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4.0 out of 5 stars163
4.0 out of 5 stars
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This is a great concert film. Shot on 16mm film (as per PG's web site) this film has been transferred from those negatives. The sound is nothing short of phenomenal. The show it's self mostly drawn from his then current album Us. The set does go back to great tracks like San Jacinto and Solsbury Hill from his earlier records. His band as always is top notch. Tony Levin is here on bass and Manu Katchie (not sure if that is spelt right) on drums for what would be his last tour with Gabriel. In fact it would be ten and a bit years after this before we got a new album from Gabriel (not counting Ovo). He has a then almost unknown Paula Cole on backing vocals and David Rhodes on guitar.
As for the grain/bad picture argument. This was shot on film but as I said 16mm so as with Monterey Pop or the recently released Hendrix plays Berkeley you have to expect a little bit of grain. Yes some directors do use grain to give the film a look. Like David Mallet using it on David Gilmour's "Remember That Night" so it could be either here. The 16mm used here I am sure is a lot better then the film used in the late 60's. I am just glad it was not shot on Video like so many other concert films of that period are. The transfer is much better then the laser disc, VHS or the DVD. Looks great on a HD TV.
This would easily go down as one of my top 10 Favorite concert films and I do have a very large collection (around the 300 mark) to compare it to. I am really happy to see this finally come out. Up till now on Blu ray there has only been New Blood with an orchestra. Which depending on witch fans you talk to either worked or didn't do anything for them at all. Now if they could get around to releasing POV from the So tour that would be great. With the So back to front tour starting in September and So being rereleased in a number of versions plus a classic album feature on it maybe we will see it in Septembet. This should keep me more then happy until then.
If you are not familiar with Mr. Gabriel's work you should check it out. In my opinion he is one of the great music visionaries of our time. Along with Trent Reznor, Kate Bush, Laurie Anderson and Tom Waits to just name check a few, I am not guaranteeing you will like it but if you love music it will at least keep you interested. If I could suggest two CD's I would say Gabriel 3 (the one were his face looks like a melting painting on the front) and Passion (The Last Temptation of Christ soundtrack) would be a good place for the brave at heart to start. If you like his more main stream stuff pick up So or Us which are brilliant records as well!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon July 26, 2012
Probably one of the slickest concert movies in the 90s and a precursor to the slick concert he did from the Growing Up tour and after. Upgraded and cleaned up picture with the same resolution as movie theaters ["super2K"]. Released in stereo and DTS 5.1 [too bad not Master audio]. Really, with the exception of the cleaned up picture and the addition of Red Rain [which was on the CD release when the concert wsas originally released], there is no real additions to the Blu-ray. The original DVD had a nearly 8 minute teaser of the Growing Up 2002-3 tour. It has been replaced by The Rhythm of the Heat off the New Blood London 2011 concert release -no idea why except to promote that release.

Oddly that there is no record label intros on the Blu-ray. Goes straight into the menu - which is boring compared to the original DVD release.

As the concert was filmed over 2 nights in Modena, Italy it is too bad that no additional footage was included. After all this is under 105 minutes - less than a typical PG concert.
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on June 19, 2004
Peter Gabrial: Vocals, piano, harmonica, tamborine and paddle Tony Levin: Bass, piano, tamborine and vocals David Rhodes: Guitar and vocals Shankar: Violin, tamborine and vocals Paula Cole: Vocals Levon Minassen: Doudouk Jean Claude Naimo: Synthesizers, piano, organ and vocals Manu Catche: Drums, tamborine and vocals
Whilst I dont have the DVD I have the video which has a fine transfer and no dubbing so this review is based mainly on that. This is very good. The band play well and Peter shows his abilities as a dancer and actor (the visuals in themselves are amazing). Peters vocals are as strong as ever and the compositions (all as always written or cowritten by Gabriel are all great. Forget Phil Collins Live, for the ultimate live music expieriance watch a Peter Gabriel concert.
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on April 21, 2003
I'm a big Peter Gabriel fan, and a fan of the Secret World CD - so I thought I would love this DVD. I'm really quite disappointed, however. I read the other reviews, and since I have an EXCELLENT sound system, the sound issues that are reported in some of the other reviews didn't discourage me. It's not the quality of the sound that disappoints me most, it's the entire quality of the DVD (audio + video).
It's apparent to me that the concert video does not match the music very well. It's almost like you're watching a video of the concert and listening to the Secret World music CD. It's apparent that the 2 were not recorded in synch. I'm not an over-critical person, but when I compare the quality of this DVD to The Eagles - Hell Freezes Over, or Elton John, Dave Mathews Band, etc. there is simply no comparison. I'd love for Peter Gabriel to come out with a DVD that was recorded in concert - live (audio and video). But for now, the reason I am giving this 3 stars is because I simply love the music.
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on April 16, 2003
There is nothing else out there that is even close to this DVD purchase.
You will spend this same amount on an unrewarding stereo CD.
For that same expenditure as an ordinary CD: you get an unprecendented DTS sound recording with video.
Forget about any other previous commentary about the video quality, they don't understand that this recording was made pre-digital almost 10 years ago in 1994 . You must understand the technology displacement and dismiss deficiencies as "history".. Will the video grain bother you? ABSOLUTELY NOT!
just close your eyes, you won't need to watch anything.
I seriously doubt your ability to remain seated during the very first track: "Come Talk To Me"
If you get to track 5 "Shaking The Tree", and you are still sitting down...
you and I do not share music compatibility. Quite simply: Go away.
You can NOT possibly get to track 8 "Kiss That Frog", without jumping up to your feet...
At that point you are half way through the DVD, and the excellence is totally sustained throughout the next half of this incredible DVD.
***Fire Trucking Amazing.***
Secret World!!
In Your Eyes!!!
Over and over and over again you will play.
Is this a positive review? DUH!!!
I recommend:
You must have an "Air Guitar", "Air Drum Set", or some another phantom instruments to play. Have it ready on your very first play this DVD! You're gonna need it.
If you already have the 6 speakers:
you pay only [$]. You will finally understand why you paid whatever big bucks it was you paid for your existing DTS surround sound environment.
If you don't have all 6 speakers or DTS:
this DVD accommodates what you already have with simple Stereo or Dolby 5.1.
But I warn you.... Scary!! this DVD will compell you to spend $$ hundreds, even a $$ thousand $$ dollars $$ to upgrade your system.
Is is THAT GOOD? : Yes it is. Period. I love my 12" subwoofer!. You're gonna want one.
The 1994 video is : 1994 technology. Close your eyes. You won't need the video.
The DTS remixed 1994 audio is : Priceless.
I got a bunch of DTS DVDs. Sure, I like "Armageddon" and "U-571" and "Shrek"....
but this... ! Fire Trucking Amazing.
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on April 8, 2003
It's nice to finally have this on DVD. The sound quality is superb and different, I guess the DVD has different vocal tracks for some songs, I own the VHS version too and there are songs like Solsbury Hill or Secret World qhere you can notice interesting differences vs the DVD (vocal errors included).
The audio mix shows some nice details that were hidden in the VHS version like soft touches of David Rhodes in guitar, Shankar inviolin, Manu katche and Mr. Toni Levin astonishing job on Bass guitar, stick, etc but hides or reduces some others.
I haven't had picture problems in my DVD the picture quality is by far better that thr VHS versions. At least that is true for home DVD players I have tested.
There's a very interesting surprise in the DVD. I live in spain (Pal format and Zone 2) but I bought the SWL DVD since I own a Multi format / multi zone DVD. The surprise was that it is labeled as Zone 0 (the world logo with a 0 inside) instead of Zone 1 as is announced by Amazon. That means that anyone with a NTSC compatible DVD (PAL/NTSC for europe) could play this one.
To have this DVD is good warming up for the oncoming PG concert, the Growing Up tour bonus documentary is excellent and shows some of the things we can expect (production musicians, commentaries, etc)
IMHO this is the best concert DVD money can buy right now
Barcelona, Spain
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on February 28, 2003
Well, I'm a Peter Gabriel Fan since the Genesis era and I own POV and SWL in VHS, so the release of this extraordinary concert in DVD is a great new. Peter has always taken care of the production and details of CDs and Videos so we can expect an outstanding DVD production in audio, video and extra material.
About the concert: The band is brilliant. The rhythm section conformed by Tony Levin and Manu Katche is just astonishing. Tony is the best Bass/stick/upright bass player period !. Manu Katche is precise as always, David Rodes brings his pictorial guitar style that perfectly matches Gabriel music, Jean Claude Naimro is a very talented keyboard player, Paula Cole vocals are superb and Shankar, Levon Minassian, Papa Wemba and Molokai provides additional (and wonderful) colors and flavors to some songs. To write something about Mr Gabriel would be redundant. He's just the best.
I specially like the San Jacinto version (not included in the CD ), the stage concept that was developed by R. Lepage and Gabriel is brilliant. Pay attention to Tony Levin's chapman stick performance in this song and in Secret World.
The only thing I would have added to the DVD edition is the Biko version and possibly the games without frontiers version of the tour (very good) instead of "kiss that frog". That would have make it a 7 stars DVD.
I can't wait to receive the DVD.
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on March 27, 2003
Let me not waste too much of your time: Frankly, this is, hands down, the most amazing concert I have seen! This DVD offers a glimpse of why Peter Gabriel has a superb reputation as a live performer. The sound quality is spectacular! Unfortunately, I am SURE that Peter Gabriel had next to nothing to do with the planning for this Laser Disc converstion to DVD format. The picture quality is mediocre at best, due to the grainey picture quality. Peter Gabriel is one of the greatest showmen ever, and I am sure when you see this DVD that you will be in full agreement with me when I say that Peter Gabriel was violated by his video production company. An improved picture quality could make this the best concert DVD in publication. Still, this is a nice DVD to own if you've missed Peter Gabriel's shows. Just don't expect much from this DVD as an example of year 2003's DVD picture quality capabilities.....Sorry!
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on September 19, 2012
I'm a die-hard fan of Peter Garbriel. I saw this show in Montreal in the 90's and it was sensational. The VHS Copy I bought then had superb image and sound. When the DVD came out, I bought a copy. To my dismay, the image was very good but the sound was awful. Very narrow dynamic range. When the Blu-ray version came out, I was curious if the sound had been corrected. Nope...just the same, a bit better than the DVD maybe. Not bad, but the VHS copy soundtrack is still better, image awful but great sound !! I tweaked every button on my 5.1 surround system and pre-amplifier, checked everything in 2CH or HD, still... the VHS sound was superior without any adjustment. So, if you want a fair image but OK sound buy the Blu-ray, if you don't mind the picture quality but need the right sound, find an old VHS Copy !!
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on January 3, 2004
I like concert videos and I have both DVD and VCR versions of this. I am glad I read these reviews because I learned that the sound is much improved if you change it from the default DTS to Dolby 2.0 (unless you're using DTS in which case never mind).
There have been some changes made for the DVD and not all for the better. I think some of the "grainy" complaints are because the filmmaker has chosen to add closeups which weren't really there... i.e. picking a small portion of the frame and blowing it up to make it a close up and naturally that makes those shots a bit grainy. Some of the choice of shots is a bit disappointing in comparison with the original and there's a bit more of the MTV jerkiness (in every sense of the word) about camera mix in a couple of numbers. You get grainy close-ups and disconcerting cross-cuts at the expense of the wider views that show you what's actually going on. OTOH there's also a few places where the choices of shot are better than the original - patriculary giving a little more prominence to the fabulous Manu Katche (sp?) in the opening number.
That stated, this is still absolutely the best concert video bar none that I own or have owned. House of Yes comes quite close also 90125 - but that was rather more than a concert video anyway.
I've always liked PG's music without ever being a real fan but this is an almost perfect mix of styles and theatrics and special effects.
Yes it's highly choreographed - that's the show he's putting on. You don't go to a ballet and complain because it's too choreographed and the same complaint is just as out of place here. The musicians are all phenomenal, the show is wonderful and imaginative, it's long but never gets boring. Every song has its own identity both musically and visually. The musicians, even while they're following their choregraphed movements, are plainly enjoying themselves - and the music - and even the slight campiness of putting movement to the music; enjoying themselves enormously.
When I watch this video, and I do often, I get a gut sadness that I wasn't at the show to experience it live and a real joy at the recorded experience I AM getting. The very best music can bring up emotions and touch you very personally and this is the very best.
I love this video.
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