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on February 15, 2014
So, I live in the US and wanted to give my niece in Canada an Amazon gift certificate to buy some kids books. I went to and easily bought one. Simple as pie.

Then we find out that she cannot transfer this to and instead has to use it with (would be better named Amazon.US) and shipping from the US to Canada would eat up almost all the cash on the gift card.

So I tried to cancel the gift certificate but she has, of course, already "redeemed" it. I'm chatting with her while she's chatting with support. They tell her they can "try" to credit me but they can't be sure it will work. In the end, because she starts to sound like she's crying, the support person at agrees to waive shipping fees as long as she spends all $100 right now. So she does. At least the customer support people are able to make up for a poor corporate policy.

Luckily my other two gift cards to Canada are not yet redeemed so I can get a refund on them, sign up for an account on, then rebuy the gift cards there.

Cripes! What a crock. Why can't you allow me to buy a gift certificate on and send it to anyone in the world? Maybe you warn them that they will be redeeming it into local currency at some rate. Heck, you can even cheat on the rate and make yourselves a few extra bucks.

I won't send Amazon gift certificates again.
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on November 2, 2013
These giftcertificates cannot be used on a kindle outside of Canada. It makes it difficult to send gift to family/friends outside of Canada.

This could be described more clearly when purchasing. Maybe even an option to purchase gift certificates at other amazon websites...
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on November 10, 2014
International buyers beware! A thoughtful and generous family member in Canada was unable to purchase a gift card on for my wife and me in the United States. Reluctantly, he sent us an gift card thinking that we would still be able to make use of it. The truth is that even though it appears on the outside that and are the same company; and inexplicably you can log in to either website using the same login/password (I never set up an identical account); and even though everything else looks the same; and ostensibly this in many ways *is* the same company (they have all my credit card info on already, all my addresses, etc); you CANNOT transfer the gift card from one country to another even if you are willing to take a hit on monetary conversion from CDN dollar to US dollar. I can send it to someone else but it has to stay in Canadian currency. The Prime service I have paid for on my account (for many years now) does not apply to

Hoping to make the best of this, my wife and I looked into what we could purchase and have delivered. A small reading light will cost more to ship than the actual cost of the light itself and will have to be delivered at the lowest rate (I could receive it within a couple days here). I'm guessing it will have to do some major traveling (as it likely already has) to get here. Perhaps even more frustrating is that many of the items we have tried to add to our shopping cart cannot be delivered to the US due to regional shipping prohibitions. Yes, I understand certain electronics but a picture frame?

I dug a little deeper to see what I could get as far as books (because that's Amazon's bread and butter, right)? A book by a small publisher that I could receive TOMORROW in the US will ship "within one to three months" according to I then checked Harry Potter series -- very readily available, but for the CDN$ 52.74 cost of the book collection, the international shipping & handling at the slowest/lowest rate is CDN$ 17.35. Yowza!

Chat and e-mail with and were given prompt response but with canned responses or confusing English that was so difficult to comprehend that it took several reads to really understand what was trying to be conveyed. ("Unfortunately there is no such things or else I would love to help you with it. I'd request you to contact your relative who have provided you with this gift card and I'm sure that they will be able to provide you with the details of it or provide you with another card so that you can use it on" = not true since the relative already tried to do this FIRST).

We are now stuck with a relatively large gift card that we'll likely just have to use to send gifts to other Canadian family. Although we are generally very pleased with our Amazon.COM purchases, this first interaction with is less than desired. We will continue to treat as a separate, independently operating company if they wish, but they have immediately left a bad taste in our mouth and we will certainly warn our family in the north to avoid cross-nation transactions.
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on March 26, 2014
I bought this for my wife to buy audio books. But, guess what!? does not sell audio books. They must be purchased through Get in the game and allow us Canadians to buy audio books through your website. Might increase sales. mmmmm.....
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on April 8, 2012
I live in Canada while my family lives in the states. I purchased the gift card for my daughter in Kansas City, Missouri for a birthday gift. I had gone to the Amazon. com site but didn't realize that at some point it had reverted me to the .ca site. It wasn't until after my daughter received it and tried to redeem it that I received an email from her saying it was nonredeemable. She had sent a copy of the e-certificate and as I was reading through it I saw the address was the .ca site. So I emailed back and told her she would have to go to the .ca site to redeem it. Unfortunately, she can redeem on the .ca site but they won't ship to the US. What a bunch of crap this is!!! Amazon is Amazon, and it should make no difference where it is shipped to.

I am extremely disappointed with the process of this whole thing. From being reverted back to the .ca site unawares and then all the crap of my daughter trying to redeem the damn thing.
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on January 24, 2013
On December 20, it still seemed like a great idea to send Amazon gift cards to my three Canadian grandchildren-in-law. Wrong! After several "re-sends" and three chat-room experiences (although the chat-persons were very courteous), only Keenan received his e-gift card. I finally had to cancel Sara's and send her a check -- and I'm still not certain whether Casey has received hers or just given up on it.
I do like Amazon and I love my Kindle but this made for a VERY disappointing Christmas.
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on April 23, 2014
I ordered vouchers at, .de, and .com

The vouchers I purchased are quite fine. However, what confused me a lot was the odd treatment of the confirmation emails. It was unclear when to expect what kind of confirmation email, they seemed rather random. Looking back, it seems they may have been related to the moment that the recipient of the voucher opened it. That was not clear from the emails at all.

Also, when I ordered the voucher at I received a phone call from a German speaking lady from India (who didn't speak English?) even though my user settings are clearly English. It was odd that the .de vouchers were confirmed via phone, but the ones were not.

Finally, the invoice system was different for the different websites - some did provide them, some only provided some kind of order statement. A bit more transparency on what to expect and why might be reasonable, especially for foreign purchasers.

PS: why are there no 'international' amazon vouchers?! It would be so much better if I could just buy them at .com and then use them at any amazon website!
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on January 14, 2012
I was forced to buy the online certificates because the other vouchers were unavailable.

A second purchase:

More importantly, your 'express' system is deceitful and who ever runs it knows it. You offer free delivery and then buried in the fine print is negative billing. I was charged 40 or 50 £. That is excessive by any standard for delivery

It is deceitful and the reason I suggest it is deceitful is when I complained the company immediately cancelled the subscription and returned the money directly taken from my credit card. This suggests the organization knows what they are doing is unethical. Someone has done the math and realized that only a small percent will complain, most will just accept it, therefore another profit stream. Furthermore, if they were so confident in the integrity, why would the fact a person was going to be charged not clearly and concisely be stated in the first paragraph or page?

Finally, the comments on the website I was directed to from what I suspect were employees mocking and insulting others who were complainng was disgraceful.
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on August 23, 2012
I bought this gift certificate with the intention of allowing it's reciever to purchase books on her Kindle but only found out after that by purchasing it on the .ca site does not allow Kindle books to be purchased. I think that this is ridiculous and the .ca and .com site should be interchangeable for Kindle purchases. If amazon is going to treat Canadian purchases differently on their .com site (and by differently i mean not allowing Kindle books to be shared in Canada) then why are we only allowed to purchase kindle books from the American site?
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on May 17, 2011
I purchased a Kindle for my wife on The product came and my wife loves it. I purchased a gift card on and it works like a charm. Now I live in Canada and I came across When it came time to purchase a new gift card, I purchased it on My wife registered it but could not get the purchases on her Kindle to recognize the new card. I was instructed that I would have to purchase the gift card on and I would be refunded the money from I purchased the card on and the activation worked like a charm.

However I still do not have a refund from
It's very interesting that they can debit your card in seconds but it takes weeks to credit the same card.
How can that be.

A very dissatisfied customer.
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