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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on July 29, 2013
This credit card fills two very specific niches very well: Foreign purchases (i.e.: non-$CDN), and purchases on

The lack of foreign exchange fees is like getting 2.5% cash back instantly, when compared to using most other credit cards. The 2% reward at Amazon is pretty good for a no-fee card.

This card does not strike me as though it would be a terribly good everyday card. You can get higher limits, better service, more rewards and more flexibility with other no-fee rewards cards in Canada.

This card does very well at the niches it tries to fill, but is otherwise probably not your best choice.

TIP: When purchasing online or at "machines" in the USA, e.g.: pay at the pump gas pumps, if asked for your zip code try entering the 3 digits of your postal code, followed by '00' (that's zero zero). E.g.: C3P 5B7 could be entered as 35700.
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on February 11, 2015
I now use this card exclusively for all out-of-Canada purchases. Unlike cards issued by the Big 5 banks, there is NO 2.5% foreign currency transaction fee. So no extra $2.50 paid to the banks for every $100 spent on the card. Using the card is better than buying USD or Euro or whatever foreign currency you will transact in. VISA can buy the foreign currency on the spot market for a far better rate than we can buy through consumer foreign currency exchange houses (whether FX companies in Canada or from the big banks in Canada). With no 2.5% foreign transaction fee, using the card would yield the lowest CAD prices for foreign purchases. I spend 4-5 months a year in the US and about 1 month overseas in other countries. I use the Amazon card for over 90% of purchases. Using the card is cheaper than me using cash because I can't buy foreign cash for as good a rate as VISA.

Customer service has been excellent. People I've dealt with are professional and helpful. I've never once had a problem in phoning the 1-800 call centre. Be sure to always phone them before you head outside of Canada to alert them to your travels. I've always done this. And not once did I ever have any issue using the card. There's never been a block on using the card.

And a small added value bonus of using the card is the 1% cashback feature. It's not significant but it does make a bit of a difference. For every $1000 spent on the card, you get $10 back. The threshold is $2000 in spending. Once $2000 is charged, $20 is refunded as a credit to the account.

So 1% cashback and no corrosive 2.5% foreign currency transaction fee with no annual fee = the best option I could find in a credit card to use outside of Canada.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon April 5, 2016
I buy lots of stuff from Amazon and place several hundreds of order every year. Hence I was looking for something that can give maximum rewards without paying fees. I also shop online from US shopping sites like, Adorama, BH Photo Video where I need to pay in US dollars. I also often travel to United States and other countries and I certainly do not want to pay 2.5% FX currency transaction fees. And, this card perfectly fits the bill. All added this credit card turns significant saving altogether. I am using this card since it came up several years ago and I use it on my all online transactions now. Customer service is good and my only complaint is they do not allow automatic pre-authorized payment of credit card bills from my chequing account. So you need to remember to pay bills all the time. The work around to this is to set up alerts which can be done on website under your account/profile options and I have added this card to My Payee list on my bank account. Whenever I receive alert, I immediately pay it.
In summary:
+ 2% Rewards on transactions and 1% everywhere else
+ No Foreign currency transaction fees (Saving of 2.5%)
+ Good card to buy from US websites like, BH Photo & Video, and Adorama
+ Good Customer Service
+ $20 welcome bonus which is minor
+ No Annual fees
- No pre-authorized bill payment option
- No paperless bill option
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on July 13, 2016
Process was easy, but for some reason this card is very tight with it's credit limits. I received a credit limit which is several times less than any other card I have. Frankly the low credit limit makes the card difficult to use on vacations, which was my primary purpose for securing the card. The 0% foreign exchange rate is a magnificent bonus, throw in another 1% cash back on transactions, and this card is worth 3.5% cash back on all of your foreign exchange purchases. That's tremendous savings.

If you follow the math - A normal credit card with 2% cash back and a +2.5% foreign exchange rate. The cost for $1000 purchase in foreign currency will be will cost you $1025. Of which you will save 2% ($20.50) for a total cost of $1004.50. With this credit card you get 1% cash back on the $1000 with no foreign exchange. So the total cost is $990. A savings of $14.50 / $1000 in foreign exchange.
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on July 16, 2014
This card finally solves the ridiculous 2.5% foreign conversion levy that is applied by every other card I've had, and also by Paypal. If you use this card to pay through paypal, you have to make sure you change the conversion option for the card to pay in the foreign currency and not let Paypal covert for you. It's hard to find this setting, just Google it for instructions.
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on February 25, 2014
To those whose complaint is the hussle of paying manually I can say that I actually find it quite easy to pay my balance. I just have the card in the "Payee" list of my bank. I pay it just the same way I pay for Rogers, my hydro and other bills.
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon April 2, 2013
I got this card specifically for the no foreign FX currency surcharges for a recent trip to Europe. You are charged the visa interbank rate for currency conversion and that's it. Other cards like Amex will tack on a 2.7% surcharge and CIBC visa 2.5% on top of the currency conversion. I used it as my primary card in Spain this past March. The currency conversion was around 1.33 for the Euro on my Amazon visa purchases which was excellent. Compare this to RBC who charged me 1.4 !! to convert Canadian to Euros prior to me leaving on my trip at my local bank branch.

No annual fees and automatic crediting of the 1% rebate what is not to like.
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on February 28, 2016
This card fills a niche, but isn't a card that I would use for everyday use.

The pros:
1. 2% cashback on Amazon orders.
2. 1% cashback on all other purchases.
3. No annual fee.
4. No foreign exchange fees.

This last one is probably the biggest plus for this card. Most Canadian credit card users have to pay a 2.5% foreign exchange fee when using their Canadian dollar credit cards abroad. The Visa is the only card in the Canadian marketplace, that I know of, that doesn't charge this type of fee. That makes this card good for any purchase in denominations other than the Canadian dollar.....great for road trips down to the U.S. for example.

The cons:
1. No purchase protection or extended warranty coverage.
2. Poor online experience. The Chase web banking platform is clunky and dated.
3. No e-statement option.
4. No auto-pay from bank account option.

I cannot speak to customer service issues with Chase, since I've never had to contact them. And, I've never had a transaction declined either. I'll edit this review should this change in future.

All in all, a good niche card for specific purposes -- Amazon purchases and non-Canadian dollar purchases -- but not a good card to be a main day-to-day card. There are other cards out in the marketplace, both fee and no-fee, that offer better rewards, plus purchase protection and extended warranty coverage.
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on April 12, 2014
What I hate about this card is that Chase has decided a number of times my normal (non-amazon) purchases as fraud and locked my account. This makes me nervous and I could never tell if my next purchase will go through or not, not to mention the hassle of calling them waiting on the answering machine to get the card unlocked.
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on June 27, 2016
I know this is a bit of an odd thing to review. Personally, I don't even like recommending credit cards as it tends to put people in more of a financial mess as they collect more and more of these plastic financial deathtraps. But I am going to take a moment and tell you why I decided to get this card, and if you're fairly good with your finances then this card may also be worth getting.

I do tend to shop on Amazon often, and the 2% cash back on every $1 spent was a nice feature. But it's more of a bonus feature to the main reason I got this card. I travel a lot to the US and abroad, and I tend to use my Visa often. And I am sure a lot of you do too. However, banks are always looking for a way to nickel and dime you, and they charge on average a 2.5% foreign currency transaction fee on top of the exchange rate. So after the exchange rate and the foreign currency fee, you end up paying more than you may have initially thought. 2.5% isn't a lot, but it does add up if you travel a lot and prefer to use your card. And this is the main reason I like this card, no foreign currency fee, and no annual fee.

I don't use this as my day to day card, as Chase has an absolutely terrible UI and layout for their online banking. Not to mention the initial limit on the card is small and the customer service experience seems to be lacking. But if you can see past these things and really don't want to get screwed over by paying more than you have to when travelling outside of Canda, then this card would be an excellent fit for you!
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