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on March 23, 2013
This is the 4th epilator I've owned in the past 12 years. My previous favorite was also a Braun, but I really wanted one you can use in the shower so switched to Panasonic for a while. I was never very happy with the performance of that so finally returned to Braun. I am so glad I did.

This device is powerful and effective. Love the way the 'engine' revs up each time you start it up! It feels sturdy in the hand and is very well designed. It works well in the shower, where the light comes in very handy and is super bright. I find I get a better result if I use some shower gel on the head.

It works even more efficiently dry, especially after using the pre-epilating wipes that come with it.

I would recommend it to anyone looking for a versatile, easy to use, effective epilator.
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on November 13, 2012
I think I have a pretty good pain tolerance. I have waxed my own legs, underarms and bikini line, and I don't find that pain even close to unbearable. I do not think the pain is unique to this epilator, I think any device with 40+ tweezers yanking hair out at the same time will hurt. The first time I epilated my legs, my eyes watered. The first time I epilated my underarms it was torture. It felt like I was carving into my skin with a hot serrated knife. I have yet to attempt the bikini line...

BUT despite the pain, I had great results. And every time I go back to epilate again, it hurts a little less. The first time I used it I thought I'd have to return it because I didn't think I could get through the first epilating session, but once you do it is less painful than waxing.

Here's some tips for the first time:
1) There is a small window of perfect hair length for epilation. If the hair is too long it is much more painful. If the hair is too short the tweezers won't grab the hair. Err on the side of too short, in my opinion and if nothing happens try again in a day or two. For me, about 5 days after shaving is the best time. Approximately 1/8" I think...
2) Use the massage tip for your first time on your legs, and the underarm tip for your underarms. It makes a huge difference. The massage tip distracts from the pain a bit, especially in the super sensitive parts like knees and ankles. The underarm tip allows for more precision.
3) This particular epilator comes with Oil of Olay pre-epilation wipes. They work. I wouldn't have gotten through my first underarm epilation without them. Now I don't use them at all, but for the first time they are a must!
4) There are two speeds. I use the slower speed, and I find it more effective that way, and slightly less painful. It does take longer though.

Just some things about this epilator:
1) The light is bright enough to epilate in the dark if you really wanted to. My bathroom is poorly lit, so this is a plus.
2) It can be used in the shower or bath, which I'd imagine helps with the pain, although I've never tried it.
3) Shaver part isn't the greatest but it gets the job done.

TL;DR: First time is SUPER painful, each time thereafter is less so. It's worth the price and pain to not deal with stubble 5 hours after shaving or messy wax and creams. Before you give up, read my tips. I'd recommend this for sure as long as you can get past the initial epilation.
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on July 9, 2013
I just received mine today and I love it! Really gets the tiny tiny hair that my other (Remington) epilator didnt catch. Cleaning is very easy. It's sure more expensive than other devices, but you definetly don't want a cheap one that will do a cheap job... And seriously, not having to shave everyday is ah-mazing!
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on September 29, 2014
I made sure to try it a few months before posting a review to see how the hair grows out and how it feels after a few times.
The hair grew out without the prickly feeling one usually gets from using a shaver. It also looked much "thinner" maybe because it wasn't all growing out at the same time since it was pulled from the roots. It starts growing out after a week compared to the day after when using a shaver.
The pain wasn't terrible. After a few minutes I actually tuned the pain out and I was much concentrated on getting all the hairs out. The pain was so mild that I even tried to do "down there" and well, let's just say that was not the greatest idea.
There is the ingrown bumps that comes up if you don't exfoliate enough . Exfoliating is essential and so worth it after you feel the smoothest legs you have EVER had.
The only problem I had with it is that it seems that if you go too fast it will not pick up all the hairs so it does take some time to do everything but since I do it only when I don't have anything to do it isn't such a big deal. Doing it once a week or every other week will ensure that you are pretty much smooth all the time.
Id say it is worth it since I will probably keep using it for a few years.
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on January 27, 2013
I have already recommended this product to other women I know who struggle to remove facial hair. Over past years, I tried a number of other techniques: creams, lazer, shaving, and waxing. None of these techniques worked. The most expensive and possibly the least effective was lazer. Perhaps that was because my hair is blonde, therefore, lacking the pigment that is required for lazer therapy. I ended up resorting to shaving. However, my hair seemed to grow back very quickly, so my skin always felt rough and prickly--not very appealing for a woman. The epilator has been the most successful approach ever. My facial skin feels soft. The Braun epilator seems to hold its charge for a long time. I haven't tried it in the shower or onm wet skin..
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on November 22, 2014
I bought this product back in July and let me tell you, I couldn't have been more satisfied with the results. I was hesitant at first because for a first time epilator user, I really didn't know what to expect. Part of it stemming from maybe heard from the vine about how painful it is. It is painful if you don't use it correctly and follow the instructions. So just wanted to let you know, if you're hesitant. The results are amazing. I barely epilate anymore - the hair is so fine that you don't even notice it's there. Goodbye shaving, or itchiness as the hair starts to grow back. Throw out all your shavers cause you won't need it anymore. I did. This epilator is awesome, I use it everywhere - for facial hair, underarms, legs, etc. Best purchase I've made and I no longer worry about that I forgot to shave my legs or anything. I'm so carefree even if I didn't epilate cause the hair is barely noticeable. Try it, you'll be glad you did :) p.s. take note that results may vary cause we all have different hair growth types.
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on June 14, 2013
I knew an epilator wouldnt be the most comfortable thing but after the fact is when it hurt the most. It didnt pull out the hairs but broke them all causing my legs to be COVERED in ingrown hairs. I used it once and do not plan on ever using it again.
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on May 4, 2015
I bought this for myself (I'm a men) to remove hairs from my upper arm as I'm tattooed and I want the tattoo to be more clear.. I've chosen this one over the Emjoi AP-18MS because of the pain you have to endure if it remove MORE hair then this one.. I'd say that this, if the most I could withstand.

You have to be warned.. First time you epilate a body part, pain is almost unbearable, at least in my case. I have ALOT of hair on my body, I'm what you call a bear and the first time my gf did my arms, I almost fainted, my jeans where wet as I sweated from everywhere while enduring the pain, my hair where as wet as if I got out of the shower.. I hurts, a lot, like nothing you've ever felt.. Nothing compared, for instance, to getting a tattoo.. I'd rather get a really painful tattoo then this.. But my gf was laughing to death while doing this and seeing me endure that willingly. Don't do that in front of children as you will scare them to death! :)

Once you withstand the first hair removal session, maintaining it is not as painful as there's a lot less hair to remove.

In my case, there's no way you could go multiple week being hairless on the part you epilate. I'd say maybe a week at the most. But it's alot better then shaving as my arms don't feel like a 3-day beard since there's just a couple of hair poping up and doing it every other day takes care of everything..

Accessories are OK. The sensitive region adapter is good for doing underarm (yes, I tried it and It's a lot less painful then the upper arm part). I can't really feel or see a difference between the massage cap and the efficiency cap. And the shave cap is useless.

The 0.5mm advertised is not realistic. It does remove really short hair but for the first trim, I'd recommend using a real clipper to about 2-2.5mm.

The little light seemed like a useless gadget but it's actually pretty efficient and make see the hair a lot easier.

Battery life if good, for now. I don't think you could epilate your entire body for the first time on one charge but for maintenance, it's sufficient.

The pre-shave wipes are useless.

I'd really recommend a post-epilate exfoliation, at least after the first time. Tried on one arm without and I got more pimple on that one.

I haven't tried it underwater.

Over all, this is a really good epilator and if you're a men I can't recommend going with an epilator that would remove more hair at once, I'm not sure I could endure it.

Good product, fair price and you'll love the body part you epilate, after a couple of days.. :)
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on January 7, 2013
Works great, easy to hold, and can use it in water. I have recommended this product to my daughter and sister.
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on June 25, 2014
I had never even heard of an epilator until I met my husband a few years ago, but even then I had never seen one. It was until about a month ago I was talking to my mother-in-law about how little hair she has and she sung the praises of epilating. Her advice was "It's worth spending a little more to get a good epilator. It's painful but you get used to it." Lately it seemed that every lady I talked to was a pro-epilator lady! I tossed the idea around for a few weeks not wanting to invest in something I would chicken out and not use, but also not wanting to save money at the sake of a good experience.

So I finally did it! It arrived quickly and that same night I used it. I took the advice of some other posters and heated my legs with a blowdryer just a bit before trying it out. We even had a video camera out to tape my first torture experience with this tool. Except it was a bit of a let-down because the pain was entirely tolerable and not that bad. I did an entire leg with the massager attachment. It took a bit longer than I expected, but overall the pain wasn't so bad. The other leg I used the efficiency attachment and it definitely got more bang for your buck and hurt a bit more, but still tolerable. I was very impressed with the battery life. My husband commented that it lasts a lot longer than his trimmer.

I tried out the trimmer as well. Great attachment! Makes a difference. Longer hair definitely hurts worse to pull.

I don't know if everyone's first experience with epilating was as tame as mine, but if it's the device that made it better, Cheers to Braun! I have no problem integrating this into my life. I think the wet feature will be great for the shower. Afterwards I spoke with my family and it turns out my sister-in-law has this same model and she's very happy with it too! Right now I'm feeling pretty great about my decision to just do it. Invested well.
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