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3.0 out of 5 stars The best of the Farley/Spade films-3 1/2 stars., Oct. 10 2011
This review is from: Tommy Boy (Holy Schnike Edition) (DVD)
Tommy Boy(released Mar/95),stars SNL actors David Spade and Chris Farley in their first and best movie together.Chris Farley is at least given somewhat of a decent plot to work with and,unlike Black Sheep,Spade wasn't comedically emasculated and his acerbic wit and sarcasm are left intact and make a good counterpoint to Farley's character of a man-child.
The plot involves the Callahan family.Tommy(Farley)graduates college,finally after seven years(!),and returns home to Sandusky to his father's car parts business.His father Tom Sr.(Brian Dennehy) welcomes the newly graduated Tommy home with open arms and gives him an office position right away.Tom Sr.has been widowed for some time and he decides to get married to one Beverley Burns(Bo Derek),who has a "son" Paul(Rob Lowe).At the wedding reception Tom Sr.takes a heart attack and passes away leaving the entire business to Beverley.But the business needs a loan it can't get and the only hope the firm has of staying afloat is for Tommy to hit the road to try and sell their new line of quality brake pads.With the aid of Tom Sr.'s former assistant Richard(Spade)they travel the open roads but get no where fast,due to Tommy's inexperience and Richards lack of delivery.Finally through perseverance the pair come up with a winning strategy and the orders start coming in.Eventually they compile enough to virtually save the company.
Things are looking good for Callahan auto parts but a wrench is thrown into things in the form of Beverley's son Paul.He changes the computer records and out going shipments get all fouled up and the customers are cancelling orders.In the meantime both Richard and the former receiver/shipper have seen Paul and Beverley kissing in a very non-motherly/son way.It is found out they are husband and wife.Into the mix comes Ray Zalinsky(Dan Akroyd),the auto parts "king" out of Chicago,who offers to buy up Callahan.At the takeover board meeting Tommy and Richard come in in a very unconventional manner and force Ray to listen to what's been going on;such as the changing of their records and the fact Beverley is married to Paul which makes the marriage to Tommy's father illegal.Callahan's actually belongs to Tommy now and he isn't selling it to Ray.But he does manage to finagle an order for an astounding 500,000 brake pads out of him.The company is saved.
The film has lots of Farley-esque touches like his "holy schnike" line(pronounced like Nike,the shoe),his "for the love of Gawwwd" line,his hyperactive gesturing and his getting so mad it looks like every blood vessel in his body will burst.Spade of course is in fine form with his dry humour and rolling but slit eyes at Farley's faux pauxs.The story is one you can get behind even though it's as see through as tissue paper.There are some laughable moments here and there like the deer in the car and the slow but steady trashing of Spade's 60s car/baby.Michaels,the creator of SNL,goes back to his old stomping grounds and filmed this one in and around the Toronto area.The Gooderham and Worts Distillery there is the home of Callahan's auto parts.
Technically this film looks good and is clear and crisp.It is in its w/s a/r and there are two DVDs.Extras include:four featurettes,6 deleted scenes,8 alternate takes,15 extended scenes,a gag reel,the trailer and more.
All in all a reasonably good film from the Farley/Spade duo.The plot is simple but the stars make the most of their screen time.Brian Dennehy is very good as Tommy Sr. and Dan Ackroyd makes a nice surprise visit as Ray the auto parts king.For fans of this film,this edition is certainly all the schnike you can get!
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