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4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on March 3, 2012
Probably the best flight stick money can buy hands down, key word being money. Quality is expensive and this Joystick has both quality and price. I upgraded to this from a Saitek X52. The feel and control is amazing. Thrustmaster did their homework on this one. The controls and toggle switches are top quality and have a military feel to them. With the exception to the Throttle sticks, the entire thing is constructed out of metal including the flight stick itself. The throttle panel lights up nicely as well. I play a lot of DCS Warthog and nothing is better then this Flight Stick in that Sim.

I've heard the software can be a pain to right scripts and stuff with but I've yet the need to do so, so I can't comment on that.

I have zero regrets dishing out the cash for this but I'm a avid flight/space sim guy. If you're thinking of taking the plunge you won't find a better Flight Control System. However I would only recommend this to more serious simmers from a price standpoint. It's a expensive piece of hardware to be sitting on your shelf.

If you only dabble in the odd flight sim or just looking for a general flight stick then the cheaper X52 is a better choice. But if you sleep in a flight suit instead of pajamas then your in for a treat!!

I gave it a full 5 stars despite the price because in this case you really are getting what you pay for. I can't argue price over quality.

Hope that helps.
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on May 16, 2016
This joystick is everything I had hoped it would be and so much more.

The weight of the product alone is impressive at 22.7 pounds, which is more than the computer that its connected to. Most of that weight is in the throttle block. It makes for a very solid, sturdy HOTAS that doesn't move even when you pull back hard on the joystick. Four mounting bolt holes mean it can be secured to a surface if desired with minimal fuss.

The HOTAS has an impressive array of buttons and switches that could make any young child giddy just flicking them all day. Indeed, everything on the HOTAS is stiff and firm, meaning there's no accidental button presses. If you are going to pull the main trigger, it won't be by mistake. It'll be because something is in your cross hairs and you're ready to unload on it.

This HOTAS does required propriety software to run properly, but that's a minor complaint as their software is simply to work with but powerful enough for advanced users. It even includes a scripting language to customize the HOTAS any way you can imagine, which is an incredible feature.

As long as you can swallow the the price, this HOTAS is the best of the best.
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on January 21, 2015
Well i was going to feed me and my kids this month....but you know. Gotta be able to park in elite dangerous.
10/10 would starve again.
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on July 1, 2011
There are plenty of options as far as stick/throttle setup go. So many that it's hard to justify spending this kind of cash on a single piece of kit. But this thing is worth every penny. There are plenty of review's about the Warthog already, so I wont sing all of it's praises (and there are many) I'll simply state that the few problems I've had are compatibility with games that don't "expect" a joystick. While it fits the bill in games like ARMA 2, DCS A-10C, or other flight sims, I tried to rig it up for a tank sim (T.34 Vs. Tiger) and the game couldn't recognize any of the axis, I had to rig all controls to buttons. Similarly, Mech Warrior 4 would only "believe in" 1 controller at a time, so I could not use the throttle if I wanted to use the stick.

That being said, I still give the stick 5 out of 5, as it is not the stick I have a problem with, but rather the complexity of the input setups of SOME OF the games I would love to use it with.
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on May 14, 2015
Very high quality finish, but be prepared to tear it down every month or so if you want to avoid the famous "stiction" issue while not voiding your warranty. What is stiction? Well, say you move the joystick forward, hold it in place for a couple seconds, and then slowly back off the pressure. It should move back smoothly, but instead it gets "stuck" in place and will almost stay where you left it.

This problem doesn't become apparent for a short while after buying (I own two of these, and they both do it) - Thrustmaster doesn't consider this to be abnormal, and simply says to take it apart and grease it up. This is lazy advice - the issue is caused by poor manufacturing of the PLASTIC (!!!!!) gimbal. The resolution for this issue can be found in the following video -

(and no, thrustmaster will not perform the steps shown in the video for you)

The throttle is not easily usable for Elite Dangerous/Star Citizen, mind you - the hat switch on the back of the throttle is only 4 way and takes a LOT of pressure to move, so be prepared for this (or just buy the stick and pair it with a different throttle).
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on February 11, 2016
This holy grail was delivered to me in under 48 hours!
If this is the first time you have read a review about this thing then you must have also not heard of it and how did you even get here?!
Solid build, and no matter how many youtube etc reviews you have watched, the phrase "solid build" just does not come strong enough until you take it out of the box yourself.
I had it delivered to work and had to take the box a good 20 minute walk up hill in the rain. It was a bloody quest, approx. 6-7 kilograms total weight in an awkwardly large case (which I am keeping for future transport, has a handle built in).

Throttle: the base is so heavy it makes a thud when its place on the desk and will rarely ever lift up off the desk when using. Has mounting holes as well if that's your jam. Handle is hollow and plastic because otherwise it would weigh so much more. But solid and cold, perhaps an aluminum coating on the wider portions of the handles. Switches are satisfying, the APU Start is especially stiff which gives me chills every time I start up the A-10c with a heavy loud "click!" and the sim's engine startup sound. Conveniently, the friction is actually at the far front left of the base, the Friction knob on the side ment to replicate the actual craft, is not needed in the sim so is left as an extra slider. This is perfect for zoom control; if you previously had say, an x52, and used the slider in DCS the resolution of control was so bad that zoom stuttered a lot. This thing zooms smooth as butter with a big stick on it to easily adjust without really having to take your hand too far from the throttle.

Stick: Picking it up for the first time is like the first time you have ever held a real sword or a handgun at the range. Out of the box it is not mounted to the base, and on its own weighs several pounds of cold solid steel. The buttons are stiff compared to other sticks, nothing gets pushed by accident. Every action or weapon consent is with intention. The two stage trigger is ultra-stiff, the final stage click is quite audible.
All of this stiffness 'goes away', I don't think its breaking in as much as my hands have gotten stronger from using it. Picking up the x52 to compare after reveals I have been using a floppy mess for the last 8 years.
Pitch and roll has real weight to it, and no dead-zone seems to be required, it doesn't have any wobble at the center.
The stick mounts on with a solid metal nut, vs the plastic threaded hoop on the x55.
The base is also solid metal, it stays on your desk for sure. Only minor thing is that the stick is so heavy that when you throw far enough to hit as far as it goes, the weight can make the base lift a tiny bit but it settles right back (its just loud!). If you don't know what I mean, don't worry, mostly it was from me not being used to the stick.

The base plate is also flat and broad, this is great because I have been able to tuck it under my legs and pretty much sit on the plate, placing the stick approximately where it should be in the actual aircraft without any permanent mounting. The front hangs off the seat a bit but my legs keep it secure without any effort keeping it still. (This is something I have never seen anybody else do so I might be lucky with my seat and comfort, try it)
If you can take the left arm off your computer chair and place the throttle on a sturdy side-table at seat height, you pretty much just had to pay for the stick without any crazy home cockpit modifications. (but I wont stop you)

As said before, got it under 48 hours even though it was quoted 2 weeks.
Perfect condition.
Solid product.
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If you're reading this review, you have probably already done your homework about this item and know all about it's main selling points.

1) Accuracy
2) All Metal Costruction
3) Realistic design as a result of being an officially licensed reproduction of the USAF A-10 hardware.

So I'll focus on the things you need to look out for and what you might expect to have to do if you purchase this and plan to use it for a "lifetime".

1) The grease that is factory installed is not the best, eventually you may want to replace the grease with another synthetic grease of some sort. Some use PTFE silicone, some use plain silicone, some use ceramic based greases. It just needs to be metal and plastic compatible.

2) There is a rubber ring installed in the base that prevents the gimbal from rubbing against the metal parts of the construction. This rubber ring may eventually wear out/deform/come out of place requiring replacement. Thrustmaster does sell replacement rings, but there are also people in the community that sell replacement rings made of out PTFE that should be a more permanent solution. Please research this as well.

The combination of the above two things results in what is know as stiction or static friction where if held in one place the joystick may start to want to stay there rather than return to center smoothly and easily. Luckily fixing the above issues is not really that hard and there are plenty of videos and photo how-tos on the internet to guide you should you ever feel like you need to do one or both.

Bottom line is this is still the best flight stick and throttle combination money can buy, but you can expect to have to do some limited amount of maintenance to it at some point in the future to keep it running at top form - just like a car or any other piece of machinery really. Just file this under "good to know" and buy it!
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on October 8, 2014
This is a thing of beauty. The weight and solidity are impressive. The spring which returns the joystick to the center position is quite strong which is probably done to be faithful to the real joystick so if you're a limp wristed fella you might consider other alternatives.
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on January 12, 2016
A solid, insanely heavy, high quality HOTAS. Incredibly satisfying to use, and an overall excellent replica. It's only flaw is in it actually being a replica. There is no yaw control as this is usually controlled with pedals (?). Despite a lot of effort and practice I was unable to obtain satisfactory yaw control as there are no other graded inputs other than the 2 joystick axes. So no matter where you map it, is 0% or 100% power yaw and it makes for a jerky flight. I decided to return it despite the fun I had while playing Elite Dangerous. If you can use pedals or find a yaw control that works for you then there is no better HOTAS.
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on September 5, 2015
Best HOTAS money can buy. If you're a diehard simulator fan you are unlikely to be disappointed. If there was one area I would have liked different, it's that the two throttles are not metal like the stick. For the price I would have expected an all metal design. This wasn't a surprise since I read it in reviews. If you are on the fence I'd recommend reading Ars Technica's review of it, which convinced me this was the HOTAS I wanted for Elite: Dangerous. Built like a tank, I expect this to last longer than pretty much anything else hooked to my computer. Consider that when looking at the price tag.
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