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Jaws arrives at blu ray with MPEG-4 AVC 1080p 2.35:1 encode.

The video transfer was struck from a recent restoration of the original camera negatives, supervised and approved by Steven Spielberg. Universal considered the original camera negative was the best quality and resolution for 4K scanning. All the scratches were carefully removed using a liquid gate process by Cineric, a top restoration post facility in New York. Then, the files were worked on by skilled technicians at Universal Studio, meticulously worked to balance colour, remove dirt and scratches and repair any additional frame damage on a shot by shot, frame by frame basis.

Video assessent: Considered the age of the movie (1975), this transfer is fantastic with spot-on contrast and stunning clarity into the far distance. Black levels are inky with excellent delineation of the various gradations and small background objects hiding in the shadows. The video displays sharp, distinct definition in the hair and clothing of the cast, revealing wrinkles and pores in the faces of actors. You can clearly make out every detail and objects in Quint's boat, from the scratches and imperfections on the wood to the bottles and fishing tools hanging along the walls. Bruce the Shark, in particular, shows a few scars not seen before, and its fish skin is looking especially slimmer and smoother than ever. The colour palette receives a generous boost without feeling artificial, especially in the bold primaries. Overall, this is a magnificent and splendid presentation of a great classic. (5/5)


The original mono recording is also given the restoration treatment and receives a massive upgrade with this DTS-HD Master Audio 7.1 soundtrack. Credit has to go to the engineers who worked on this because it is brilliant. Rather than simply making new foley effects, they singled the sounds from the original design, cleaned them up and repurposed them, expanding the soundfield into a wonderfully immersive aural experience. Conversations are precise and intelligible. Dynamic range is sharply rendered and detailed. John Williams’ wonderful Oscar winning score adds more suspense to the movie. As written in the blu ray book, Spielberg Shoots, Williams Scores! (5/5)


Jaws won three Academy Awards:

Best Music, Original Dramatic Score: John Williams
Best Film Editing: Verna Fields
Best Sound

Jaws was nominated for Best Picture, but lost to One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest.


Jaws had an estimated budget of $8 million, but grossed $430 million worldwide.

Steven Spielberg shot roughly 25% of the film from water level to provide the viewers the perspective as if they were treading water.

Steven Spielberg named the shark "Bruce" after his lawyer. After the shark was built, it was never tested in the water, and when it was put in the water at Martha's Vineyard, it sank straight to the ocean floor. It took a team of divers to retrieve it.

Brody's dog in the movie was actually Steven Spielberg's real dog.

Like Alfred Hitchcock doing cameo in his own movies, did you notice Steven Spielberg playing first clarinet for the beach scene?


I bought the Collector’s series Blu-ray book with a two disc collectable 46-page hardcover book, featuring an introduction by producer Richard D. Zanuck, storyboards, Mechanical shark blueprints and behind the scenes photography, together with collectable O-Card packaging with flap featuring trivia and the film’s original posters from different countries, including Thailand, US, Italy, Turkey, France, Spain, Canada and India. This book is precious!


Starring Roy Scheider, Richard Dreyfuss, and Robert Shaw, Jaws is the film which has left a permanent mark on the history of cinema, remaining one of the most effective horror thrillers ever made, and it changed the motion picture industry forever. The simple, high-concept premise of a man-eating shark terrorizing a small beach resort community not only transformed Steven Spielberg into a household name, but also introduced the special effects, blockbuster extravaganza which has become the staple of the summer movie season. There are two versions: one with simply the movie, and the other, the one I bought, has the blu-ray book with many collectables. If you are a collector, the latter is definitely preferred. At any rate, this blu ray release is highly recommended.

I hope the above review is helpful to you.
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on May 10, 2013
This digibook is simply amazing!
The it's packaging and the blu ray picture and sound are mind-blowing.
In case your wondering this is exactly the same as the American, it just comes with a removable sticker in French and once you remove it its all English.
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on August 16, 2012
I own and actually have seen this brand-new blu-ray transfer. It is amazing. It may not look quite like a shiny new produced-in-2012 release, but it sure doesn't look like a movie from 1975 either. The detail, colour, sharpness and contrast are far superior to the previous DVD releases. As for the suggestion that the restoration isn't recent and this is the same transfer because the 2005 release also didn't show the colour fading and tears shown in the original camera negative shots shown in the restoration feature - that's false. Very false. This 2012 version is the first time they went back to the original camera negatives to do the transfer. Previous versions were struck from a new master print pieced together using the best available 35mm prints Spielberg and company could find after discovering the original master print rotting away in the cans in Universal's storage facility (google Film Preservation Wikipedia for more details). The time and considerable expense of restoring the original camera negs was done as part of Universal's 100th anniversary campaign. Rest assured, this IS a new transfer and it is the best that Jaws has ever looked and sounded. (Believe Steven Spielberg if you don't believe me.) And lastly, the 1080p blu-ray image blows the upconverted 480p DVD image out of the water (and the 7.1 DTS Master HD soundtrack ain't bad either).
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on August 27, 2014
I ordered this movie because I am a lover of sharks. A lot of people think that is wrong but they also have to realize we are going into their territory. They were here before us. They will always be on a mission to sniff out new things and sometimes take on their own action. For instance a Great White can kill you or just take a bite or so. They don't feast on humans because that is not their nature. All sharks were here before us. As hateful as sharks can be, we are the ones that are basically treading on private property. Just pick your spots carefully. A Great White will take the first bite but also spits it out. Can't blame the sharks for our pain and suffering because we are the ones to blame. They really don't know what humans are. They are just looking for food. I am sorry if you don't like my review but it is all true.
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on November 17, 2012
Once every year I pull out my old dvd copy of Jaws and watch it just before the Fourth of July. Found out Universal releasing it for the first time on blu-ray so this time I held off watching it on dvd this year. Unfortunately, I was moving to a new city and missed the first week sale of the blu-ray (wanted the digibook version). I finally bought one many weeks later but accidentally dropped it denting the cover. I decided to buy another but they were all sold out [of the digibooks]. However, I found that Amazon (Canada) still had them in stock. Bought it and the order shipped quickly without any problems. However, I just noticed that there a few small printed details on the back cover that are different from the US version. But, I can live with it. As for the movie itself - love it! The picture quality is unbelievable. Universal did a fantastic job restoring this classic movie. I can now retire my dvd copy now :P
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on June 19, 2013
There are some things I don't. In some parts they've actually increased the sound to give it more of a kick I prefer the classic version. It's a movie that is somewhat dependent on sound so when you mess with it, it takes away from it. It's clear and you can see a lot more detail but what they've done with the sound just ruined it for me. They've modernized it to what today's horror movies would sound like and with an old movie like this although you're watching an old movie it makes it seem like a cheap movie that was made recently. I know it probably doesn't make sense but I really don't like it and JAWS is my 2nd favorite movie of all time. I've watched this movie inside and out with all the special features know trivia I am literally a JAWS fanatic *points at username* They ruined it for me.
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on April 18, 2014
Exciting and my first introduction to sharks although i now understand that they are not the vicious creatures that are presented in this story, A good horror story that is well acted and filmed. Scary ++++ even after 40 years! Not for youngsters or the timid.
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on February 8, 2013
Disappointed. For all the "newly restored from original 35mm elements" hype, the 2012 region-1 DVD is significantly blurrier than the 2005 (30th anniversary) region-2 DVD I already owned. The new edition is superficially "cleaner", yes, but the boosting of contrast and noise reduction resulted in a very noticeable loss of overall detail. The two stars are for the botched new DVD transfer, of course. But this is the product I'm reviewing here. This really should look very different, new "HD" master and all ...
And, this is not about the limits of the DVD format either. (My benchmark DVD with regard to overall detail and sharpness still is the 2001(!) R2 edition of North by Northwest. Those who own it know what I'm talking about.)
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on June 23, 2013
I remember the summer of "Jaws".... and this 100th Anniversary Collector's Series DVD helped me re-live it! The transfer is beautiful, the colours exceptional, the music just as stirring as it was the first time I heard it.... DUH duh DUH duh.... This one comes with the DVD, BluRay, Digital Copy, and special 45 page booklet reminiscing about the making of the movie, with photos, storyboard drawings, conceptualized posters, and much more, making this a MUST HAVE for the Jaws collector. Love it!
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on July 25, 2013
Having been a fan of Jaws since I was twelve years old, I have watched it every year around July 4th ever since then (I'm 42 now)!

Finally, with my very own copy of the DVD and Blu-Ray, including a collector's picture book with amazing Jaws facts, I don't have to rely on finding it at two in the morning on t.v. Now, I can watch it at my leisure every July, as well as any other time the craving hits me!

"You're gonna need a bigger t.v."

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