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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on December 7, 2012
The openness is super. The number of activities is great. The takedown gameplay is right on. Getting attacked in the back by a komodo dragon while trying to snipe or seeing a tiger sweeping an outpost never gets old... It's a walk in the jungle where you are the hunter and the hunted. Put the music off, you need to hear everything.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon May 20, 2014
Farcry 3 is an first person shooter for the playstation 3, xbox 360 and PC. This review will only cover my experiences with Farcry 3's playstation 3 experience, and does not reflect on experiences I had on the PC version.

Farcry 3 takes place on a remote island where the main character, Jason Brody, his friends and brothers go sky diving. As it turns out though, the island is locked in a war between the natives; the Rakaat, and vicious pirates and privateers running a slave trade and producing drugs. The game builds up the character Vaas, a psychotic, drugged out maniac who leads the pirates as the main villain, and his drug-lord patron, Hoyt.

After escaping, Jason must find a way to reunite all his friends and get them safely off the island. The dialogue feels genuine, and Jason's development over the course of the game is easily understandable. Never having killed before, he has to take up hunting, and the mass killing of pirates to save the people he cares about. The characters are believable; and that is handsdown the most important thing. However it slacks off in the final phase of the game and takes a turn for stupid-ville, offering the player a choice that completely contradicts all of Jasons actions, and really makes no sense other than the fact it's there to inject a sex scene into the game.

Graphics and Music

For a game where the main focus was PC development, Farcry 3 looks fantastic on the PS3. However the graphics did suffer noticeably, and the worst area of the game is definitely it's framerate: especially in co-op it's particularily bad. However the experience isn't hampered by this too badly. The game still plays well, and looks great while doing it. However, it isn't the best looking game on console by a long shot.

The music is well done. Using a blend of music, Far Cry 3 manages to deliver tension and atmosphere where needed. Using a blend of current-day music and music made specifically for the game. The game is however, mostly silent as is befitting of a game where you prowl the jungles hunting pirates and animals alike.

The voice acting is some of the best in any video game I've played. Vaas, Hoyt, Jason --- every character is a joy to listen to. It sounds like everyone really got into the roles of their characters, and when delivering a story of this caliber, quality voice acting is a must.


The singleplayer mode of Farcry 3 features around a long campaign. Jason drives from location to location over the open-world Island to mission sites. Missions offer a variety of rewards. But in the event the player doesn't want to work on the story, there are plenty of other things to do.

Farcry 3 is very much an RPG. Jason will level up as he completes missions, open-world objectives such as activating radio towers, retaking outposts from Pirates (which will neutralize the pirate threat in areas and make hunting in the area easier). Leveling up will allow him to select perks from three separate skill trees that will influence his abilities significantly. Animals can be hunted and harvested to upgrade things like ammunition, how many guns you can carry, how many stim packs; and special quests are offered for the big-bad animals like giant white sharks to give Jason the biggest upgrades.

Functioning as an FPS, Jason can stealth his way to victory with instant-melee kills or the silent bow, or he can go in, guns blazing in a stolen vehicle with a plethora of explosives (including molotovs which can quickly turn a large area into a terrifying forest-forest that's a threat to everyone) and heavy machine guns. Throwing rocks will distract enemies; and there are bonuses for completing objectives in stealth. However, stealth isn't the focus of the game, so even on the hardest difficulties, mowing everyone down is a valid option to pursue.

There are some rail sections which help break up the monotony of doing the same thing over and over again, and there are plenty of missions to complete around the Island that aren't tied to the main quest; items to find, animals to hunt, side objectives to complete to get access to better guns.

Where Farcry 3 really falls short however, is it's co-op on the PS3. The flame mechanics do not function like they do in the campaign, you're forced to pick a class and use a gun from that, you have comparatively little health. The objectives are painfully repetitive: walk down an empty dirt road, kill every enemy in an area (of which continually spawn for 5+ minutes), rinse and repeat. Wait for door to open. Kill 400 enemies. It's not fun at all. It was painful to play. In fact, the co-op doesn't even feel like Farcry 3 beyond looking like Farcry 3.


Farcry 3 tells a great story and offers great gameplay. However there is no competitive modes to enjoy beyond the singleplayer, and the co-op missions are a far cry from Far Cry 3. If other options are available, such as PC, I would recommend purchasing the game on that platform instead, as the unstable frame rates and watered down graphics are pretty noticeable. However if the PS3 is your only option, then any fan of FPS games should own Farcry 3, especially now it's price is so reasonable.
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on March 10, 2013
This game is amazing. The story line and gameplay is incredible. After completion of the game (takes about 3 weeks if gaming 2hrs+ per day), it becomes a little boring as the map features become repetitive. Its the best and only true first person sandbox game. Beyond the story line there is the option of making your own maps which is amazing but sometimes freezes. Plus you can play online and upload your maps. The online game is good but the maps are all (basically) in a similar setting.

I highly recommend the experience of completing it though! BUY IT!
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on January 27, 2013
Story is pretty good. Game play is great, the scenery is fantastic and the island is beautiful.

My only pet peeve with this game is holding a button (Triangle) to heal. Makes it difficult to survive because you are almost never 100% sure if it registered properly since it shares the same button as switch weapon (tap). Also, you can't "leave" a mission area because it will you boot you out of the mission automatically and transport you back to the nearest radio tower or camp site. Would have been better if the mission just dropped on the spot and not having to teleport you anywhere after.

If you don't have the patience to be stealthy and like to charge in and kill everyone (like me), some missions - like two or three - require that you can not be seen so be conscious of that if you're not good at being stealthy and not allowed to kill anyone in the process.

Other than that, plenty of things to do (questing, hunting, assassination missions) to fill up your free time.
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on January 13, 2013
Best game I've *ever* played; not so much a 1st person shooter. It's awesome, a lot of fun, a lot of variety and jam-packed. Story aspect of the game can be finished in ~15-25 hours depending on your dedication and gameplay experience, but, there's still tons more to do and discover. Multiplayer has both co-op (story) and competitive; it's awesome!
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on January 22, 2013
Let me begin by saying, I have played Far Cry 2 and Far Cry 3 is 100x times better.

The story is quite decent. It's a HUGE OPEN world game with tons of activities to do (if you so happen to choose to do so).

There are outposts of pirates to kill, a variety of exotic animals to hunt (to improve your character).

How rare is it in a game where you get to walk in a jungle of trees and encounter a fight with a tiger or leopard?

It's all done very beautifully as the game has some of the best graphics on the ps3 thus far.

I played Assassin's Creed 3 and Far Cry 3 both, and Far Cry 3 is the better game.

The online game modes are extremely fun with both coop and multiplayer.

Keep in mind there is a lot of swearing and some scenes of nudity in the game - so not recommended for kids.

Otherwise, this game's a keeper!

9/10! Highly Recommended!
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on March 11, 2013
Everything about this game is absolutely astounding. Also, as far as cutscenes go and game ending stories, no other game has ever gotten me emotionally worked up, this one brought a tear to my eye, and (the writing for) Vas will blow your mind and leave you feeling insane (I think that's the whole point during the last shot of him when he opens his eyes and looks directly at you).
This is truly a re-playable where you'll uncover and have just as much fun as the first time around.

There also seems to be a lot subliminal things within the game as well, I won't mention any cause it's probably adds to the intensity of the story.

Overall, buy this game if you ever wished you were on LOST but realized the LOST videogame blows.

18 E3 awards and nominations! that's unheard of - You'll never get a better all-around game for a VERY long time.
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on January 28, 2013
Huge world. Fast paced. Animals to scare the crap out of you. intelligent AI. Great voice acting. All around fun.
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on January 20, 2013
I didn't think I would like an open world type of game, but the reviews were good and it was on sale during boxing week. So I picked it up. It turns out that that it's way better than I expected. If I knew how good it is, I would pay the full price. Aside from the game play, it's got incredible visuals.
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on May 18, 2013
The product came promptly and at a really good price. My husband is very happy with it and was impressed by some of the things that were included in the game and packaging. He said that the money saved was excellent! It was a really successful buy ;)
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