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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on May 9, 2016
Toujours agréable de retrouver les caractères de dessins animés de mon jeune temps remis à la page. Je suis toujours étonnée de voir la fluidité de l'interaction entre les personnages réels et les personnages de bandes dessinées.
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on March 14, 2013
Nothing bad to say about the Blu-ray, but the DVD version is not as advertised. 1:33 and it ask for a disk 2 for some bonus who aren't here (this detail wouldn't bothered me if it wasn't advertised).

I bough it for the blu-ray but i expected a remastered movie on the dvd as well, not a recycled disk from the second dvd edition. If you already have the second edition dvd, pass this one, nothing new, nothing better, nothing more.
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on May 19, 2003
Who Framed Roger Rabbit? is a wonderful movie that has delighted movie-goers of all ages.
It is a gem.
Before buying this DVD, note that it is not a completely faithful reproduction of the original theatrical release. It has been censored (by Disney). The censorship involves animation in two separate scenes. Two scenes, both involving Jessica Rabbit.
If you are a movie purist, or simply object to censorship of material that was widely available on the big screen more than a decade ago, then this disc might not be right for you.
However, the movie is a treat even without those missing frames of animation. And you might not consider censorship a big deal.
But it is nice to know what you are getting before you commit to the purchase.
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on April 22, 2003
One of the film's most adult moments with Jessica Rabbit has been cut up and out by Eisner's Disney in the battle to make empty uncontroversial familial fluff. It was a shocking scene and made you take the film more seriously... not anymore. I could see them taking it out of the kid's version if they mentioned it, but the Enthusiast's disc being edited? Thanks a lot Disney. Learn not to play with scissors... or history.
I appreciate getting FULL and WIDE screen in one package. They should have given all of the deleted scenes in this, and brought back the original frames and full scenes, like customers expect. It's been like this since the VHS release...
Extras should not have been crammed onto one disc.
Anyway, beyond that, this is a Great DVD with fine extras. You may want to wait for a better edition with all deleted scenes...
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on July 10, 2011
De tous les films que j'ai visionner dans mon enfance, Roger Rabbit et celui qui a marquer et bercer ma jeunesse. Ont aura beau faire des progrets dans la technologie 3-D mais la magie de voir des dessins animées bouger sa ça ne changera jamais :-)
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on March 27, 2003
"Who Framed Roger Rabbit" is a film noir murder mystery grafted onto the hyper-text of an animated cartoon. A washed up detective, Eddie Valiant (Bob Hoskins) struggles to uncover the truth behind a murder his client, the animated Roger Rabbit, is accused of committing. The film also stars Christopher Lloyd and the vocal talents of Kathleen Turner and Charles Fleischer.
The original DVD release of this movie was not anamorphic and although that problem has been rectified on this two disc special edition, there's a host of other problems that seem new to this incarnation on DVD. For starters, the source elements for the duped material seem worn. Screen flutter is excessive where cartoons and humans interact. There are also a few cases where either the human element or the cartoon characters appear slightly out of focus. Digital grain is, at times, excessive, especially in the opening cartoon sequence. Fine details occasionally shimmer. Colors are well balanced but there are a few inconsistancies detected throughout. For example, watch how Roger's red pants change to orange, then back to red, in the same sequence. Also, "the Red Car" street cars register more orange than red. All of these problems, I suspect, are the result of cramming too much info on one disc. Even those this is a two disc set, Disney/Touchstone has reserved the first disc for a full frame copy of the movie and an audio commentary. The rest of the features, including several very well produced documentaries, deleted scenes, trailers and other extras, have all been crammed onto disc #2, the widescreen version and as a result image quality suffers throughout. The sound is a 5.1 mix that seems identical to the previously issued disc. It's strident and shrill at times and very well balanced at others. With all the hype surrounding this re-issue, more should have been expected and delivered from the folks over at Disney.
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on March 28, 2003
I won't reiterate the story (you can get that from the editorial review). I would like to highlight what makes this DVD etraordinary, what to look out for, and why you should consider buying it:
-The packaging is very nice. Typical "Vista Series" Quality.
-The extras are first rate. Something for everyone.
-3 short Roger Rabbit films (that I never knew existed) are amazing.
-Sound Quality is excellent. Maybe a notch bellow LOTR.
-The menu is incredible. Spend 5 minutes just watching that. Good stuff.
-Keep your eyes open. This is the who's-who of Pre-50s cartoons.
-The animation is of a rare quality. It's style and quality rivals the High tech animation of today with a very soft feal to it.
-Parents beware: The "A", "D" and "H" words make appearances.
-Full of sexual inuendo. Might go over your kid's head... ...might not.
-You could spend hours playing with the special features and watching the menu do it's "tricks".
-This is the film that resurrected animated features.
-My 4 year old daughter started walking like Jessica Rabbit. I'm not sure I liked that....
This is a can't miss buy. You may need to use your judgement as far as the youngins' are concerned. Get it while the price is down!
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on April 2, 2003
The fourth home video incarnation of WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT? is a fully-loaded, double disc set with tons of extras and a great commentary track. The film has never looked better. There's a family friendly full screen version as well as a pristine widescreen transfer. Part film noir, part period who dunnit and part cartoon, this breakthrough mixed genre is most remarkable for Bob Hoskins' incredible performance as an American gumshoe's bad acid trip into a demented toon town. And there's not a single frame of computer generated imagery.
The publicity material claims this is a restored version, but alas the infamous frames (about 76 minutes into the film) of a panty-less Jessica Rabbit remain excised. I could find no Disney spokesperson who would comment on this silly censorship. Sorry, you'll have to see the original VHS tape or the laser disc if you want to be titillated by Jessica's cartoon crotch. Recommended.
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on September 19, 2003
This beloved 1988 fantasy masterpiece from Robert Zemeckis is set in 1949 Hollywood where Toons blend in with reality among humans. A popular cartoon Rabbit has been accused of murder, a hard boiled detective ( Bob Hoskins) who hates toons helps him find the real murderer behind the murder. This movie is a very entertaining and brilliant motion picture landmark that uses great special effects and sensentational acting abound.
The new Vista DVD is just great! the old one didn't had extras, but this one is chock-full of extras such as Audio Commentary, Widescreen and Fullscreen presentations, The original Roger Rabbit shorts, Poster Gallery, Design gallery, Documentaries and more plus a special easter egg on Disc 1 where you keep on going down to the down point on the menu to find the original theatrical trailer. So if your a fan of animation or loves this movie, buy it on this DVD and throw away your old DVD.
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on April 2, 2003
What the heck is wrong with Disney?!?!? The ONLY version worth buying is the Original VHS release... TRUST ME. Back a couple years when the first DVD release was made, it was quickly discovered to be CUT and ALTERED for younger audiences. First, in the scene early in the film where Baby Herman throws a fit on the movie set. In the original version, he walks under a woman's legs and sticks his arm up her dress and says "Excuse me Toots!". On that DVD, Baby Herman's arm was re-drawn so it just stays by his side! Another scene is when Valiant first meets Jessica Rabbit. When he first enters the Toon Strip Club, we can see that Betty Boob is onstage with her shirt off and she's shaking her b%%b$ (don't get excited, her back is to the camera). This scene is completely CUT from the DVD. Later in the film when Jessica Rabbit and Valiant are riding on the car in Toontown... the car screeches out of control and crashes, throwing Valiant and Jessica onto the streets. For a second or two in the original version, it was VERY obvious that Jessica had NO underwear on and the dress was very wide-legged. In that first DVD, they added white underwear. NOW WE HAVE THIS VISTA SERIES DVD!! The version that they tote on TV as the "Definitive version"... AHH, yeah right. They HAVE gone back and fixed Baby Herman's arm. Now his arm reaches back up the dress. THANK YOU. But the scene of Betty Boob is still cut!! Not only that, but the scene with Jessica being thrown from the car has been RE-DRAWN!! Now her dress has been extended so that it is now pulled down revealing nothing!! These scenes may sound like "No big deal" to the average viewer, but what of us who love WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT? What of us who want the film we remember seeing?? Altering this film is just as offensive as what Lucas has done to STAR WARS!! Take my advice and STEER THOUSANDS OF MILES AWAY from this trite. If we all demand that we want ROGER RABBIT the way it WAS, and refuse to buy this new "Kid-Friendly" version... maybe Disney will take notice. Maybe...
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