun, colorful, amazing, entertaining.

A really good family movie for all to enjoy over and over again.
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on November 18, 2011
How to Train Your Dragon was a ton of fun.

The animation was top notch, the voice actors were great, and the clash of Vikings vs Dragons made for a great film.

The story is more-or-less your typical underdog story, involving a young viking who would rather learn, than fight. He must overcome the seemingly impossible odds, to help his people, win the favor of his father, get the girl, and basically save the day.

If you like Fantasy, Adventure and Fun, this is definitely one to watch.
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on October 15, 2010
I watched this movie with my kids and was surprised how "into it" I was! I actually hushed my 3 year old at one point so I could catch the dialogue! Usually (ahem Disney) you end up with one useful DVD and another "bonus" DVD that has absolutely nothing of interest on it. This package came with a second episode (albeit lower quality) for double the fun!
I'm not a huge DreamWorks fan - but the script/story on this one is on par with any Pixar film. Buy it - watch it - love it!
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on February 10, 2011
Never mind the kids, I've seen this movie 5 times now. I have to admit that by now, watching it is not as enjoyable as the first time when certain scenes are novel and the humour is fresh, but I still get a giggle.
Is Toothless more cat, puppy, or kimono dragon?...not really sure, but he sure has his own character and personality and is super cute (can I have one?)
The kids and I have read the book, and there is such a difference between the two stories as to be almost unrecognizeable. In a rare instance, I have found the movie to be better than the book.
The detail is amazing - check out Hiccup's hair how it moves naturally as he gestures, and how the sun brings out the 'highlights'.
Also, it took having to see it at least 3 times before I noticed that everyone (?) has a Scottish accent but the (American) Hiccup.
This may be the best children's movie I have ever seen.
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on November 16, 2011
This movie is gorgeous. The Blu-ray makes it look even better then when I saw this in theaters. The behind the scenes and the featurettes are nice and detailed. The voice acting is phenomenal, the plot is good for young and old and the entire movie is fantastical magical trip that's very memorable. I recommend this to anyone who's a kid or a kid at heart. A great movie for anyone's collection. Definitively an A+ movie.
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on April 12, 2016
As the majority of DreamWorks animation output consisted of dreck like "Shrek," "Shark Tale," and (shudder) "Bee Movie," this film was a very pleasant shock in how meaningful and well-done it was. Especially since the books it's very loosely based on were lacking in substance and not much better than "Captain Underpants."

"How to Train You Dragon" could have easily gone wrong though. A movie that purports the human respect of dragons, an animal that doesn't exist in the real world, while at the same time presents sheep in an unflattering light, straddles the line of hypocrisy. Where this movie won me and my family over was in how it was willing to sacrifice the protagonist's leg at the very end, thus karmatically matching the wound Hiccup inflicted on Toothless at the beginning, and proving the filmmakers have got the guts to back up their fairy-tale with some reality.

Conversely, this movie's sequel was a hollow, soulless shell. HTTYD2 fully embraces hypocrisy and expands on it by having the dragon-riders use the sheep as "balls" (in Berk's version of "Quidditch"), as if the animals are devoid of feeling, emotional and physical. The movie also rips off the Empire Strikes Back in tone and setting, and tosses in all kinds of idiotically predictable "twists" into the mix just to fool the audience into thinking it was anything more than a cash-grab. Fortunately, the film underperformed at the box office, forcing DreamWorks to delay the third installment a couple of years, and shut down hundreds of animation factories, er, studios, to "revaluate" their approach.

If the first film left you craving more adventures of Hiccup and Toothless, then I recommend buying the first two seasons of the television series (available in four DVD volumes), which is very well done. Just avoid HTTYD2 at all costs, whatever you do.
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Hiccup is a Viking ahead of his time. He is able to look at his own society much as an outsider would view it (Similar to "Eric, the Viking"). The village is besieged by dragons, but such is life for a Viking.

Hiccup, as an intellectual Viking creates a weapon that is able to injure the infamous Night Fury Dragon, one that has never been seen by his people. Hiccup tracks the injured dragon on his own, however is unable to slaughter it when it lays defenseless trapped in ropes from his own weapon. Rather he cuts the dragon loose. They become friends as he brings it food. Hiccup splits his time caring from the dragon he names Toothless, and attending dragon school. He learns secrets by about dragons by caring for one.

He applies what he has learned to dragon school, much to the amazement of his fellow students and instructors, becoming a child hero and legend. There is a young blond Viking lass he wants to impress. The plot is predictable and the movie is wonderful.
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