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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on March 7, 2013
There is a lot to like in the CELEBRATION DAY: DELUXE EDITION package, including a Blu-ray
version of the December 2007 concert that is rich in colour and detail, yet easy on the eye.
The pair of cd's that duplicate the musical content on the Blu-ray in fine style are accompanied
by a very interesting dvd of a rehearsal of the show, recorded four days before the big concert

Taken together, the elements in CELEBRATION DAY: DELUXE EDITION provide a fine and fitting musical
document that will please longtime fans and be a much-enjoyed momento of what will likely be the
last appearance for Led Zeppelin as the tour-de-force unit that shook the musical world with its signature live performances.

The set-list for the concert is first-rate, kicking off with Good Times, Bad Times, and
wrapping up with Rock'n'Roll. The numbers are performed with lots of verve--although
discerning listeners might miss the sonic abandon of earlier years. It would have been nice
to hear more of Zeppelin's fine keyboard-based material, such as In the Evening,
but it's a pleasure to see and hear the reunion concert in its entirety and to be
taken on an uplifting tour of most of Zep's best songs.

Jason Bonham does an excellent job sitting in on drums, but, in watching the video content, it
seemed to me that Page, Plant,and Jones weren't consistently having a whole lotta fun being with each other.
Smiles, moments of laughter, and mutual encouragement aren't much in evidence. I would guess
that the tension stemming from Page and Jones desiring to fulfill hopes for a reunion tour,
but being kept from achieving that goal by Plant's reluctance to participate could account for
the low-key interaction.

The band members' quotations featured as part of he little booklet that provides a detailed
run-down of the songs on the discs in CELEBRATION DAY provides some telling evidence about
the reasons for the one-off nature of the reunion. Bonham's comments are lengthy, emotionally-grounded
and sincere. Jones' remarks are brief, Page's somewhat scattered, and Plant's both cryptic and revealing.
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on December 13, 2012
I saw this concert movie at the single night it was released in the theatre. If you've got a decent sound system - crank it up to get the full impact of a stellar performance from arguably the greatest band ever. Thankfully the cameras were used properly and you don't get the MUCH MUSIC/MTV videos full of lightning fast edits that can make you feel seasick. Also, the band stays pretty close together so there are many group shots of the four of them. It is interesting to watch the bonus DVD that has the full set during a last minute rehearsal at Shepperton studios, and it's nice to have 2 CD's from the concert that are great in the car during long trips. This is a MUST-HAVE for any Zeppelin fan. Boy do they still have it!!!
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on April 24, 2013
Having heard the performance before I bought the vinyl, I knew that I was getting I was going to like. The product itself was very well designed and put together. Heavy cardboard box contains the 180g wax in nice anti static dust sleeves, a must for anyone who collects,plus the extra paper sleeves with the artwork on it. A nice program style book is also a nice touch. I was pleasantly surprised that the vinyl had bubble wrap inside the box to protect the vinyl during shipping, a very nice touch indeed. The package met and exceeded my expectations.
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on March 30, 2013
This was a gift for a die hard Led Zeppelin fan. She thought it was fantastic and even liked the rehersal DVD better than the actual concert because the mix sounded more "live".
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon November 21, 2012
I've been hearing over the years how good this show was, I was skeptical.. To be honest, I bought a vinyl bootleg of this concert a few years back (at huge $$) and despite the average sound quality I was literally blown away!! The fact that this package is available in full blu-ray for my home theatre, plus I have the cd's for my truck while I'm away working, all in PRISTINE SOUND makes this a no brainer for me! The price for this collection, considering all the stuff you get is VERY REASONABLE!! An absolute must have for average to die hard Zeppelin fans! The awesome thing about this package is you rarely see 14 year olds and 64 year olds lining up to buy the same album! That was a weird line up folks, little awkward emo teens talking to adults about Zeppelin, can't say I didn't chuckle at that one!! Anyways, that is LED ZEPPELIN my friends, a power so strong it reminds you of when dinosaurs ruled the earth! The ULTIMATE superband that will never be seen again! This is the reunion, THE ONLY REUNION, it WON'T be done again.. EVER!! So buy it, enjoy it, and EVEN though years have passed, hair has turned to silver, and Jason Bonham is filling in for his dad (R.I.P John), it only takes a few minutes to realize that you're witnessing something MAGICAL and INCREDIBLE at the same time!! That power is Led Zeppelin my friends, the power and legacy of a band so huge that it will NEVER be replicated.. So enjoy.. It's freaking magic.. Highly recommended, this is the stocking stuffer EVERYBODY wants.. Have a good day, hope this helps..
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on May 16, 2015
Je suis sous le charme à réécouter ce blu ray de Led Zeppelin , du rock et un spectacle au sommet de la puissance des rythmes sulfureux! ler dernier show du groupe réunis pour la dernière fois. Nhésitez pas d'acheter ce blu ray pour les fans du groupe du plus célèbre band de tout les temps et le plus aimé du monde entier. It's the best show in the movies from Led Zeppelin.
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Well it's Christmas morning and I'm playing the new CD that my brother sent me before even having the coffee brewing. Great pick brother, and Merry Christmas. That evening we went down to the man cave and played the Concert DVD, I was blown away. This is an Epic reunion 30 years after the split.

I was surprised at Plant's vocals which were in my opinion pretty decent considering that as time goes by the old pipes can get rusty. Definitely not the case in this instance.

Jimmy Page was as usual at the top of his game. He effortlessly paraded across the stage while peeling off lead break after glorious lead break. The man is a god. John Paul Jones provides great bass and organ with some pretty fancy psychedelic moments which brought back the 70's feel once again. And of course, Jason sitting in for his father John, how appropriate. Filling his Dad's shoes with ease, fantastic.

The performance was top shelf as expected. Celebration Day captures a more streamlined band, men in their 60's determined to prove they can still cut it. Over 16 songs and two hours, they do just that.

A great gift brother. Again Merry Christmas.

For previews of music and videos not available on Amazon, check out You Tube for full concert.
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on December 30, 2013
I was a Led Zeppelin fan back in the 70s, had all of their albums, and even had tickets to go see them when the concert was cancelled because Robert Plant's son died. That was the closest I ever got to Led Zeppelin I was introduced to their music by a young friend when I was about 13.- it was Led Zeppelin 2. I have not done more than buy their DVDs because all rock and roll bands are old or dead since the band broke up so when I decided to watch this video on TV I was struck right between the eyes with the most amazing concert I have ever seen on DVD. I was giggling at points by how utterly these senior citizens (plus a drum substitute) could blow any band, young or old, off the stage. I easily forgave the few errors made early in the show because I have seen another bands take a few songs to warm up. I easily forgave Jimmy's improvisation that seemed to work through discordant notes around the original music in places. I easily forgave Robert Plant's inability to hit the notes the way he did 40 years ago when he was singing. I forgave all the flaws in the music and/or film production (minor as they were) because these guys proved that music is everything. It matters not how elaborate a stage production you have when you have truly good music to present to people.

I am now on my 4th viewing of the Blu-ray Disc and I'm still blown away. Thank you, Led Zeppelin, for reminding me how good you guys really are and why more than 18 million people tried to buy tickets for this concert online. One can only shake their head at some of the crap being presented today to the kids and this band showed they were so far ahead of the crowd it also made me laugh. They are outstanding and the best rock band that ever existed even now.
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on December 22, 2012
There is a great selection of songs, but some songs from 'CODA' are missing. From the begining, with 'Good Times, Bad Times', the musical selection is excellent. And the band does not stick to playing the recorded songs (as per the original recordings) but even Plant offers improvisions of his vocals. The additions of 'In My Time Of Dying"; 'Nobody's Fault But Mine' and 'For Your Life'; truly make this a special musical addition to any Zep collection.
The Blu-ray has all the songs (which are also on the CD's), and great camera work highlighting all the members. Jason Bonham proves himself as capable as his dad, John, and in my opinion, is a very worthy back up vocalist, helping Robert Plant. John Paul Jones playing fits with Jason's playing the drums and Jimmy Page is in excellent form, making this the best performance that I have seen. (the only other was 'The Song remains The Same') As a complete quartet, no one can come close as the best blues band in the world.
The DVD contains a dress rehearsal (one camera shooting) from the back of a studio lot at Shepperton Studios, with a very small audience. There are no breaks, from start to finish nothing but music. These reasons are why I gave the rating as 5/5.
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on December 30, 2012
Santa Wife got this for me for Christmas. Her minor oversight was we don't own a Blu-Ray so off into Boxing Day Madness I go. (The DVD included in the package is NOT the actual concert, only Bonus material). Worth the frenzy though. Led Zeppelin was always my favorite band growing up while others were into Beatles or Stones. This is a wonderful Reunion Concert that can only hint at the power of the band in their prime years. They seem to genuinely enjoy the collaboration together and it is apparent that they are truly supportive of Jason Bonham fulfilling his dream. Truly wonderful artists in harmony. Saw Zeppelin in concert in the late '70s and my buddy groused all the way home about how they "ruined" Stairway to Heaven. (Told him to stay home and just listen to the LP next time). If that is you too, you'll be disappointed as the songs have been enriched and in some ways re-interpreted.
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