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on January 31, 2012
I have tried a number of different "senders" and this is by far the best I have come across. For my needs, going through one wall, about 15-20 feet apart, clear video and audio transmission; no interference at all. Didn't even need to set up the antenna - kept it closed! The worse one I have tried perhaps is the X10's Video Sender Pro - can't even try to move the door to the room as that causes interference, eh? Oh, don't even think about standing in the way of the line-of-sight for the transmission; causes interference. With this Nyrius, solid as a rock!
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on February 6, 2012
My Setup: Transmitter in Living room on ground floor (attached to Dreambox DM500-S), Receiver in bed room on 2nd floor. Works great, easy to setup. Dreambox remote also works in the bed room via IR extender (included with the product), sometimes with a lag, but overall - satisfied. But my dreambox has only composite output, so need to get a composite splitter to output signal to the TV in the living room. But when you change the channel in bed room, the living room channel will also change. So both TVs will show same channel at a given time.
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on October 6, 2013
Since the start of football season, my kitchen was getting increasingly untidy. I had an old CRT Sony doing nothing out in the garage, so I hooked it up in my kitchen via the Nyrius system. A 5-minute set-up from start to finish. No excuses now for rushing back to the game leaving behind a messy sink. One small issue: walking into the kitchen sometimes caused the picture to blip and the sound to stutter - not a problem once you're already in kitchen, cleaning up while footballs fly. After awhile though, I wondered - this thing is so close to perfect, could I get rid of those occasional room-entering blips? I found the answer by doing something counter-intuitive. You're supposed to line up the little saucer-shaped antennae so that the one on the receiver faces the transmitter. That gives you maximum signal. But, as another reviewer noted, the signal is so strong he didn't even flip up these antennae. Just for fun, I turned the receiver's antenna AWAY from the transmitter (and away from the kitchen entrance and the source of walk-through interference.) It had zero effect on picture quality, but put an immediate end to any and all interference. This is a product that works and it's reasonably priced. I was also impressed by the speed of delivery.
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I use this Nyrius Wireless A/V Sender-Transmitter & Receiver System to send picture and sound from a VCR connected to cable to a 13" CRT (cathode ray tube) TV set in an adjacent room on the same floor. I am very pleased with its performance. The picture and sound of the receiving TV set are as good as those of my 32" Sony CRT TV set connected to the VCR by wire. I was pleasantly surprised. Set up is easy: With the On-Off switches at OFF, connect the three RCA connectors of the transmitter to the corresponding ones at the source, e.g. a VCR, employing one of the two RCA cables included. Connect the receiver to the receiving TV set in the same manner. My TV set does not come with RCA connectors. I use an RF modulator to make the connection. Orient the dishes of the transmitter and the receiver so that they face each other. Verify that the DIP-switches at the back of the transmitter and the receiver are set in the same way. Plug in the power. Two 100-240V 50/60 Hz transformers are included. A red LED indicator in the front red window lights up when the power is switched on. There are six channels. Use the channel selection button at the side of the receiver to toggle them for the best picture. There is a built-in IR remote extender in the transmitter. To set it up, insert the 2.5mm plug of the IR emitter into the jack at the side of the transmitter, peel off the piece of white plastic at the bottom of the emitter and stick it on the IR window of the source, in my case, the VCR. Now, I can control my VCR from another room by simply pointing my IR remote control at the red window of the receiver where an IR sensor is located. This IR remote extender works well.
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on March 21, 2013
Just what I was looking for. My PVR is in the family room and wanted to transmit the signal to TV in the kitchen, which is up 1/2 floor and through two interior walls. Small and compact, setup was very easy and works very well. The picture and sound are clear--it's not a HD video signal but I knew this when I was ordering. Because it operates at 5.8 GHz, there is no interference with cordless phone or wireless internet router (2.4GHz and 5GHz). With infrared extender, I can even change channels on the PVR from kitchen. Only wish the transmitter could be turned on and off with a remote control, so I don't have to go downstairs to turn it off. The ON-OFF switches seem a bit flimsy, so don't know how they will hold up to daily on-off cycles. Maybe should just leave it on all the time. Delivery was very fast--I got it two days after ordering from Amazon. I notice the price has dropped by $10 since I ordered it last month :(
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on December 29, 2013
The Nyrius GS-3200 will not pass Bell Satellite Remote control Signals. I contacted the company several times requesting a compatibility list or any possible solutions and I got no solutions other than they said to return the item. The audio and video is passed well and the remote control extender did work with my dvd player.
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on October 26, 2012
The Nyrius NY-GS3200 Wireless Sender / Receiver System w/IR Remote is exactly what I needed. I have a kitchen TV with no cable outlet nearby and because it's a rented suite, bringing cable to the kitchen was not an option. This TV is used for television only, i.e. I'm not a movie watcher so I needed something to get the signal from the cable box in the Living Room to my kitchen TV.
This system does exactly that and does it wirelessly. It was simple to set up, the signal is good (although I occasionally lose it when someone walks in front of the sender unit) and I can watch any channel, not just the one the 'big' television is on (this is why you need the infrared or 'IR' component)
So I'm happy! I got what I wanted, there are no holes in the wall (so the landlord is happy) and I can confidently recommend it.
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on October 7, 2015
Setup of this unit went well., transmission distance was excellent with clear video.. From inside a cement workshop some 90 feet away to the receiver at the far end of the house. Only using the unit to transmit video., no audio.. Hooked up to a Defender DVR Security system. After a short period of time the receiver stopped receiving.. A quick press of the channel button and the unit worked again. Short time later the unit stopped receiving. It appeared to be changing channels. After a couple of days of resetting the receiver I sent it back and got another model ( same company, different unit). The new unit has been working for 3 days now, no problem. I suspect I just got a bad one.. Thanks for the return policy on Amazon.
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on August 30, 2014
I got this several mo. ago & couldn't get it to work after hrs of fiddling with connections etc. The lady at Nyrius support told me to set the target tv to channel 3.Today I changed the input setting of the target Toshiba tv from cable to colorstream. Now I had pic & sound on the tv but no color. I checked the tv's manual online & discovered that I had to use the menu button on the tv's remote to change the av from colorstream to video. Now all is good.

btw I became suspicious that colorstream was the wrong av input setting when I ran the dvd player attached to the target tv (to verify that I had the rca connectors properly identified...they're not red, white, yellow) & got no color.
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on April 29, 2013
After doing online research on different wireless Audio/Video transmitter & receivers, I decided to try out Nyrius NY-GS3200. We have a TV that we wanted to mount in the kitchen and didn't want to run coax cable through kitchen. And we have a second Bell Fibe receiver in our guest bedroom, and I wanted to transmit signal from it through the Nyrius Ny-GS3200 to the mounted TV in the kitchen. Nyrius Ny-GS3200 did the job for us. It was very easy to setup and signal quality is good. The only problem I have is changing the TV channels in the kitchen TV, as it has to be done through the receiver in the second bedroom. Overall I am happy with the product.
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