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Has Matt Damon given up the Bourne movies? He excelled as Jason Bourne and is a hard act to follow. Bourne Legacy is less of a sequel, and more of a spin off.

Certainly elements of it work very well. Jeremy Renner brings his own brand of intensity to the role, and I like Rachel Weisz as the doctor with whom he goes on the run. I loved the way the scene in her house unfolded with all its twists and turns.

Renner plays a character not named Bourne, but a former soldier named Aaron Cross. Unlike Bourne he remembers everything but seems to be unaware that he was part of a sinister experiment testing for biological weaponry, and he constantly needs medication or something bad will happen.

It's several years later. Treadstone has become an embarrassment, requiring clean up before it gets even more embarrassing.

In covert parlance cleanup means kill. He has been part of a biological warfare experiment though he seems unaware of this, and has to take certain medication. He does have mad lethal skills like Bourne, and he is extremely resourceful. So he becomes the loose end that fights back.

Edward Norton brings his A game as the spook on his trail, giving an outstanding performance and the array of technology at his disposal is impressive.

Matt Damon's Bourne movies are a hard act to follow, nevertheless Bourne Legacy does have its moments. I liked the fact that the answer to the problem lay in the Phillipines, and Cross is resourceful enough to fake a passport with new identities while both he and the doctor are being searched for at the highest levels, and the impressive technology being used to catch them is actually pretty scary. I also found the drone sequences in the wilderness very engaging.

Can they really do all this?

I particularly liked the action sequences particularly the motorbike chase scene in the Philippines, and how the doctor initially lacking any defense skills before she meets Cross, now gets some aggression and contributes realistically to a memorable action sequence, while will probably be the strongest memory I take from this movie.

If you are a Bourne fan, and seen all the movies, your reaction might be similar to mine, I found it a worthwhile experience, and I think that most people having enjoyed the previous Bourne movies will enjoy this too. I hope this was helpful.
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on March 19, 2013
I love all the previous Bourne movies. This fell way short of the mark. As the actors are usally good, I blame the director. I sold it as soon as I suffered through it.
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on August 4, 2013
First off, I loved the original Jason Bourne trilogy starring Matt Damon. And I like Jeremy Renner as an actor. But whoever gave the green light to this movie called the Bourne Legacy should be fired...maybe even sued lol. It's absolutely horrible. And I came to the theatre with low expectations wanting to like the continuity of the series. On top of that, the first 15 mins of the movie starts off well enough and had me intrigued. But then we are introduced to Rachel Weiss's? character among other pointless characters...and that is where the whole movie falls apart. The script is horrible, the story line is horrible. For anyone who saw this you even recall what the main storyline is? lol yes it's that forgettable. Oh yeah, I remember now. We have another rogue agent, let's kill him. Just remember what you loved about the original trilogy...and know that ZERO elements of that exist in this piece of garbage. On top of that, we have the new Bourne character who now relies on some sort of drug injection to keep him going. huh? when did this happen?
Now I would love to discuss the ending, because it is by far the worst ending I have ever seen in movies. But I won't spoil this rotting carcus of a movie for those who want to be surprised. lol. I will say this about the ending, as all movies have a final battle. When you do watch the ending...ask yourself two questions. Who actually won the final fight? and what are the specific details on how the fight was won? Say the answers out loud, think about it...and you will almost laugh out loud on how rediculous it was. Seriously. Then after you are done watching this farce, please be sure to watch the origional Jason Bourne trilogy. And know that the original trilogy will never be touched or tarnished or ruined.
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on September 16, 2013
Good film. I liked this film as much as the first in the series. Good quality packaging with excellent and prompt delivery. I can enjoy this movie many times over and share with family and friends on my own time.
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on June 16, 2014
this is a great action movie always moving fast, for the action buff this is a must see, you won't be disappointed
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on February 13, 2015
We love the Bourne movies. This one was not the best of the series but still worth watching!
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on November 24, 2012
I like the Bourne with Matt Damon and had no expectation bout this one. It was a new story, new characters, new schemes etc. And yes, it wasn't as good as the Matt Damon ones, but hey I still like it. Jeremy Renner delivers an Aaron Cross who is more hothead and (in my opinion) as a soft spot for Martha (Rachel Weisz). I love how they both evolve separetly and then together. What would have made this movie better? It could have been longer!! :D
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on September 15, 2014
very good action packed movie. fits right in with the other 3 bourne movies.
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on January 25, 2015
Très bon film à un prix très abordable, je recommande ce film.
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on February 22, 2016
story weaker than earlier ??? but really good viewing . . .
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