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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on December 27, 2012
bought the blu ...

was more than satisfied by this release ...............

picture is excellent, 16mm source, excellent grain, to my eyes, no DNR or edge enhancement to be seen ..... colour is a little bit faded ...

nice long shots, where one can get a feeling of actually watching the band perform .....

sound quality is great.

supertramp fans will appreciate this release for sure.

one should not expect hyper real modern day HD sharpness ...........

very happy they did not 'mess' with the picture here, like they did with the recent doors hollywood bowl bluray .... where they removed all grain and artificially sharpened the image ...... no waxy blobs here thank goodness.
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on March 22, 2016
This is truly one of the best original concerts that I get to enjoy again. I have most of Supertramps albums and had the luck to see them play live after the release of Crime of the Century here in my home town of Kingston, Ontario in JH Arena at Queens University then again in Ottawa after the release of Breakfast in America and I can assure you the Live in Paris concert is basically a combination of these two original concerts. So many incredible hits one after another and then to have it released as a blue ray, just doesn't get better. I recently had a friend over that was to young to have seen Supertramp live but loved them all the same. His comment after seeing this video was "it was the the greatest concert that I've been to without being there!"
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For Supertramp fans (and fans of progressive rock) only. It's a 1979 concert that has been remastered. It looks and sounds good, but not the quality of a modern day concert film (hence the 4 star rating). Still worth having if you're a fan of the band. It has about 90 minutes of concert footage and the missing half hour of songs are including as bonus tracks (audio only, with some weak videos added to them). Wish there was extra bonus of band interviews, etc. The DVD comes with a booklet that's quite decent.

The Live in Paris CD is from the same tour but recorded on different night(s). Both the CD and this DVD are near the end of their tour. The band is very tight and very "on", and the set list of songs is fantastic. The songs are from their 4 most famous 1970's albums (Breakfast in America, Crisis What Crisis, Crime of the Century, Even In the Quietest Moments) and the band performs the songs true to the studio recordings. The footage is quite good and the camera is usually where is should be, focussed on the band the entire time.

Another reviewer commented that a BluRay also exists for a bit more money but that the quality itself of the original concert probably wouldn't look much better anyways. Although I have not seen the BluRay to compare it with the DVD, I tend to agree. I don't think it will look any cleaner on BluRay, although it may sound even better on BluRay (and it already sounds quite good on DVD).

There really isn't a lot available from Supertramp in their prime, and rumour has it the film will be pulled or discontinued. So don't hesitate to grab it if you find it for a good price (around $20 or less). It's a shame Hodgson and Davies can't settle their differences, as it would truly be a fantastic reunion and a concert worth seeing. I saw Hodsgon a couple years ago and he sounded as good as ever - check him out if you can.
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on March 6, 2016
This is obviously not a new concert, but a good job of remastering. I was never a Supertramp Fan. I can see the talent these guys have, and their egos don't intrude too much. Will watch again, and if you were a Fan back in the 70's, you need this concert.
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Supertramp is the supergroup, formed in England in 1969. Members consisted of Roger Hodgson (vocals, guitar), Rick Davies (vocal, keyboards), John Helliwell (sax), Dougie Thomson (bass), and Bob Siebenberg (drums). The band took the name from a 1938 book by W.H. Davies The Autobiography of a Supertramp.

In U.S., Supertramp has 10 charted hits on Billboard Hot 100, and 9 charted albums.

Supertramp’s “Breakfast In America” was the biggest selling album in the world in 1979. It spawned several hit singles and went on to win two Grammy Awards and sell in excess of 20 million copies. Following the album’s release Supertramp embarked on a 10 month world tour which arrived in Paris at the end of November. This show from the Pavillon de Paris was both filmed and recorded. The 1980 live album Paris was based on the concert on November 29, 1979, while this Live in Paris concert was actually filmed on December 1. If you already have the live album, this concert disc is an additional bonus: you actually now own two separate concerts.


Although the live album Paris is readily available, the film was never released. The concert itself is the holy grail for every long suffering Supertramp fan. Now for the first time, Supertramp’s Live in Paris 79 arrives at blu ray with MPEG 4 AVC 1080i 1.85:1 encode. The footage was transferred and restored to full HD from the original 16mm film, and the result is simply remarkable. There are lots of details. You can clearly see the facial expression of individual members playing their instruments ever so effortlessly. Colours are quite vibrant. Skin tones are natural. Blacks are inky. (4/5)


Live in Paris 79 is available for the first time with DTS-HD 5.1 Master Audio tracks, plus LPCM Stereo. The sound has been remixed by Peter Henderson and Supertramp’s original sound engineer Russel Pope from the original multi-tracks. The result is also remarkable, with crisp, clear vocals from Hodgson and Davies. The instrumental sounds are also clean. The band is very tight. The concert features the different song-writing styles of Roger Hodgson and Rick Davies, who each composed the songs on which they sing lead vocals. (4.5/5)


The song listing (with chart position, year and album source) is as follows:

1. French Touch (intro)
2. School (1975, from Crime of the Century)
3. Bloody Well Right (35/1974)(1975, from Crime of the Century)
4. The Logical Song (6/1979)(from Breakfast in America)
5. Goodbye Stranger (15/1979)(from Breakfast in America)
6. Breakfast In America (62/1980)
7. Hide In Your Shell (1975, from Crime of the Century)
8. Asylum (1975, from Crime of the Century)
9. Even In The Quietest Moments (1977, from Even in the Quietest Moments)
10. Give A Little Bit (15/1977)(from Even in the Quietest Moments)
11. Dreamer (15/1980)(from Crime of the Century)
12. Rudy (1975, from Crime of the Century)
13. Take The Long Way Home (10/1979)(from Breakfast in America)
14. Another Man’s Woman (1975, from Crisis? What Crisis?)
15. Child Of Vision (1979, Breakfast in America)
16. Fool’s Overture (1977, from Even in the Quietest Moments)
17. Two Of Us (1975, from Crisis? What Crisis?)
18. Crime Of The Century (1975, from Crime of the Century)
19. From Now On (credits)(1977, from Even in the Quietest Moments)

Bonus Features:

Five tracks for which the original footage has been lost are presented with newly created montage visuals:
1. Ain’t Nobody But Me (1975, from Crisis? What Crisis?)
2. You Started Laughing (When I Held You In My Arms)(from 1980, Paris)
3. A Soapbox Opera (1975, from Crisis? What Crisis?)
4. From Now On (1977, from Even in the Quietest Moments)
5. Downstream (1977, from Even in the Quietest Moments)

Because this concert was performed in 1979, naturally, the hits, like It’s Raining Again, My Kind of Lady and Cannonball, were not included. The concert was full value with a very enjoyable 133 minutes. (Concert: 5/5)


Eagle Rock has brought us many blu ray concerts in the past, like Katherine Jenkins: Believe Live at O2 (reviewed elsewhere), Toto, Gary Numan, James Last, etc. Upcoming releases by Eagle Rock include the Doors Live at the Bowl 68 (blu ray) and Peter Gabriel’s So (blu ray)(both available on October 23).


After 33 years, Eagle Rock has done another fantastic job in bringing this rare concert. Both the video and audio are remarkable for their age and source. This is a legendary show by a legendary band performing at their absolute peak and is a must for any Supertramp fan. The above concert is highly recommended.
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on November 14, 2012
then never...! thanks to Eagle rock entertainment for bringing
to us those marvelous concerts in the best new technology in
sound and vision; like the Doors, the Who, Queen, ELO and Ozzy all
in the past few months...

Lucky to have seen Supertramp live Wed. July 25, 1979 - Jarry Park
in Montreal for $10.00! and having the cd of Paris 1979 since then...
this is the cherry on top of my sunday...that's the only dvd of them
at their peak available "From now on", is it good ? your "Bloody
well right" !

PS: if your debaiting to get it on DVD or Blu-Ray ? for my experience,
any old concerts remaster or not, is not worth the extra money if it
wasn't capture on HD first...get a dvd player with 1080i/ 1080p
upscalling converters (or a blu-ray player) with hdmi output to your hdmi tv input for best result in picture quality.
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on January 17, 2016
Unfortunately my experience differs from others. Picture quality was okay but the sound quality was not as advertised. I was unable to play the disc with DTS-HD 5.1, 2.0 stereo or pcm were my only options. There is nothing wrong with my a/v equipment the problem is with my disc. The only time i have known this happen is when i purchased blu-rays in the grocery store, ( el cheapos) the picture is usually better than regular dvds but the sound is not. To be honest only listened to 5or6 tracks then tried another live concert dvd, not blu-ray and i did get dts 5.1. Concert For George this one is worth the money.
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on April 20, 2013
I was hoping this blu-ray would be a 5 star effort but video quality(mostly fine but some really bad noise in the distant footage) & a few short 'artsy bits' that are thrown in aren't really my thing(I like to watch the band do there thing, not watch videos). I watched a dvd right after this that had much better video quality. It's also a shame they don't have video footage for the 5 other songs from that concert.
That aside, the video is fine given it's age, & seeing this supergroup perform again (I saw them perform their Crime of the Century tour in 1975)was thoroughly enjoyable . They are in fine form, & fans should grab this up. Is the blu-ray worth the extra few bucks? I suspect not.
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on November 11, 2012
Couln't see them when they perform in Montreal Jarry Park around that time and to see them in blu-ray it is just fantastic.
The best of all time progressive rock to me as pink floyd, Genesis, electric light orchestra and we can name it... "The 70s"
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on July 30, 2013
This concert ultimately proves that Supertramp were the most creative live band of this era . The technicality of ther performance is awesome . Those songs been played then are better than anything Roger Hodgson or present day Supertramp are performing live at the moment .
I've seen Roger on numerous occasions and Supertramp as many times . But this has to be there best .
There was a tightness to the band that you dont get from any other live performnce and there is a great intensity to the delivery from Rick and Roger . It was like they were trying to out perform each other . Maybe the cracks in the relationship were beginning to appear or maybe I'm just over reading it !!
Bob siebenberg drumming is powerful as is john helliwell Sax and Clarinet playin .Good to see Dougie Thomson enjoying and contributing to the essential sound of Supertramp
Anyway it's 5 stars from me
Ciaran N
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