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5.0 out of 5 stars Muse have done it again...., Sept. 9 2009
This review is from: The Resistance (Audio CD)
The Resistance, in two words, is: very good.

It is a lot to take in at once, so I suggest listening to it a few times to take in everything, especially Exogenesis, the three part 'symphony' at the end of the album. Muse have changed yet again and created something interesting.

It's funny that some can't accept a band changing and say "Muse have sold out" because they don't sound like they do on Origin of Symmetry. I much prefer a band who changes and brings something new and fresh each time they release an album - and that's exactly what Muse have done. They have grown, matured, and have shown what they can really do.

'Uprising' starts it all off. A dancey-hard rock take on Goldfrapp with stomp in it. Solid track as Matt announces in an anthem-like way on how we can't let them control us, degrade us, nor force us. 'Resistance' starts it all really. You get the feel and atmosphere of this album through this song, it is a catchy love song - this track seems to borrow, or rather pay some homage, to Citizen Erased in the intro/outro. Put together quite nice.

'Undisclosed Desires' is the anti-Muse song with no piano or guitar in this track, and the drums are electronic. Think Depeche Mode with Matt soaring over this track with synths at every stop. Next, 'United States of Eurasia' bringing the fantasy of Europe and Asia becoming one. Slow beautiful start, explodes into a grand Arabic riff with piano and drums following right behind. Queen like explosions to pay tribute to one of their biggest influences. Ends with a beautiful piece from Chopin -- which leads into 'Guiding Light'. Stadium rock. Probably the weakest track on the album (which isn't saying much), but still has that great Muse touch to it, while a bit repetitive and the least changing track (as well as awfully cheesy). A good live track for the big stadiums nonetheless.

'Unnatural Selection' - what can I say? The new 'Newborn'. Brilliant organ opens this track with huge riffs left and right, a jazzy interlude breakdown, along with a heavy powerful riff at the end. Matt announces "he wants the truth!" - so much so, I'd want to give him whatever truth this man wants. The lyrics otherwise are quite poor and could've been better. 'MK Ultra' continues the path of riffs, starting with a spidery-synthy riff with eerie vocals. This track is more akin to their older work in some ways, while fusing their electronic experiments from BH&R. My favorite stand-alone track on the album, ending with another 'Muse-y' riff.

'I Belong To You' - What a surprise. It is unique, and very funky. Cover of "Mon Coeur S'ouvre A Toi" locates itself in the track after a breakdown, in which Matt sings the cover in french. Humor is found throughout such as "you are my guiding light-ning strike." It ends making the pave way clear to the symphony.

'Exogenesis' - The best part of the album, in three parts; I, II, and III. I (Overture) is a great buildup and an explosion of falsetto - "who are we? where are we?". An epic intro to and epic song, fusing classical symphony with rock elements such as guitar and drums. Part II (cross-pollination), my favorite of the three, explodes into an all out rock fest in the middle after some piano pieces, while ending in tinkly piano yet again - to lead to the conclusion.

Part 3 (Redemption) - A very beautiful track. The soft build up to the powerful lyrical harmony pulls the strings on your emotions, whether happy or sad. Matt showcases his great range of vocals and ends with a calm and thought inducing ending to an incredibly diverse album.

It'll definitely take more than one listen to take it all in.


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