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on February 18, 2003
I frequently find this book on the "Christianity" shelves of secular bookstores. It does not belong there. This is a new age book.
I read and practiced the meditations in this book when it was first released. As a modern shaman already of some years, I was already half-way along my new age and occultic path, which I initiated early on in life (partly because of the psychic powers I once manifested for many years). The grounding meditations and so-forth certainly brought "results" ... and I was able to do some automatic writing with this book, myself controlled by the spirits. It was yet even more years before I'd see the REAL light of truth, and renounce all of this from my life.
Did you not know that even satan himself can disguise himself as an angel of light? When he was cast out from heaven, he took 1/3rd the angels with him. Catch that: fallen angels. His formula for battle is really straightforward. First, deny the existence of satan and demons; next, throw out spiritualistic diversions away from God; then, mix truth with feel-good deception; toss in several dashes of self-focus and flattery ... and watch the -- now millions -- fall for it.
The summoning of angels by their name perfectly mirrors the method used by demonologists. While many believe they are interacting with "guardian angels", the practice is identical to the spirit guides of animistic shamans. If that is your worldview, then do be aware that animism is directly opposed to the God of the Universe, the God who authored the Bible. Self-professing Christians, you cannot have your cake and eat it, too, on this one.
It is with the deepest sense of love that I urge the prospective buyer to read about the new age movement from BOTH sides before becoming diving into its enticing glitter.
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on July 24, 2000
This was the very first book I bought on angels. Since reading this book it piqued my interest to read every angel book I could get my hands on.I have approximately 25 angel books in my library and read every article I can find on the subject. This book however is one of the best books on the subject and I truly recommended it to anyone interested in contacting their angels. I keep coming back to it and reading chapters as I find it necessary. My copy is very dog-earred from my constant studying and practicing. As I read the chapters I can feel the authors' sincerity and gentleness in their words. A feeling that is confirmed by my angels. The section on healing relationships really works and I invoke my angels nightly with great success. Without this book as a guide I would be missing out on this wonderful spiritual partnership with my heavenly friends. If you read this book and truly desire to communicate with your angels it will happen but you must believe.
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on August 24, 1999
"Ask your Angel" is one of the most beautifully and sincere book I have ever read on the subject of angels. The authors integrate their own personal experiences along with real life situations of people who have attended their workshops in search of finding and communicating with their angels.
"Ask your Angels" will take you through all the basic steps- from learning how to meditate, to teaching you how to align and let go of all the negative emotions that prevent us from reaching our holy helpers.
Finally, "Ask your Angels" is written with a realistic view that making contact with your angels may not be an easy process, yet very possible if you follow the easy and effective steps in reaching your goal!
I have read this book over and over and have brought if for gifts for many of my friends. " Ask your AngelS" is a must have in your collection of spiritual books.
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on April 30, 2000
This book is a thorough guidebook for getting in touch with your personal angels. It's not an easy process, it takes work and dedication, but the benefits can be clearly felt and many. I always know when I've found a book that is valuable to me when I look back at it some years later and find lots of dog-eared pages, and that's certainly the case with my copy of this book.
As with the other reviewer(s), I strongly suggest you read through the entire book first to get an overview of the work to be done, and then go through the process piece by piece. This is not a quick and dirty thing you're trying, but a long and serious project. Don't approach it as anything but. However, once gone through, the benefits are real and substantial. Even if one didn't believe in angels, the grounding and releasing exercises would be of real benefit.
Bottom line, buy this book if you're willing to do the work on yourself to enable yourself to hear your angels.
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on July 11, 2008
I have read the book Ask Your Angels" and found it informative and the exercises are wonderful for meditation. To those who say this is "evil", I would say then the Bible itself is it is a great source of angels, their names, and their intervention in human lives.

A Great God has provided well for His universe and has given healing and help to those who seek. He also said that if we ask believing then we can rest in the answers. If asking for only the good, then we have to BELIVE that He keeps His word.

This book is what you make of it, and to me, it is worth the time to read.
S. H.
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on October 23, 2001
This excellent book is a "how to" guide for personal healing and experiential spirituality. While the book is designed to help you contact your guides, personal practice safety is also emphasized . I liked all the grounding meditations and affirmations presented, too.
Although the guide simplifies the steps one needs to do to connect with one's angel or higher self, the process they outline isn't an easy quick fix.
I was, in fact, disheartened when I arrived at the chapter on forgiveness, but took heart during the chapter on grace.
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on November 27, 1998
I went through the meditations of this book with a few friends and it was one of the most wonderful experiences of my life! I actually SAW my Angel very clearly and was able to communicate with her. What was also wonderful (& hard work, actually) was the "releasing" what you have to do before the actual contact. You learn how to get rid of a lot of emotional garbage you've carried with you for years.Get together a few friends to do it. It's much more fun when you can share your experiences!
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on March 3, 1997
Highly suggested book for anyone interested in knowing the 'how-to' in regards to communication with their spirit guide/guardian angel.
Since angels seem to be the 'hip' item these days, and with shows like "Touched By an Angel", it is no wonder that people today want to know more about their own guardian angels/spirit guides.
It is suggested you read this ENTIRE book FIRST! Then, when finished, concentrate on Chapter 9.
Again, a MUST HAVE for anyone who wants to speak with their angels!
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on December 30, 2003
My brother had actually purchased this book for me after we had nearly lost our Mother a couple of years ago. I have tried in vain, to get past even the first 2 chapters. The authors must think that people are stupid, because this is the biggest pile of rubbish I have ever seen. I do beleive in angels, but this book makes a mockery of them and us who beleive in them. This book is total and utter nonsense. SAVE YOUR MONEY!
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on August 8, 1998
This book is heart warming,touching, moving,compassionate ,& inspirational as it teaches people how to bring love joy & peace into their stress filled hectic lives thru ANGELS !! I was blessed with the opportunity to meet the author Alma Daniel twice,in person & she is very kind!! More people need to sit down,relax & read her book,it can even improve their health!! Fondly,Marsha Lampert MBA Wantagh NY
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