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4.3 out of 5 stars
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Neil is back. I was so pumped when I heard a year ago that Neil Young was doing a new record with Crazy Horse. I thought Americana from earlier this year was excellent. I didn't think it would be because of the songs but I forgot how good Neil and the Horse are. This is a double album. Like Ragged Glory was suppose to be (they made "Don't Spook The Horse" a b-side to stop the album from needing to be on two CD's). This record reminds me of the before mentioned Ragged Glory but it also sounds like "Broken Arrow" or "Sleeps With Angels" actually this record would have fit in the early 90's no problem.
However this is not for "The Heart Of Gold" people. This record is full of heavy guitars and long solos. This record is for the people that liked Zuma. The first song alone clocks in at over 20 minutes. It's Amazing how Young is making heavier records then just about anybody and he is in his mid sixties. This is a man who remains inspired.
After all is said and done I have one question? How does he get Old Black (his guitar) to sound like that! And by the way THIS RECORD SHOULD BE PLAYED LOUD!!
****added note**** as another reviewer has said I to had my Blu Ray version canceled one week before it's release date. Bought off a seller for a lower price. Also just like the other reviewer this is not the first time, or in my case it's past the twentieth (over six years), that has screwed up something I prebooked. One last point how come my Local Sunrirse and HMV both were able to get it. Serously it's time for to get a new buyer. For a company of's size there is no reason they would not get stock before some of the before mentioned stores. Once again somebody dropped the ball!!
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on December 10, 2012
Psychedelic Pill is in the vein of Neil's more recent jam-filled outings with Crazy Horse - particularly Greendale and Broken Arrow. If you liked those two, I think you'll love this one.
They all, for the most part, have an electric raw-in-the-studio feel and feature some fairly lengthy jams - even more so in the case of Psychedelic Pill.
Greendale reached greater heights with songs like Bandit but I also felt that album ran out of gas musically near the end whereas Psychedelic Pill is consistent throughout, which is an achievement considering this is a two-disk set.
For my tastes, this is Neil's best release in more than 10 years, at least since Silver & Gold.
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on November 15, 2012
I give Neil and the Old Horse five stars on this one. Not that there is anything new. But on Psychedelic Pill, Neil and the Horse showed up for work and delivered the goods. It is their sound, their songs, their harmonies, their music ! For the hardcore fans, you know those who get it into their guts?, this one fills the needs. Some artist you love because they are out of this world. Jimi was somewhere between Jupiter and Saturn. Neil is the same in respect that he is a true original. The difference from Jimi is that Neil is completely from THIS planet. Neil is a rock from this Earth. Actually, if I had to categorize Neil Young with Crazy Horse`s music: I`d call it Canadian Shield Rock ! It`s got something Native about it ! And I don`t know how they do it but I never feel a sense of repeatedness in what they do even when all the ingredients seem to remain the same. That must be talent; naked and raw ! Love these guys ! Can hardly wait to see the show in Montréal November 23rd.
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on November 9, 2012
Neil's latest is an awesome album. The CD version is like a blast from Neil's past. But be warned, don't order the Blu-ray or vinyl versions from My pre-order for the Blu-ray version was abruptly cancelled by *one week before* the release date, and listed as "no longer available". It is listed as available for pre-order on both and
I cancelled my vinyl pre-order and ordered both the blu-ray and vinyl from Warner Music ( This is not the first time I have been messed around by on pre-orders, so be warned.
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on October 31, 2012
Even when Neil Young gets nostalgic he has more to say and more range to say it with than most rock musicians, young or old. The song writing here is not among his finest, but so what? Neil has nothing left to prove. This is about getting back on the Horse and squeezing every bit of nuance out of that glorious sound of theirs. For example the album opens with a 27 minute track that features Crazy Horse going nowhere and taking their time doing it - and sounding better than ever! This is clearly not for newcomers or the Greatest Hits crowd. There are some short, radio friendly tunes here, but the main attraction is the long instrumental jams that dominate the 2 CDs. A sublime gift for Crazy Horse fans.

I doubt many reviewers will mention this, but the album was recorded on analogue tape through a 1960s soundboard with tubes in it! He talks about this in his book. It's part of his ongoing battle to bring back a lost aesthetic in sound recording. And whatever one thinks about the analogue vs digital debate, there is definitely a warmer, textured feel to this CD than most other new CDs. I happened to put on the 1990 CD of Ragged Glory after listening to this one, a DDD recording, and it sounded harsh and abrasive by comparison.
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on January 7, 2013
I think this is the best album ever done by Neil Young. I listen this album since I bought it and I still appreciate it like the first day. Most of the songs are will never play on radio so this is a must to get it
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on December 13, 2013
There are many faces of Neil. This incarnation is not "singles" Neil or "folky" Neil or "country" Neil or "experimental" Neil; this is rambling, gritty, album rock at its finest. Call it garage jam Neil.

So many textures here, it rewards the listener with its life affirming exuberance.
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on May 15, 2013
Neil Young's track record is both long and hard to top. Some of the songs on here wander in and out of just being a lot of noise (I was so fond of you, Walk Like a Giant! Why end in three minutes of pounding??), but others are sheer rock excellence (like, well, the first eleven minutes of Walk Like a Giant).
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on January 7, 2013
I got this CD as a Chritmas gift...Love the cd but the first three songs has a lot of dead air...and the same with the 2nd plays and then has dead air. Is that the way the cd should be? Or did I get a bummed cd
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on November 29, 2012
Good solid rock from one of the best bands ever. The first song is a lenghty ramble with some great guitar work. Overall a consistent set reminisent of Greendale and Ragged glory.
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