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4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on January 15, 2014
I own them all,except true romance,on dvd.Always the two disc version if it exist.This box set is worth the upgrade for some new bonus features.Here's the new stuff.

Reservoir Dogs:• Pulp Factoids Viewer(it's ok but could been better)
• Playing It Fast and Loose Documentary(± 15 min)
• Profiling the Reservoir Dogs Featurette(8 min,file about the mrs)
these features are new to me,they are not on the two disc version but none of bonus features are bring back to the blu ray.

True Romance:i can't compare it,the film start right away,the br generation with no main menu.

Pulp Fiction:• Interviews with the cast(±40min)
• Critics' Retrospective on the Movie's Place in Film History(±20min)
All the dvd features are bring back.

Jackie Brown:• Breaking Down Jackie Brown(±40min-critics retrospective)
All the dvd features are bring back.

Kill Bill Vol. 1 and Kill Bill Vol. 2:nothing new and it's all there

Death Proof:No new features compare to dvd,i wish they had put the fake trailers

Inglourious Basterds:It's all there

Bonus Disc 1:• “20 Years of Filmmaking” Featurette -2H13-cool,but i wish they wrote under their name what they do to what movie.QT is not in it apart a little speech to sally for a special event.
• Jackie Brown Q&A Session-32 min-host by Elvis Mitchell
• Trailers of Django unchained-11 min-pump up the volume

Bonus Disc 2:• Never-before-seen Critics’ Retrospective---4h50---never seen before means that the new features on pulp fiction and jackie brown are presented here in a more complete version and that you wasted your time watching it!Host by Elvis Mitchell with Andy Klein,Tim Lucas,Stephani Zacharek,Scott Foundas.
4h50 is split like this:Reservoir Dogs-27 min
Pulp Fiction-56 min
Jackie Brown-53 min
Kill Bill Vol. 1, Kill Bill Vol. 2-1h05
Death Proof-38 min
Inglourious Basterds-38 min
Wrap up-14 min-true romance and movie theatre

The bonus discs don't resume playback and there's no subtitles.
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If you own the Tarantino films, then the only reason why you could want this set is for the 2 bonus discs available here, that feature close to 8 hours worth of interviews and critics, trailers and more. Although, nearly 5 hours of these are devoted to critics reviewing each Tarantino's movies, dissecting what they liked, what they didn't, etc.

It would have been a nice opportunity to put a little more cherry on top with featurettes, interviews, on-set footage, more deleted scenes, extended cuts, but it looks like we'll have to wait yet a few more decades for that to happen.

Nevertheless, this is a set I strongly recommend you get if you're fans of Tarantino, or if you're interested in his cinematic adventures.
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on October 17, 2014
This is my review of this set for when I first received it:
Great collection of Tarantino! Kill Bill doesn't read very well which could be my player. It's just strange how that's the only one. Overall, stoked on this box set, very cool case as well.

My review now:
NONE of the discs work properly if at all. At first it was just choppy but now I can't even get to the menu screen of the movie! I thought it was my player at first but I have three different players and nothing! Very, very disappointed! I would definitely NOT recommend this product. I would give no stars if anything.
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on August 1, 2013
This collection is a MUST OWN for any Quinton Tarantino fan! With the exception of Django Unchained, every single film is available in full 1080p glory!

(****) True Romance - Written but not directed by Tarantino, this fractured fairytale follows two lovers, Clarance and Alabama. Appearance by Brad Pitt, Christopher Walken, and more.

(*****) Reserviour Dogs - Tarantino's first outing as a director. This film redefined heist films, and movies in general.

(**** 1/2) Pulp Fiction - Probably Tarantino's most impacting, quotable, and memorable film of all. Royal with cheese anyone?

(***) Jackie Brown - Tarantino's take on book adaptation and black-exploitation films of the 70's. Amazing performances by Pam Grier,and Robert Forster.

(*****) Kill Bill Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 - Revenge, Samurais, Uma Thurman and kicking ass. Perfection, is one word; superb is another!

(*** 1/2) Death Proof - Grindhouse movies made by Hollywood elite begats spawns such as this. Tarantino gets his foot fetish on in this roller coaster ride of a film. In that, in sections, you feel like your being pulled slowly uphill. However, the ride begins again with a lengthy car chase, and a climax like no other.

(**** 1/2) Inglourious Basterds - World War II retold in full Tarantino revenge fantasy fashion! Slow and methodical, with moments of pure gold. You'll never forget how this version of history plays out, nor would you want to.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon June 28, 2013
I actually won this blu ray set at a screening of Pulp Fiction. I already owned all the films, so I gave THOSE away to my brother.

This set is great. The best packaging and disc art of any blu ray or DVD I own.

If you already own all the films in the set, then it's a skip. But this would make a perfect gift for someone with a blu ray player.
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on April 27, 2013
All his movies in one pacakage! yes please! But if you've already got the majority of them on blu ray this might not be for you but if you've got a couple from the vhs days a couple on dvd and missing a few here and there this is a great blu ray to complete the Tarantio collection.
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on November 18, 2014
2 of the dvd cases were broken. So If I wanted for it all to gain value over the years by not opening it, I couldn't. Good news this was not my plan. Great collection, can't wait to watch them all!
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on December 20, 2013
If you're a Tarantino fan this is an awesome collection, although there are a couple of his big hits missing. The extras are the reason I bought it and those are fantastic.
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on June 25, 2015
love the case love the movies but some of them where badly copied on the cd some I was in obligation to buy some others because my Blu-ray player didn't want to red them
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on November 8, 2013
Apart from coming with all of his movies, it comes with tons upon tons of bonus footage which is a nice bonus for anyone who likes that sort of stuff.
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