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Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Seasons 1-4 (Bilingual) [Import]

4.1 out of 5 stars 42 customer reviews

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Product Details

  • Actors: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Nicholas Brendon, Alyson Hannigan, Anthony Head, James Marsters
  • Directors: Bruce Seth Green, Charles Martin Smith, David Greenwalt, David Grossman, David Semel
  • Format: Color, DVD-Video, Full Screen, NTSC, Import
  • Language: English, Spanish
  • Subtitles: English, Spanish
  • Dubbed: French
  • Region: Region 1 (US and Canada This DVD will probably NOT be viewable in other countries. Read more about DVD formats.)
  • Number of discs: 1
  • Studio: WB Television Network, The
  • Release Date: Dec 2 2003
  • Average Customer Review: 4.1 out of 5 stars 42 customer reviews
  • ASIN: B0000CEODG
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Product Description

Buffy Summers (Sarah Michelle Gellar) looks like your typical perky high-schooler, and like most, she has her secret fears and anxieties. However, while most teens are worrying about their next date, their next zit, or their next term paper, Buffy's angsting over the next vampire she has to slay. See, Buffy, a young woman with superhuman strength, is the "chosen one," and she must help rid the world of evil, namely by staking demons. The exceptional first season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer introduces us to the treacherous world of Sunnydale High School (where Buffy moved after torching her previous high school's gym). The characters there include "watcher" Giles (Anthony Stewart Head) and the original "Scooby Gang" members--friendly geek Xander (Nicholas Brendon), computer whiz Willow (Alyson Hannigan), and snobbish popular girl Cordelia (Charisma Carpenter)--who aid Buffy in her quest.

The second season took the romance between Buffy and hunky Angel (David Boreanaz) from ecstasy to agony in a now-classic plot arc that catapulted the show from WB teen drama to true TV greatness. You see, if the cursed Angel ever experiences true happiness for a moment, he'll revert to being an evil vampire again. Buffy found its true momentum during the second season, as Xander fell in love with Cordelia, Willow gave up her crush on Xander in favor of werewolf boy Oz (Seth Green), and watcher Giles (Anthony Stewart Head) began a sweetly tentative relationship with computer teacher (and witch) Jenny Calendar (Robia LaMorte). Mayhem came to Sunnydale, though, in the form of evil vampires Drusilla (Juliet Landau) and Spike (drolly wicked James Marsters), who were more than ready to aid and abet Angel as he turned bad.

The third season was marked by the arrival in Sunnydale of renegade slayer Faith (Eliza Dushku), a moody loner who seemed to like her demon-staking calling just a little too much. While Buffy was always wary of Faith, the two developed a deep friendship and appreciative rapport--that is, until the evil mayor of Sunnydale (Harry Groener) tapped into Faith's dark side and lured her into his plot to take over the world, first as a double agent spying on Buffy, then as out-and-out nemesis. And as the mayor's ascension approached--which happened to fall on Sunnydale High's graduation day--Buffy and Faith's battles got nastier and nastier, as Buffy attempted to wrestle with her dark side (literally and figuratively), save the world and her friends, and keep her lover Angel out of Faith's evil clutches. Chock-full of exceptional episodes, the third season started out with a bang (the superb season opener "Anne," in which a runaway Buffy finally returns to her Slayer calling) and never let up.

Buffy truly hit its golden years in the fourth season--just when you thought this show couldn't get any better, Joss Whedon and his creative team pulled out all the stops and took Buffy and co. into rich new territory. By far, the highlight of the season (and the entire series) was the Emmy-nominated "Hush," a nearly dialogue-free episode in which the creepy "Gentlemen" rob Sunnydale of its collective voice, and Buffy and Riley finally come face to face with each other's hidden identities. Throughout, the entire cast, headed by the unparalleled Sarah Michelle Gellar, worked television magic of the kind rarely seen on the small screen. This is Buffy at its best. --Mark Englehart

Customer Reviews

4.1 out of 5 stars
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I would have given this "set" a review of 5 stars if it had only included the first three Seasons of Buffy--the true Classic Buffy. Season 4 is nothing more than a mismash of badly written characters and plot devices. Without David Boreanaz (Angel), and the high school setting, BTVS fell apart. Get Seasons 1-3 of Buffy, and then Season 1 of Angel, which is ten times better than Season 4 of Buffy. I would love to see them put together a special edition of seasons 1-3 of Buffy, but it's quite apparent that they won't.
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Many media and television critics have labeled BUFFY THE VAMPIRE SLAYER the new Star Trek, and there is a very real sense in which this will prove to be true: like Star Trek, Buffy is about to have as big or bigger an existence as when the show was in first run. There is a very, very simple reason for this: a gigantic number of people have mindlessly and dismissingly ignored Buffy, wrongly thinking it is just a show for teenagers. In fact, it is unquestionably one of the intelligent, funny, engaging, and brilliant shows in the history of television. Even at its peak, Buffy was able to catch only a very small amount of the viewing audience. All of this means: there are a lot of potential Buffy fans out there.
This set is perfect for either of two individuals. For those very small number of Buffy fanatics who for whatever reason haven't been able to afford the previous box sets, this will afford a remarkably inexpensive way of collecting the first four seasons. The list price for the entire set is only twice as much as the cost of the box sets of seasons 2, 3, or 4. This truly is an amazing bargain.
This should never have achieved television greatness, yet it did. When Buffy premiered, it seemed the height of folly to do a low-budget television show based on a mediocre film. It seemed obvious to many that no show produced by a fledgling network (initially the WB and later the even smaller UPN) with the words BUFFY, VAMPIRE and SLAYER in its title could be more intelligent, innovative, and superb than anything produced by the BBC, or HBO, or the broadcast networks. But one of the great things about Buffy is that it almost immediately began destroying all ones assumptions and misconceptions.
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season 1:
Being a Buffy the vampire slayer proves to be worth awhile. Not only is this TV show one of the best TV shows ever on TV (it is on the list as TV shows like alias, angel and the X-files); it also stars one of the best actress in a long time.
This was a little genius show kept in the shadows because of its stupid name, with a HUGE star, Sarah Michelle Gellar.
The first show was a fun and light season of the show that really was a season where they tried out what they could do with the show. In my opinion, it's not its nest season, but if you totally love this genius show, then this is worth buying.
season 2:
The second season was a season that many remembers as the best season of television that year.
Not only did the show have good music that defined the genius of the show, it also proved to be a complex show with brilliant storylines that was ever changing. The characters always changed and seemed so realistic.
This show soon proved to have one of the best writing ever. Even though, it dealt with supernatural forces. It was and is probably one of the most realistic TV shows to date.
Season 2 was the season where the relationship between Buffy Summers and the good vampire Angel, became closer.
This was a romance that would nearly end the world. The powers that be wanted angel to do good, after he was cursed and they new, the slayer could help. Angel was a champion and could be able to do a big differents. Angel who had been one of the most evil Creatures on earth as Angelus, not only would become the hero and champion they wanted, but he fell in love with Buffy, which was a big problem.
Season 3 explores the fact that each of them is meant for something bigger.
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I must admit I'm one happy camper right now because I just bought this set for $118.29 - a lovely surprise since just a few days ago this set was listed for about $180, which, when you compare to buying all the seasons seperately, actually cost more! (I question Amazon's troll-logic here O_o)
In any case, the first four seasons of Buffy really display the transition from just campy fun to what I'd like to this is the un-reality of college life - it's not the real world but it's not home either. I don't think seasons 1-3 need to be covered since they've been praised time and again, whereas opinions on season 4 have been divided.
I personally loved season 4 (despite the departure of a few principle... hotties), especially the Tim Burton-esque "Hush" and the impressive "Who are you" in which I was truly impressed by SMG's acting abilities. I also personally very much enjoyed "Restless" though I suspect that many may disagree - it's wonderfully weird, ripe with references (more than usual even), and the cheese man cracks me up everytime.
The only thing I truly didn't care for was Riley, but I think it's safe to say that he can't help being about as interesting and wooden as a lawn ornament, espeically when stacked up against the competition of Buffy's other relationships. Ah well, bully for him.
In any case, if this set at this price ($120) is still available, snatch it up! The series is well worth it - and this comes from someone who had to cough up the extra $20 in tax because she's in Washington.
Long live the Buffy-verse!
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