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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on January 24, 2013
I'll start off with addressing the feature that most people are getting this game for: the visuals. With designs and cinematics by Studio Ghibli, this is simply one of the most visually stunning games in anyone's collection. The world and characters are filled with so much charm, you'll instantly be sucked in. The story is a tad on the juvenile side and the voicework takes a little to get used to, but after a while it won't matter; you'll eventually be absorbed into a wonderful journey.

The gameplay is a mix of the Tales of series with a little bit of Pokemon. There's so many creatures to collect and have them do battle; You'll definitely have a couple of favourites! Overall, this game remined me of what RPG's used to be when I was younger: charm, a great world map, open travel, interesting characters. I'm definitely recommending this one!
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on February 13, 2013
This is a must buy for any JRPG lover. Don't be fooled by the kiddish design, or by anyone who says that this game is meant for kids. It's suitable for all ages, be they children or adults who can still appreciate the childhood they once had. The story is great, not New York Times Bestselling novel great, but it provides a heartwarming and engaging experience. The gameplay is superb, with the familiars adding a lot of diversity. However, the game itself isn't overly difficult, so if you dislike that this may not be your cup of tea. One of its best characteristics is the art design. Made by Studio Ghibli, it essentially looks like a film that they would make.
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on January 29, 2013
I know I am one! Never played the genre before so I needed a little bit of adaptation for the gameplay style and written dialogue. But the game do a really good job of taking your hand from start with a gradual tutorial implementing the gameplay. Obviously, the visuals are superb. The story reminds me of the anime back in my own childhood. The child missing one parent, two parents and all that stuff about separation anxiety... A great, different experience so far.

EDIT: After 35 hours in I went from 4 stars fun to 5.
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on January 3, 2014
I'm a bit of a noob when it comes to Japanese RPGs (most of my RPG experience has been with North American games such as Fallout and Bioware titles) but this is so far proving to be a very worthwhile purchase. With the involvement of Studio Ghibli, you get the same level of whimsy and wonder you get when watching their animé classics such as Princess Mononoke and Spirited Away, and the collecting aspect of familiars (think Pokémon...gotta catch 'em all) makes this game ripe for addiction potential. If you're an animé fan, that alone makes it worth the price of purchase, especially since it's a greatest hits title.

I'm not even 20% into the game (about 10 hours or so of gameplay) and I'm thoroughly enjoying it so far. The game is extremely dense in content and possibilities, making it possible to spend the equivalent of days playing it without unveiling all of the content. Visual design is beautiful to look at and the music is great. The writing is also pretty good.

As far as gameplay is concerned, while distinctive for mixing up turn-based and real-time combat, has a few problems that tend to be common to many games, especially those with a level and experience system. As the game has a lot of side quests, I haven't yet felt like I needed to grind in order to defeat a certain game area (i.e.: repetitive tasks in order to level up), although that aspect is still present. Also, boss battles are a source of frustration, which usually consist of a lot of running around and keeping your distance (but again, this is a problem common to a lot of games). A fast travel option is built into the game, but I haven't accessed it yet (apparently it takes about 20 hours of gameplay until you hit it), which is a pain when you have to travel between locations.

Otherwise, it's a beautifully crafted game that is definitely worth picking up if you haven't yet.
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on January 3, 2014
I have been finding for the past decade or more that games have solely been focusing on graphics and how awesome they can make the game look and fail to put any thought into the story line more like it's an afterthought. This game does not the story line is good and adds to the game with just the right amount of story to playing/battles. I've been playing it for around 30 hours now and see no signs of the end which is good as the last rpg I found to be this long which shoed no signs of boredom for me and was thought provoking was Final Fantasy 7. It has an anime feel to it seamlessly blends gameplay with anime sequences in the best way possible. The game takes the best part of a pokemon style game where you have to evolve your character, Dragon Quest (or warrior as I'm sued to calling it), Earthbound and Tales of games and creates a unique but familiar style game and I doubt any one would be disappointed by it. The only down side of the game is that I wish it was two player like the tales of games so a friend could control a character in battle as the ai isn't the best at times and caused me to die as it is quite difficult at times.
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on November 14, 2014
This game is extremely fun if you're a fan of old JRPGs. It has a world map, collectable items, loads of sidequests, and lots of things to manage. It's not progressive, but it's surprisingly refreshing. The sidequests can be a little boring at times, but the game's art makes up for it. Everything you do is incredibly enjoyable due to the slower pacing and beautiful aesthetics.

The biggest criticism that I have is the amount of tutorials you have to go through in the game. If that annoys you, you will probably have a bad time. You'll still be guided through stuff more than halfway through the game.

Essential game for any RPG-lover.
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on May 26, 2014
Never been much int these games, but for the deal it had and the amount of friends I seen playing it, I couldn't help but grab it.

Though I never did complete it to this day, the time I did spend playing it I always enjoyed.

The colours are beautiful, the story is emotional, and the gameplay is easy.

I think it's just a personal preference that I end up forgetting how fun these games are until I push myself enough to put it back in my machine. Because they aren't my usual choice, I tend to drift off back to my other games and leave these to collect dust until one day returning and getting glued to it again for another short while.

Great game so far though, lol.
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on March 5, 2013
In the modern market of RPGs we have seen a huge saturation of North American/European developed games focused on creating new archetypes and "breaking the mould" from the classic RPGs created in Japan, that enveloped the gaming market throughout the 1990's. This game is a throwback to the challenging grinds of a traditional JRPG but is whimsical and heartfelt enough to make you overlook the balancing issues. A heart warming tale of Oliver and his friend Mr. Drippy using magic to save Mr. Drippy's world. Not a game to be overlooked!
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on June 11, 2013
I have played most JRPGs since the original Final Fantasy for NES and I must say that Ni No Kuni is one of the best. It deserves to be mentioned with Final Fantasy 6 (3 for SNES), Chrono Trigger, Dragon Quest 8 and Xenoblade Chronicles. The game has an excellent story, likeable characters, beautiful graphics and a battle system that is fun to play. You are also looking at 60+ hours of game-play just to finish it. My only nitpick about this game is the lack of a New Game+ feature or more challenging endgame content.
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on May 11, 2014
Purchased to fulfill my RPG itch. Although it was a well made game I just couldn't get myself to like the characters or the story line. If you wanted a nice RPG for the kids to get their feet wet; this is the one; but if you like something a little less... childish. then I would have to say pass. Please notice that I did rank it as 4 stars;I didn't like what they did with the game, but it doesn't change the fact that the developers did a very good job in creating this anime movie like world.
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