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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2

Platform : Nintendo Wii
Rated: Teen

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  • For the Nintendo Wii
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Game Information

  • Platform:   Nintendo Wii
  • ESRB Rating: Teen Teen
  • Media: Video Game
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  • ASIN: B001UWA0I4
  • Product Dimensions: 19.2 x 13.7 x 1.5 cm ; 95 g
  • Release Date: Sept. 15 2009
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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 [Nintendo Wii] For the Nintendo Wii

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HASH(0xa3f55b40) out of 5 stars Deciding between Wii and the other platforms? Sept. 17 2009
By Elias Magana Jr. - Published on Amazon.com
I pre-orderd and took home both the XBOX 360 and Wii versions of Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2.

We'll get one thing right off the bat. In terms of comparing to the original MUA game, graphics and gameplay-wise, the Wii version would be more akin to MUA v1.5 (whereas the 360 and PS3 version make use of the improved engine).

Both versions have done away with the skill trees, and now each character has only 4 activated abilities, and a host of more passive abilities. On the 360, these are channeled by holding in the Right-Trigger and pressing A, B, X, or Y. On the Wii, these are performed by simply pressing Up, Down, Left, or Right on the D-Pad (Wii Remote).

Both versions go through pretty much the same story line, but the Wii version has a few different/modified levels. The essence of the plot is the same.

For some of the Fusions and boss battles, we found it tricky sometimes to point the Targeted Fusions and make heads or tails of "where am I" during multiplayer on the 360 version since the angle is brought a little lower to try to show off the very crisp and fine HD graphics we all know and love. The Wii version for the most part retains the top-down view of the original MUA (as it seems to be running on the same engine), and Targeted Fusions are performed effortlessly by aiming at the screen with the Wii Remote (game play will "bullet-time" slo-mo while you aim the on-screen cursor, the aiming on the 360 is done in realtime).

The XBOX 360 version (along with PS3) has online multiplayer support, but the Wii version is local-only. There is a feature to send messages to Wii Friends with your scores on levels for them to try to beat, but I don't find it too useful. (I'd much have them over playing multiplayer anyways).

Some of the changes the Wii version has from it's previous installment: in addition to now using powers with the D-Pad, changing characters is now done with the "+" and "-" buttons. Pausing is now done with the "2" button. For a much beloved change over the original, you must now hold down "1" while manipulating the remote to change camera, instead of it moving automatically (which from personal experience used to be a big problem with four people playing).

For Solo play and online multiplayer, the XBOX 360 (and PS3) versions can't be beat. You will enjoy the epic storyline with MUCH improved graphics over the original game, and online play works great when friends don't feel like leaving the house. That being said, despite lacking any sort of online play, the Wii version just "feels" more like a Multiplayer experience than the HD counterparts. During multiplayer on the 360 version I had to put up with not-so-patient teammates edging us to move forward and blow stuff up while I tried to take in the beauty of the game. I didn't have much luck with that. The Wii version has a less intrusive camera during boss fights (it's not trying to show off the graphics or anything), and the aiming mechanism works perfectly with the Wii Remote. I did not play the original MUA on the 360 so I can not compare the controls, but they did not seem as "intuitive" as I was expecting (though that can probably just be blamed on how the L and R buttons are set up on the 360 controller, I much prefer their setup on the Playstation 3 controllers). In short I find ourselves playing through the Wii version when friends come over, and playing the 360 version solo once everyone takes off (now I get to enjoy the scenery!).

My final analysis:
Friends that don't like to visit, solo play = HD versions.
Gamer buddies getting together to blow stuff up = Wii.
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HASH(0xa40235f4) out of 5 stars It's a Wii... don't complain about graphics Nov. 30 2009
By R. Buona - Published on Amazon.com
I think this game was really a lot of fun, and let's be honest, there aren't a lot of games out there that let you play with characters in the Marvel Universe. While it may not be the greatest game when it comes to graphics, it is a Wii, so you can't compare it to PS3 or XBox 360.

The story line is sound, the characters available are great, and the game play is fun. If you are a Marvel fan, especially an X-Men fan like me, this is your only chance to play as Gambit or Cyclops, so pick up a copy and enjoy!
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HASH(0xa3e20b4c) out of 5 stars Graphics impede gameplay Sept. 18 2009
By D. Brewer - Published on Amazon.com
I bought the Wii version of MUA:2 and was left feeling kind of depressed. I usually don't care if the graphics are a bit lackluster in a Wii game, but this made the game less fun. We didn't know who or what we were beating up. (We kept trying to hit Nick Fury in the first level.) When fusions are performed, a big white banner covers half the screen telling you what you just did and obscuring what's going on. The lighting in the game kept flickering like a bad fluorescent light. Add Wii motion controls that feel tacked on and you have a pretty bad package. I traded it in for the 360 version, which I now enjoy! I really like the Wii and think this is a disturbing trend for a system that has a lot to offer. It looks worse than the original Xbox version.
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HASH(0xa4023648) out of 5 stars A big step backward for the Wii version Oct. 23 2009
By Lee A. Vercoe - Published on Amazon.com
In the past I've enjoyed both X-Men games on the gamecube and have played through the first MUA on the Wii three times. This incarnation however is a chore.

Problem #1: Why oh why did you mess up the camera?
In the first MUA the player controlled the camera with a simple turn of the nunchuk. I could quickly turn 360 degrees and check out the environment. Some pinhead designer decided to replace this simple scheme with having you press the 2 button before you could turn the camera thereby taking your thumb off the A trigger. Most of the time it doesn't let you turn anyway, letting the program decide how the camera is aimed.
This causes two problems...going through doorways or turning corners you are often going blind because the angle is all wrong to see down a hallway. In the middle of the first boss fight in Act 1 the camera would randomly spin as I ran down a street so moving up was now making me go south instead of north and I would head off in the wrong direction and get attacked from behind, not good when you have like 20 seconds to find a defuse a bomb.
And the AI controlled teammates are brain dead as ranged fighters as they choose to run up to a bomb laden kamakazebot, throw a punch and get killed every time.

Problem #2: Medals?
Instead of upgrades in individual equipment you get medals that affect the whole team. That's just lazy. No longer can I customize each of my team members. Nope. Plus 5 body for everyone! At the beginning you can only use one medal even though you collect maybe 20 of them. Thanks for nothing.

Problem #3: Skimpy extraction points.
Instead we get auto saves. One slot's worth. So when my G'Son plays he overwrites my auto save and I have to start over at my last extraction save point and visa versa. Brilliant!

Problem #4: Why are you in my personal space?
Wow, my team likes me a little too much. In fact, I can't move because YOU"RE STANDING TOO CLOSE!

Problem #5: Nice place you used to have here Stark.
Between Prologue and Act 1 I was in Stark's Tower, the same one as in MUA 1. However this time there is NOTHING to do after the trivia test. Nobody will talk to you, no simulator disks (excuse me, 'bonus' missions), no power-ups trying to hide in a corner, no little story line. Lazy,lazy,lazy.

Problem #6: Hold still while I grab you.
MUA hit the Z button to grab. MUA 2 hit both A and B. Why? Most of the time I end up throwing punches instead of grabbing. Maybe it's just me on this one.

Problem #6: I'm not feeling that strong.
Why does it take 3 or 4 punches to take out a trash can when you have adamantium claws?

Problem #7: Who am I playing again?
Instead of using the D pad to select a hero like in MUA you have to cycle through them using +/-.

I wished I'd passed on this one, or at least until it hit the bargain bin. Look for some good prices soon on a used one if you really want it.
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HASH(0xa58d6b1c) out of 5 stars Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 Oct. 8 2009
By N. Jones - Published on Amazon.com
A sequel to the hit 2006 rpg, "Marvel Ultimate Alliance", MUA 2 lets you control a number of heroes from Marvel's library of heroes such as Spider-Man, Wolverine, Iron Man, Captain America, the Hulk, and much more, as the Civil War over the Superhuman Registration Act forces the heroes to decide which should they fight on the side of Pro-registration (led by Iron Man and Mr. Fantastic) or Anti-Registration (led by Captain America and Luke Cage).

First off, there are some improvements over the first game. Powers are more easily accessible since they are now designated to the Wii-mote's D-pad and melee attacks are now exclusively assigned to the "A" and "B" buttons. In the last game I had some problems trying to pull off melee combos and superpowers because of the waggle control scheme. The roster of characters has changed a bit. Some favorites of mine are included, and some are gone. Gone are Colossus, Moon Knight, Ghost Rider, and the Silver Surfer, but instead, we get Gambit, Hulk, and the Wii exclusive characters, Blade (who was also in MUA),Cyclops, Psylocke, and even a couple of villains, Green Goblin and Venom.

However, the main drawback I can think of would be character selection during battle. In the first game, it was designated to the D-pad. This time, you use the "+" and "-" buttons. Instead of going straight to the character you want, you cycle through each character, so positioning where you want your characters is kinda important.

The game is also pretty short. But at this point, I only played through the Anti-Reg force, and I will play the Pro-Reg force sooner or later. And I think some of the characters aren't very balanced. I breezed through quite a bit as Gambit and Daredevil since their ranged attacks practically destroyed everything in their path, while powerhouses like Thing or Hulk weren't as effective (but that might have to do more with me playing Gambit and Daredevil more often than Thing or Hulk).

The graphics on the Wii version are similar to the graphics on MUA. Even the most of the cutscenes are similar MUA's cutscenes. However, I have to say, I really dug the briefings cutscenes and loading screens, as they look like they were inspired by movies like Sin City or The Spirit (High contrast black and white, splashes of color to represent the characters featured).

Overall, I had quite a bit of fun playing this, since I am a big fan of the Marvel Universe. I think a lot of fans of the first game and fans of Marvel in general will like it as well.

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