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on January 10, 2012
Hydroponics + Aquaculture = Aquaponics. Already, visions of fish tanks supporting planting beds (and vice versa) swims in the imagination. It may be a way to save our oceans from over fishing and provide local foods (fishes and plants). And here starts this book, explaining all the reasons why you should too be at least curious about this way of gardening. The book in itself is superb, gives enough information to start the system successfully and is well structured (divided by chapters tackling each aspects of the system like water, fish, plumbing, media, plants, bacteria and worms, and more). The only things that nocked a star out of the review :

First, the beginning of the book is a lot (a lot!) of pages that keep repeating why you should engage in this and some reasons came back multiple times.

Second, a point you have to be warned about before getting involved in this kind of system, it's a very complex system that requires a lot of "measurements" for lack of a better term. Example : A fish tank this size will acommodate X pounds of fish (it gets more complex since fishes do start small and grow up) and provide for X size of planting beds, with adequate light, with plumbing pipes of X inches, with a pump of X force... It gets a bit discouraging at some point (maybe it explains why the introduction is trying so hard to convince the reader).

Is it worth it? Yes! With this book you will have all the information required to get your own aquaponic system started. It is a good, thorough book. But if you are inexperienced in either fishes or gardening (without mentionning DIY projects), this might be too much to successfully pull it off at first.
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on April 7, 2017
The author starts by explaining the theory and then goes into practical details. This is a clever layout for the book. All the bricks are there to help the reader build his own system according to his unique set of constraints and requirements/needs. The best comment I can provide is that there is no hype in this book. It describe a true-life experience with the appropriate questions to ask at each step of system construction/design. By understanding all the foundation principles, you will have the right understanding on how your system function and be able to understand why things go wrong and apply the right fix. Anyone may find the same information scattered over the Internet, but this book bring it all in one consistent volume.
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on May 5, 2014
There is a lot of great information here. For me, however, the information is buried in a lot of unnecessary verbiage. There are stories from other Aquaponics growers and the beginning of each section has statements of what Aquaponics means to different people. All of that for me was not needed. I do not normally skim any book but this was just plain tiresome, until you get to the last few chapters. The book is excellent there, were it goes into methods, pipe, tank and growing bed sizing, types of growing media, and fish to plant ratios, etc. I guess I wanted a purely technical manual. If you can wade through the fluff it's all in here though.
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on May 16, 2016
This book explains in a simple way how is the combination between the aquaculture (raising fish) and hydroponics (the soil-less growing of plants) that grows fish and plants together in one integrated system.

It is amazing becuase the fish waste provides an organic food source for the growing plants and the plants provide a natural filter for the water the fish live in.

I totally enjoy this book and I highly recommend it
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on January 6, 2013
Sylvia has done an absolutely amazing job breaking down how to build an aquaponics system for home use. I've been trying for months to figure it all out from posted videos, forums, etc. I wish I had ordered her book on day one! Everything else makes so much more sense. I started gathering supplies today!

Aquaponics truly has the potential to change the world; if nothing else, it will change your own little corner!

Thank you, Sylvia, for writing such an amazing book!
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on April 29, 2015
Aquaculture is a vast field, and you can get really lost without an organized and comprehensive presentation. This books offers an overview with enough details to get you going, but does not drown you in multiple debates and choices about different ways to go about it. The author briefly presents what the different approaches are, she states hers and justifies her choice, and then goes in more practical details about the choices she recommends. Many websites have this information, but this book organizes it and allows you to have a critical perspective and a coherent and progressive understanding of what others take for granted or make out to be the only alternative when it is not. Seems to be based in solid science and extensive experience.
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on April 26, 2015
This book is a great source of information for those just starting out and the best I've found so far, but I agree with other posts that there is too much unnecessary information in this book. So many stories about other people's experiences that really don't provide any new or useful information unless you're interested in what really just amounts to a bunch of stories. I probably only read 50% of the book because the rest was not needed to gain the information required. That being said, when you look at the actual useful information, the information is thurough and easy to understand and I used it to make my first system that is doing well so far.
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on April 13, 2013
I have read this book loaned from the local Library before. I was so enthusiastic about the huge amount of information delivered in this book, that I decided to buy it, to have it on hand when I start building my system. Because there is so much information in it, it will be my look up bible for the years to come.
This is the best book to the Topic of Aquaponics I have come across so far. Precise and comprehensive with clear instructions and comments of what to do an what better not to do. It gives also clear warnings which is very important to avoid costly mistakes.
This book is clearly structured and can be used down the road to look up for solutions in the process of practicing Aquaponics.
it won't be placed far from my Greenhouse.
all thumbs up for this book I can only recommend it to everybody seriously looking into this interesting topic.
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on June 26, 2015
An absolute wealth of information. I've read some complaints about all the "extras" in this book, however, I personally thought they brought this book to life in a very satisfying way. I didn't skip a page.
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on January 20, 2013
This book will give you a very good understanding of how aquaponics work and will be very helpful to maintain your system, fix and prevent potential mistake you will made. Overall, the books has everything in it except the DIY part and a lack of "where to buy" reference.
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