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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on January 16, 2002
Don't be confused -- this is the entire Bible, Old and New Testaments, so don't buy the New Testament separately. There are 64 CDs. They are housed in a zippered case for convenient carrying. The zippered case fits into a slip case which is hole-punched so you can put the whole thing into a three-ring binder if you want. All in all, a very high-quality product and an excellent value. The quality of the CDs themselves is excellent. The dramatization is very unobtrusive -- subtle background music or sounds of nature, couple with different voices whenever someone speaks (God, Eve, Noah, whatever). The narration and other voices are not the least bit hokey and don't detract from the majesty of the material. There is also an introduction to each book to put it into context. Lastly, each chapter is a separate track on the CD, so you can easily find a particular chapter or repeat one. I've owned a couple of cassette versions of the Bible, including the King James version by Alexander Scourby, and this is FAR superior. You can't go wrong with this.
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on July 15, 2004
I rec'd this and started listening to it in my car and it is so wonderful!!! I can't express what an insight this is to my reading of the bible. I heard things that I know I read but this audio version makes it more ALIVE!!!
I am truly excited to be able to hear this in all of its wonderful aspects, music,'s like i'm there! This is how God's wonderful word should be - Alive and vital!
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on April 9, 2002
Consisting of 64 audio CDs in plastic sleeves in a zippered box, here you have the entire text of the NIV Bible in audio format. A brief overview of the strengths, weaknesses, and benefits of this great product:
1. Overall it is very respectful.
2. The voices are generally not overly dramatic, and yet sufficiently expressive.
3. The voices are very clear and pleasant to listen to.
4. The music and sounds are mostly calm, appropriate and respectful.
5. Using different voices for different speakers enhances the hearing of the text and the listening experience.
6. There are different narrators for different Bible books, giving some variety in style.
7. The text is exactly the NIV text, word for word.
8. There are helpful brief introductions to each Bible book.
9. Each chapter is on a separate track, so it is easy to select which chapter to listen to.
1. The sounds and music are sometimes overly dramatized, occasionally detracting from the Biblical text.
2. The vocalization of "selah" in the Psalms is unnecessary and somewhat annoying.
3. The decision as to which voices should be used is sometimes subjective and interpretive (eg what verses of the Song of Solomon are to be attributed to the different speakers is a controversial and difficult exegetical matter). To be fair, the audio Bible simply follows the interpretation suggested in the headings of the NIV translation, so this is more of an issue with the translation, not the recording.
4. Although the chapters that are on each CD are printed on the CD itself, an additional booklet with this information would be helpful.
5. Some Bible books are read somewhat too fast by the narrator (eg Jonah).
6. One of the Old Testament narrators is somewhat repetitive and predictable in expression.
1. You can listen to it while you are travelling or are busy doing other things.
2. You notice things in the Bible that you overlook when you are reading it.
3. You don't need the energy to absorb the Biblical text, unlike reading.
4. You can easily listen to several chapters at a time, or a whole book.
5. Children love listening to the familiar Bible stories - straight from God's Word
Our family has benefited immensely from this product, and you are sure to find the same! Very highly recommended!
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on June 20, 2004
It has a handy bag which contains all of the 64 audio CDs. The black bag protects the CDs very well. You can take it with you around easily. Besides, the music is relaxing. The narrators do a good job. To sum up, NIV Audio Bible Dramatized CD is useful and convenient.
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on May 20, 2002
I am by no means a Bible expert. My parents had very little religious influence on me. Now that I'm on my own and in my mid 20's I took it upon myself to find out what it's all about.
I chose the NIV because it's simple and easy to comprehend for me (I get lost with all the "thou's, shalt's, etc." in the King James version). I read a review here once that bashed this NIV bible CD because it wasn't the King James version and it wasn't in "God's words". Well guess what? Unless you speak and read Hebrew they are all translations!
I also chose this CD dramatized version because I'm on the road 4hrs a day along with a regular 8hr work day and have very little time to sit down and read.
The dramatization really helps to visualize the scenarios. On rare occasions it does get slightly cheesy, but overall it's very tasteful.
If you're new to religion and/or need something laid out right in front of you in plain simple English this is EXACTLY what you need!
Worth every cent!
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on April 9, 2010
We are so pleased with this product! For me I can read along in my bible as the narration brings the words to life. My spouse has a visual disability and for her it is an awesome blessing. If you are looking to purchase this 6 CD / Mp3 package I would highly recommend you do. You will enjoy the voice dramatization / orchestrated background as the NIV bible is read to you. Enjoy your journey through it as we are doing.
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on January 26, 2003
Would be great if it didn't have the background music. For me it's like when you read something and realize you don't know what you just read. When I listened to these CDs most of the time all I could hear was that flute. Did they think the Bible needed help?
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on February 29, 2004
I have just one thing to add to existing reviews. The Jesus character breathes in fast and heavy immediately before speaking (not normal inhaling). I suppose it's his technique to extend talking time. I find it distracting. I wish their audio engineer removed it during production. No other major complaint.
Overall, good quality and excellent price. I compressed 64 CD's into 6 MP3 CD's and play them in my car during commuting.
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on March 4, 2004
I loved these CDs and will be giving them as Christmas gifts! What I loved most is that these CDs gave me the ability to listen to a book from beginning to end--I was better able to understand the context for whom and in which the book was written. Each book begins with a brief overview, telling the authors name, his circumstance and why it was written, and even gives you a tip or two for how the particular message might be applied today.
The CD trax are each one chapter, making it easy to stop and start wherever you need. The orchestration and sound affects really made the books come to life. The character voices are clear and well spoken. I just thought they were awesome.
Some have mentioned taking these CDs on car rides. I put mine in a jogging cd holder and would walk on the treadmill every night until I had read/heard every book! Not only did I get healthy physically, I also got healthy spiritually! Not a bad combination!
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on February 26, 2003
A major effort, and a pretty good value compared to the prices I've see for comparable products in our area. I find the change in voices during periods of dialogue helps me follow the readings more easily, and I am not sidetracked by the occasional background music - although I can see why purists or theological academics might find it distracting.
We use the CDs when driving longer distances. Load six at a time in the CD player, and then listen while we drive. For me, at least, sometimes that I can grasp the flow of longer passages better when I'm listening, rather than wrestling with unfamiliar and tricky verbiage. The short outlines at the beginning of each book, although I'm not always in complete agreement, are useful and help to set the stage for what one is about to listen too. It will never replace my personal Bible, but for us this was a great investment.
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